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Part 25: Chapter Six - pt.4

It was evening of the sixth day, and Klara had been in Bachelor’s room for several hours. Without Eva to keep an eye on her, Dankovsky just locked her in his own room with a key. It was time to call it a day – there was nothing useful she could do, but sleep wasn’t coming either. It was hard to avoid thinking about the situation, and the situation was way too desperate and baffling.

She tried experimenting with the alchemy set that Daniel had left unwisely on the table, but pouring liquids of various colours from one tube to another proved rather boring. None of the combinations had any interesting effects.

Trying to stick her hand under the microscope was also fruitless, and she failed to identify any of the humours the human body was made of.

She went to the window to see if the plague had left Folds after her sister disappeared. It was already dark outside. A movement down in the yard caught her attention.

There was someone or something small jumping up and down impatiently, trying to catch her attention. She didn’t know how she knew that, but she did. There was more than that. She felt that it was displeased. The albino, the same being that was heading the cult of Klara... Apparently their encounter during the day didn’t count...

We are alike... And it is today that the blades have clashed above our heads... Neither of our paths had ever been as close to its end as today... They can win today, those who have conspired against us...
What is threatening you?
Bachelor will kill me today... I know that, and I’ll give him opportunity to do it... He believes me to be Shabnak-Adyg, the disease spreader. There is no escaping him... He is the one among heralds of the Destruction of the World who has the sharpest sword in his cold hand...
Are you... my sister? The one created by my word?
No... But rejoice... Your sister is here... She talks to me a lot... We are alike, me and her, we are united too... Because she is you... Do not blame her... as she is in dismay too, and she doesn’t know who she is... One of you will make the choice and the other will follow it...
Am I the Mistress of the Land?
You can become one. But everything depends on you... The main proof of your power is that you can choose your own destiny.
The Rat Prophet would disagree... It says I am the embodiment of the plague! I can feel it’s telling the truth...
Don’t cry... It is wily. As every child of the earth, it has to tell the truth, but it distorts it... Hence the prophesies of Mistress Katherine.
Katherine... How could she... Even she repudiated me...
It may be for the best... Maybe you shouldn’t be with her... Was it your decision to become her daughter in the first place? No... So what are you afraid of? Stay with her if you want to prove your loyalty – you’ll have ample opportunity to test your dedication...
And you better run into the Steppe right now! You’ll escape... I don’t want you to return into the earth you came from...

That was when Klara woke up.
A dream... but it got her thinking. What would have happened if she went to the burial mound instead of looking for Dankovsky in Willows?

At least now she would be able to get all her things back. Even the rat. Why did she have a rat? The beast must have sneaked into her pocket while she was sleeping at some point.

It’s all over, it seems... My mind is disturbed... Where’s the miracle worker, who is the messenger, who’s the impostor? Was everything that’s been happening to me just a temptation? Have I lived these six days under the sign of a terrible lie – or was there a grain of truth in them? No point in thinking about it now... all that’s left is to wait until morning.

In the back of the notebook there was a drawing she hadn’t noticed before. Some fishing supplies were portrayed, in neat and tidy lines, with much attention to detail.

Suddenly Klara had an idea; she turned the page and started sketching with her pen.

Before she could finish it, she heard the key turn in the lock. Dankovsky was back.

You have looked at my blood. Am I a carrier?
No, you’re not... A surprise to be sure...
Well let me go then!
No way. Now stay put and be quiet!

In that case, Bachelor would have to take the couch.

REEL 8: Later that night at the theatre...