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Part 46: Chapter Twelve - pt.4

We wish to say goodbye to you. Farewell! You were the most interesting one. If you want to talk to us, come to the Polyhedron. Just don’t confuse the facets, or you will get the wrong place! We are at the very bottom, in the middle. Count to five and you will see us under a lantern.
Your friends are here too; there are nine of them – they wish to say goodbye to you too. Have you spoken to them? Don’t forget about them, they are scared and they miss you.

It was so much like those two to choose this method of delivering a message.

Klara decided to see her old pals one more time. She still needed to visit Khan anyway.

The way into the Polyhedron’s inner space lay through Caspar’s chamber. Klara paused for a second to make sure the tower’s custodian was fine.

Why was Khan a part of Burakh’s faction if the Haruspex was trying to destroy the tower anyway? There had to be a reason. Although it didn’t seem that Adherents had any choice in the matter at this point. It was the other way around – he was stuck with Artemy because Artemy had plans for him, needed him in some capacity to build his new, towerless society.

Alive are the exiled children who have matured prematurely, who managed to leave the Polyhedron of their own accord, in order to transform the Town in a few years. The Haruspex will be at the Cathedral, to take part in the last council. There he can defend his solution if I give him the chance.

She navigated the branched staircases to the very bottom of the chamber and stepped on the glyph that transported her

into the Night Garden.

She squinted at the sand pile once again, trying very hard to see any sign of life, but there was nothing.

She thought the children would be expecting her, what with them having sent her the invitation, but the girl seemed unsettled to see her.

What are you doing here? Go away... You’re scary!
Are you afraid? What are you afraid of, girl? What did you say your name was?
Uh... Mushroom.
Mushroom... What a proper name! Did you invent it just for this game?
Yea... So I don’t catch the plague.
Why are you afraid of the pretend disease? How can you catch it?
You never know... You don’t mess around with these things. Sometimes games just come true. I keep telling Barley, but he never listens...
He did choose himself a warlock’s name, though...
Yeah, just in case!
How old are you, little one?
I don’t know... Pretty young. But already as tall as you are, even though you are a huge manikin!
I’m just squatting right now. No; you’re a manikin, silly. Look at you! You look like death warmed up.
Don’t talk about death! Why is everybody talking about death? He’s gone... They’ve carried him away! And he’s not coming back! Ever!
So you’ve been at a funeral... Why don’t you tell me who died?
Grandpa... Out dear Grandpa has died!
I’m sorry.

When Klara first gained consciousness in the graveyard 12 days ago, Laska said that she had met her before. Back then, Klara paid no attention to the words that she would become so used to hearing very soon. Laska then told her that that «Klara» was off to see Grandfather... Could that person that she in her previous incarnation was going to meet be the same Grandpa, whose death inspired the two children to start their morbid game in the sand?
Laska clearly didn’t mean her own grandparent; it had to be some informal title, perhaps a reference to someone old, wise, respected...
Klara shook her head. It wasn’t the time. No good could come out of such empty speculations.

At least Barley seemed glad to see her. It was probably he who had written the invitation.

Hello, Klara! So, are you no longer an Impostress?
Yes. Now I’m a real wonder worker.
Then I guess we should get going. Do you think we had a good game?
It was all right...
Want us to answer any questions? Your predecessor asked us tons of questions! We don’t mind. We’ll tell you everything; what would you like to know about? Here’s the Abattoir, this hummock covered with holed stones. And this thing here is the Polyhedron! Can you believe it?
Ingenious. Do you realize that you two are also there, inside? Hmmm... Tell me, who of us do you like best?
Me? This one – the Elder! He is so big, so cool! And Mushroom likes Lara, that doll over there...
No, I’m talking about us heroes.
Do you want the truth?
Tell me the truth.
Well... we’re not that keen on you. You seem... strange somehow. Now, Bachelor – he’s all right. Although he does have a suitcase stitched to his hand for some reason. I’m thinking about tearing it off. What do you think?
Don’t do it. He won’t be able to do his job.

The children were wrapping up... Their little personal universe would meet its end tonight, and so could the entire Polyhedron, depending on the outcome of the council. Whether they were real demiurges or just playing with magical toys, they had better not stick around for what was going to happen next. It was time for Klara to run along too.

For the last time she stopped to admire the combination of a fortune-teller’s ball and Voodoo doll that two kids created using Polyhedron’s powers. As she was beginning to turn away, she thought she saw some tiny movement from the corner of her eye, but when she looked at the sandbox again it was gone.

When she appeared on the Polyhedron’s bottom floor, a sealed letter in an envelope was lying there, right on the floor, in front of the glyph she materialised on. There was no one else around, so Klara assumed it was waiting for her.

Come to the theatre if you find the time.
We will have a conversation – it won’t be especially important, but serious enough.
Apologies in advance for the inconvenient form.

She exited through Khan’s quarters and descended the tower. On her way back to town she entered Whirlpool. She could give Bachelor the good news.

There is almost no time left...
Your Adherents are alive and in good health. Come to the council.
Very well. I shall come. If you tell Block that you are on my side, you will render the Inquisitor powerless.
Wait for me at the Cathedral. And make sure that it really is me.

She then made a trip to the factory to tell Burakh to get ready as well.

Well? Is it done?
Your Adherents are alive and in good health. Come to the council.
If that’s what you really want... You are well aware of my plans.
Yes. I am ready.

It wouldn’t be wise to leave Dankovsky alone at the council even if the meeting wasn’t beginning yet. Burakh would interfere if Daniel tried to play dirty in Klara’s absence. Meanwhile she ran to Lace Square, to meet the authors of the newest letter.

Q: What exactly are these plans that the Impostress is helping put together? I understand the Bachelor wants to destroy the town yet leave the Polyhedron standing, but everyone else's goals I'm lost at. The Haruspex is taking over Oyun's position, wants to spare the town, and destroy the Polyhedron? General Block doesn't want to destroy the town, and something else about wanting Klara to join him. Do I have this right?
A: These are all correct observations. But everyone's desires don't matter - Impo gets the final say, because only she managed to keep her supporters alive and in good shape. Burakh's and Danko's crews are also alive, but only because of us, so we still call the shots. Danko and Burakh each prefer their own plans, but will grudgingly agree to ours, because it also works for them. And it's a good thing too, since Klara and Rubin will need their help.