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Pathways Into Darkness

by HB

Part 11

When we last left our hero, he was trapped in a room full of dead Germans and had looted and interrogated half of them.

The next dead guy is huddled in the lower left corner of the map.

A nice haul.

Now, there was one guy I wanted to talk to last.

This conversation has a nice touch- there are several follow-up questions he'll ask depending on how I answer this, and if I contradict myself he'll catch me (in other words, "yes" and "no" will produce different responses based on when you say them).

Loyal to the last. Muller will lie his ass off if we give him the chance. Good thing his men are more talkative.

At least he admits someone other than his men screwed up.

Er, never mind.

Muller is still trying to keep secrets even though he's been dead for 50 years. But we know enough to start putting the pieces together, especially from Friedrich. And more importantly, we haven't found the last of the Germans yet.

To get out of here, we'll have to face the same three doors that killed this entire squad. Good thing we're carrying some illegal performance-enhancing substances.

Have you ever fought a horde of hideous monsters while trapped in the horrible manifestation of a dead god's dream?

[sfx: drinking]

Have you ever fought a horde of hideous monsters while trapped in the horrible manifestation of a dead god's dream... ON WEED???

With the help of the red potion, we take care of the vast horde of monsters almost before they can get a shot off. Pathways will actually play all the sound effects at half-speed while we're powered up; combined with the fact that we move as slow as ever and that the monsters are moving even slower it's like fighting underwater.

Once everything is dead, we can loot the treasure room the Germans failed to penetrate.

In one of the corners is a bunch of potions. Two more blue ones, and one we haven't seen before.


The Thick Brown Potion is poisonous. If you drink (eat?) it, the health bar turns green and starts slowly ticking down, and you can't rest. After a few minutes, you die, unless you drink a blue potion. Doesn't seem too useful, but this is an adventure game, so best keep it around. You never know what might come in handy vv

In a different corner, we find this.

The Red Cloak is worth 1 point, bringing us up to 16 points and boosting us to 14 health

If we wear it, it's the opposite of the red potion- time speeds up. We probably shouldn't wear this with all those monsters around.

When we stepped on the green rune, the door we opened to get into the area closed, so when the monsters charged we only had the room full of dead Germans to maneuver in. Stepping on this yellow rune opens it again.

Just like on But They're Hungry, this level has two paths to the objective and the one we used to get there is now locked. We have to go the other way to get back out.

On the way back to the save rune, we lose the Orange Crystal. It served me well

All the way back to the beginning of the level, where the ladders are. Now that we have the MP-41, we can give Feel The Power another try. Those Oozes won't know what hit them.

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