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Pathways Into Darkness

by HB

Part 12

We're 12.6 meters down into the catacombs, but now we need to go all the way back up.

(Why am I not taking the purple ladder? Once again, it's a place we're not yet ready to handle and will get us killed if we try. It wouldn't be as funny the third time )

We're passing back through We Can See In The Dark, so we kill the flashlight again so we don't get swarmed by rat monsters.

The level is mostly empty except for a handful of monsters I didn't get the first time, but it's still spooky

Back up to Welcome Tasty Primate.

The rat things are gone, so...

Much better.

The open silver door is a nice shortcut, so this is much less painful than getting back to Ground Floor from Ascencion.

Back in the big room...

Back to the ladder in the center of it...

Back to Ground Floor...

And now, Grasshopper, you are ready.


Once we get past the initial ooze rush, we can switch back to the pistol to burn off the last of its ammo and save the MP-41 for emergencies.

Oozes tend to come in groups of 3, and there are ghouls wandering around too. The halls here are very wide so it's easy to dodge things.

May as well keep saving ammo

There's a save rune in the southeast, but all the interesting things are to the north.

The oozes keep coming and I'm not finding much ammo. (You really can't stab oozes to death, especially 3 of them, but I'm still in the habit of switching back to the knife. Also sometimes pressing the screenshot key combo wrong accidentally makes me fire my gun, and it really is that important to save ammo.)

When we do find ammo, it's for the MP-41.

Another blue potion. We're carrying 4 of them now.

My, what have we here?

Ammo good, but what's happened to that MP-41?

This would be a nice "fuck you" to anyone who somehow managed to get this far without first visiting the other branch of the catacombs.

This goes a long way towards explaining how all the other people in the pyramid managed to get so far down without decent weapons or being forced to solve the puzzles we've been going through.

This is the first mention we've seen of the Spanish-speaking group since They May Be Slow. I guess they went down this way first so the other Germans never saw them.

Muller avoided telling us any of this.

So soon after we find the MP-41 and it already seems a bit wussy. Oh well, I hope the Spanish group got killed in here too.

This is the gold he wants us to let him have. Too bad we're a greedy bastard.

The gold ingot is worth $38,000, 1 point, and weighs 13kg.

I can't take this any more

Oh wait, yes I can.

After killing a buttload of oozes, we find the way further down.

Next update: Wait, what kind of demons?