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Pathways Into Darkness

by HB

Part 13

When we last left our hero, he was about to go to the airport for his flight back to New York and


When we last left our hero he was about to descend from Feel The Power to...

A Plague of Demons. Five seconds after we enter this level, a blob of purple gunk flies out of the darkness and smacks us in the face.

Just like Walter mentioned, the enemies on this level are absolutely invisible. All I can see are their shots. Spraying wildly with the MP-41 sometimes gets me some hits (I can hear the bullets striking and the enemies dying), but I can't go on like this

Running around in panic (and always turning left), we find this guy. But he's not a nazi...

So that's what happened to the rest of my Special Forces team. Or at least one of them

Present-day US military gear sure kicks the shit out of antique German peashooters.

Oh fuck yes.

Too bad I don't have the grenade launcher itself.

Sounds good. Let's give it a try.

So that's what's been spitting this purple shit at me- a Wraith.

When a wraith gets killed it sort of folds up and disappears, leaving no corpse. It's also immune to crystals, but has very little health.

As promised, the IR goggles extend the viewing distance somewhat in addition to letting me see Wraiths. There's no reason not to wear the goggles for the entire remainder of the game and benefit from the increased viewing distance, but that would make all subsequent updates the same boring shade of red so I'll leave them off once we're out of Wraith territory

(Just like the flying rat monsters, wraiths are only found on one level.)

Now let's see what our friends have been up to while we were unconscious and/or running around pulling chains and talking to dead people.

We were wondering when the entire reason we're here was going to resurface. At least we know it's been taken into the pyramid, so we still have a chance to complete the mission once we rendezvous with the team.

Way ahead of you.

Being able to see the wraiths makes this level much easier. They only take 2 or 3 MP-41 bullets to kill, but I'm still consuming ammo much faster than I find it. Something must be done about this.

Whoops. Wraiths aren't the only things on this level.

What could be behind this door?

Oh. Another assload of monsters. They're no match for a fully automatic weapon though

Around a few more corners and...

Hmm indeed. And remembering what Walter said...

It turns out that the only things that will fit in the box are clips of ammunition.

Wait for it...

The cedar box will clone the last piece of ammo placed inside it once per minute. This means we are no longer dependent on looting corpses (don't worry, they're still a common find, so we'll have plenty of people to talk to) and our ammo supply is limited only by how much time we're willing to burn on sitting around and/or resting to make it. It's still possible to run out of ammo by being dumb since you need one clip to switch the box over to making a certain type, but in general we can now machinegun the fuck out of everything we meet without a second thought.

Next update: An old friend returns