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Pathways Into Darkness

by HB

Part 14

When we found the Cedar Box, we felt an urgent need to save immediately (actually I had to take a leak), so we ran all the way back to the save rune. There's a good chunk of the level off to the right that we didn't explore, so it looks like a good place to go next.

Back through the deep red halls.

While returning, we're ambushed by a randomly spawned wraith. This is what it looks like when they die (and when they get off a shot at me before I shoot them).

I think we have enough ammo now The way the times and damages balance out, getting hit by a monster will allow us to rest long enough to regain 1 or 2 ammo clips. Resting takes place in "ticks" of about 7 minutes each, with one clip being produced each tick (the box won't make a new one until you empty it). It will also produce clips while just walking around, if you happen to notice it.

Heading down this hallway, looks like clear sailing.

[sfx: ROAR]



Phantasms cannot be seen through the infrared goggles. To get through the rest of the level, you'll have to either switch between goggles on and goggles off whenever you feel uneasy (in other words, every ten seconds) or put up with occasionally crapping your pants when you run into an invisible phantasm and get ROARed once or twice.

It's probably a good idea to put the goggles back on now.

A bunch of mixed monsters guard a save rune.

shit what gah

Finally, we find the ladder down.

Our first glimpse of the new level, after taking the goggles off, is a bunch of pillars. The ladder down is in the center of a large room.

The room is left by stepping over this broken pillar.

It's quiet... too quiet.

The next room we find is full of pillars. The first thing we see is a ghoul.

The second thing we see is the level's namesake.

This level kicks the action up a notch, since we now have infinite ammo (and if you somehow missed the box, you're screwed).

Still more pillars. This is starting to look a lot like Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die.

The main difference is that this level is divided into separate areas by a series of doors. On the plus side, this keeps the encounter size manageable and keeps you from running into more monsters while fighting one group.

On the minus side, this is usually what's on the other side of the doors.

And this is what we are forced to do

I wonder what's behind this door?


Continuing on, we-

ooo, shiny

The diamond necklace is worth 1 point and $120,000. And it's some serious bling.

Wearing the necklace has absolutely no effect on the game. But now I look fabulous!

hay guys what's going on

Near the southeast end of the level, we run into a heavier patrol than usual.

This must be the gold door Walter mentioned. Too bad someone stole his key before we could. If we ever find it, we'll have to come back here.

A save rune before a door. This looks important.

The complete map. We spiraled out from the center, saw the gold door in the southeast, and found a new ladder down in the northeast.

The purple ladder goes further down. And we've seen one before.

Next update:


Someone asked for a screenshot of my complete inventory a while back; this is the first chance I've gotten to take one (since the last few updates were prepared well in advance). I think I've posted the examine screen for each item at some point in the thread, except maybe for some really boring ones like the canvas bag.

We have way more than enough MP-41 ammo, especially since a monster encounter tends to cost me less than one clip while gaining me 2 or more. We also have only one HE grenade, but with the cedar box and a little patience we can turn that into an endless geyser of ammo just like we did with the MP-41. But this is only worth doing once we actually find a weapon to fire them with.

The total weight of this inventory is 89.57kg. No wonder I walk so slowly.

And this is my stats so far. I'm 7.5 meters down (not the furthest we've ever been), have half the points and a decent amount of treasure. We've also been firing the MP-41 enough to move up to Novice.