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Pathways Into Darkness

by HB

Part 2: Bonus Update

Left seemed to be the crowd favorite, so we'll head off in that direction.

I'm about to encounter resistance, and he's about to encounter cold, hard steel

Two at a time, but that ain't gonna stop me.

On the way up, we walk past this door. It doesn't open.

A second door, and someone who wants to keep me away from it.

This one does open as we pass it, and (surprise) some Headless come out.

Yet another door. Ho hum.

This one does open, but it's the same door we first saw after all:

This makes it a little faster to come back down, which is good because we walk so damn slowly.

We find yet another door that only opens after we go the long way around. Who designed this stupid pyramid anyway

There's more ammo lying around here. I haven't used the gun at all yet It's still nice to have just in case we run into a


Well, we're boned.

Or maybe YOU're boned!

I bet it was guarding something important...

A chain! Now, what's the first thing you do when you're stuck in a hostile environment, surrounded by monsters, and find a mysterious mechanism you don't understand?

That's right- fuck with it. Walk into the room and a dialog pops open to ask us to pull the chain.

Message window: "The chain clanks, and you hear a faint noise in the distance."

The left path. The chain was in the northwest room. Those doors really did make it easier to get back down.

Now, let's take the right path.

Oh, this isn't like the left path at all.

Sure are a lot of these things.

I wanted to take a picture of the ammo clip in that alcove but some jerk walked into the frame. I let him off with a warning

Another one of those darn doors.

The layout is a bit more interesting here than it was on the left.

At the end of the right path is another zombie, but this time he brought backup.

Pathways allows friendly fire- monsters can shoot and kill each other by accident. Sadly, they never turn around and fight.

Hey, I bet he was guarding a-

-man, I was totally wrong.

I hear a faint noise in the distance again.

Looks like there's only one place left to go. I wonder what's at the end of this one? I bet it's another chain!

We pass the other sides of those doors we opened earlier.

A whole crowd of guards this time. Must be a really, really important chain.

Ammo is sometimes hidden in unexpected places by cunning developers, but as a seasoned gamer I see right through their tricks.

A zombie and three headless

It'll take more than that to keep me from yanking my chain!

But... there is no chain! There's only this mostly open door.

I was hoping for a chain, but this is still pretty good. Let's begin charging it!

It takes a few seconds, but we're now at full power. The crystal was worth 2 points, and since we've fired the Walther P4 we are now a Beginner in its use.

Now where did I put that dead guy?

Oh, right.

Trudging back to the ladder...

...back to Ground Floor...

...back to Captain Corpse.

Standing over him, we hit the button, a shimmering sound is heard, and...

The Yellow Crystal, as promised, lets us talk to dead bodies we find in the pyramid. From here, we can ask him questions (single words) based on what he tells us. In addition to giving us weapons and ammo, dead people can now explain the plot of the game and sometimes help us solve puzzles. You can ask any dead person "name" or "death" to get them to tell you their name and how they died, and expand from there. I've left the word I typed to get a particular response in each screenshot. Anything he doesn't understand gets a -type response. So, Mr. Corpse...

Interesting stuff. I like this Muller already.

This guy has given us our first quest- Find the strange green instrument and use it with the rune to open the two doors. What two doors? Let's look around a bit.

There are two doors to the east and west of the blue rune, as well as the unexplored left branch of the level. I bet you can guess where we're going next...

This time we run into a monster, some ammo to help us defeat him if we didn't have such a stabbing fixation, a save rune, and another ladder. What's up there? We'll find out tomorrow...