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Pathways Into Darkness

by HB

Part 3

When I said this was an old-school adventure game, I wasn't kidding

Now where were we...

...going up the left branch of Ground Floor.

Lock and Load

Two choices again. Last time we went left first, so this time we'll go right.

Familiar territory, but the difficulty is stepped up a notch. We're being hit by 3 headless right out of the gate!

There are an awful lot of square rooms on this level.

These fuckers won't leave me alone for screenshot-taking

Continuing on, we spot something green in the corner.

Ooo, shiny. This emerald was worth $11,900 and 1 point.

We got a health upgrade This will happen every 4 points.

A zombie. But what's that behind him?

Hooray for corpses!

Our stash of ammo is growing, but a pretty boring take after all. Let's ask this guy where his copy of Mein Kampf is. And he calls himself a Nazi. Tut-tut.

Some people take death awfully hard.

The entire right branch of the level, with convenient save rune. Now let's see what's behind door #2:

Surprise! Headless!

Precious, precious ammo is scattered all over around here.

A bunch of headless try something clever. You can see I'm about to get ed again. (That actually happens a lot since I'm pausing to take screenshots. The things I do for you people )

A save point and two doors. To an expert gamer like me, that means bad things are gonna go down. Let's try the left door first.

A headless whacks me before I can even hit the screenshot keys.

What were they guarding? Absolutely nothing VV

Now the right door. There's a hallway behind it.


We take down his honor guard and get to looting.

Still no more original copies of Mein Kampf. How am I going to make my fortune on eBay now? Maybe this guy has some advice.

We'll have to follow up on this. We likes ammo.

This would be a subtle hint to avoid wasting ammo, if we weren't doing that already.

He never actually said "Muller", but I asked him about it anyway. We'll have to do that for everyone

The locations of both bodies on this level. I wonder what's behind that branch we haven't explored yet.

While exploring, we find this room with three zombies in it. There must be something awesome behind them.

The door locks behind us when we go in. It's a good thing I killed everything before charging in

Another pair of doors.

Past these fellas...

Looks like the pyramid's taller than 2.7 meters after all.

The full map of Lock and Load.

A rude welcome on the next level: They May Be Slow...

We make with the stabbing and explore further.

Close, but no cigar.

Maybe this guy can translate it for us.

Phantasms, eh? Sounds unpleasant.

At least I won't have to spend my precious ammo on them. Precious, precious ammoses.

And follow up we have.

I sure could have used some of those


Next update: A monster that isn't a headless or a zombie Same bat-time, same bat-channel.