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Pathways Into Darkness

by HB

Part 5

And today, we conquer the pyramid! (well, almost...)

The first thing we see when we ascend to Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die ( ) is a huge pile of monsters (there are a lot more standing offscreen). We blast our way out and into a side room to make a stand.

Your slowly-walk-towards-me style is no match for my wait-for-them-to-come-through-the-door-single-file style

This level is a lot tougher than the previous one. I died unintentionally for the first time

This level consists mostly of huge, wide rooms filled with pillars. It's nerve-wracking because Pathways does not have ambient sound or music and the monsters never make a sound until they attack. I'll be walking alone for just long enough to relax when the silence is suddenly broken by a headless or zombie throwing something at me in the distance, or (heaven help me) the roar of a phantasm that somehow snuck up behind me.


Like I said- fuckloads of pillars.


Way, way too many pillars. Eventually I reach this save rune, and this ladder. But wait- what's this on the floor?

The pearl is worth $11,000 and 1 point, raising us up to 8 points and 10 health. Other than that, it doesn't do anything. Also, 11.3 meters

Let's see what's up this ladder. Surely we're close to the top of the pyramid...


Another room full of pillars, but smaller than the ones on EUPMD. We're 13.6 meters up the pyramid now.

Hello sailor ;-* Is that a copy of Mein Kampf in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


And now the mood is gone

Wrong way?! And you got how many people killed up here, Muller? Nice job.

War. War never changes

Zombies that cause earthquakes? Hmm...

I've fought off headless when I was under 2 health, you wuss.

I'm sure

Moving on, we find some sort of long, pillar-filled hall. Ceremonial?

A save point is covered with monsters. The enemies' shots go right through phantasms just like mine do.

Two doors, one locked, one open. No choice, huh?

Nope, no choice. The open door locks as soon as I go through it.

There's an assload of monsters in the next series of rooms, and doors are constantly closing behind me.

When we get to the center of the level...

This had better be worth it.

The alien pipes are worth a sweet 3 points and $56,000. One more point and we'll have 12 health.

Using them produces an eerie tootling sound but nothing else happens

The door opens, and it's the locked door we first saw by the save rune.

I wonder what happens if I go all the way back down to Ground Floor and blow the alien pipes on the blue rune like that guy told us Muller did.

Next update: We find out!