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Pathways Into Darkness

by HB

Part 6

Now that we have the Alien Pipes, it's time to go all the way back down the pyramid...

There's no ladder going up on Ascension, so we'll head back down to Evil Undead Phantasms Must Die.

The whole level.

The door we used to get up here on But They're Hungry is locked, so we can't go back down the way we came. We have to find the other exit, at the other end of the level. On the plus side, this makes the trip back down less tedious than it already is.

This level is almost entirely columns.

While searching around for ammo, we find one clip that looks different from the others.

Sure sounds better than a pistol.

Moving on, we find this guy. Maybe he's got one of them MP-41 doohickeys.

Crap. Well, let's ask him what he did with it.

So? What are they gonna do, kill you again?

This is depressing. Let's change the subject.

This is still depressing. I'm outta here.

Depending on how we had gone on They May Be Slow, we might have met this guy before the one on But They're Hungry (and before finding the Alien Pipes).

At the far end of the level...

...the way down beckons.

Back on But They're Hungry, we never cleared out this area so there's a zombie right in the ladder room to greet me.

This level is split into two completely separate halves, with the only way between them by way of EUPMD or They May Be Slow.

Just like the other branch, there's a nearby save point.

Trudge trudge stab stab bang bang trudge trudge

Then this guy pops out from behind a corner and scares the shit out of me

We must be getting close to the ladder where we got killed by a phantasm before we had the blue crystal.

Yep. We his ass and head further down.

I've already cleared out everything between here and Ground Floor, so it's just more walking from here (and the occasional randomly spawned headless, just to mess with me). Good thing I know a cheat code that speeds up time, or this would take ten minutes

Somewhere in the past couple of updates I advanced from Beginner to Novice in Walther P4 skill, and now I've just made Expert. Skill boosts make weapons do more damage, and I can now one-shot headless and two-shot zombies

Back down to Lock & Load...

...and then finally...

...all the way down to...

...Ground Floor.

The monster I killed several updates back is still lying there. All bodies in Pathways are permanent; none of this modern wussy de-rezzing crap.

That corpse is the last headless we're going to see for a very, very long time

Now let's see... Stand on blue rune, check.

Peer ahead until we can barely see the door, check (we have to stay on the rune for this to work).

Hello? Anybody there?


This is a Ghoul. He throws rocks, and he throws them fast and hard. His big weakness, though, is that if you run up to him and he'll flinch and stop attacking. That only works when they're alone, though.

(This is also true of headless, but sometimes they're fast enough to hit you anyway between stabs. Zombies don't notice stabs, their attack cannot be interrupted except by crystals or death.)

There's quite a few of these guys back here. And zombies.

Same story behind the other door the alien pipes opened.

Looks like we have a choice of pathways (into darkness! ) again. Which way should we go down?

Great thread, HB. I said it once, but keep going

Thanks for the kind words, guys I already expected this thread would get less feedback than most because it's such a little-known game and there's nobody else playing along, but I'll keep going as long as it's fun for me (and it is).