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Pathways Into Darkness

by HB

Part 7

Looks like the majority likes the right ( ) so let's get going.

The halls are a lot wider here, and we've got this freaky copper-and-barf aesthetic going. And it looks like I've been noticed.

They're throwing slime balls at me and they really hurt!

They have nasty teeth and my pistol barely scratches them and holy shit there's more and more and more and


He chose... poorly.

I don't think we're quite ready for the right path yet I still don't know how you were supposed to avoid that the first time playing the game. Oh well, let's try the left.

(Yeah, yeah, only where there's no wrong answer )

The left ladder drops us 2.4 meters underground, and in the center of a really big and crowded room. We mingle with some ghouls and make small talk.

This party sure is dead.

There are a bunch of doors in the room, but all of them are silver and none of them open. And somebody had a bit too much to drink. Er, wait, isn't he...

I wonder if he knows anything about MP-41s. I need to go back and teach those yellow monsters a lesson.

Damn nazis. How dare they loot the corpses of- never mind.

We've only found 9 bodies so far including this guy.

The only things in this room are the way back, the corpse (we're standing on him), a bunch of ammo I collected, and 4 ladders leading down.

The ladders are a funky new crystalline type, but they work exactly like the old ones.

All 4 of the ladders lead down to the same room on the next level.

This room has a save point in the center, and 2 paths leading out of it.

There's also a silver door to the south. It doesn't open either.

Zombies and ghouls patrol a hallway full of alcoves.

Pillars around here are crystal too, but they're in no better shape than the ones upstairs.

The top half of Welcome Tasty Primate. In the corner is a ladder going up.

And it puts us...

..back on Wrong Way...

...but outside the silver doors.

They don't open from this side either

Going around the ring, we find that there's a lot of empty space between the silver doors we can see here and the ones in the original room.

All we've seen of Wrong Way so far, with convenient dual save runes. There's a ladder going down in the southwest.

Next update: We become the master of unlocking.