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Pathways Into Darkness

by HB

Part 8

Going down to the southeast, we take the ladder down.

Deja vu: We're back on Welcome Tasty Primate, but on the other side of the silver door.

Let's try the left path first.

The left path leads to the other side of the silver door, which still won't open. But on the way...

Do we have an MP-41 yet?

Whip out the yellow crystal and...

The official explanation from Bungie? "He's crazy". There was once a time when a developer could pull all kinds of crazy random bullshit out of their asses and throw it into their games and have the fans eat it up and call it "atmosphere" or "depth". Whereas today you have to be Hideo Kojima

Moving on, we find some zombies. We're still picking up plenty of P4 ammo and we're stabbing ghouls whenever we can, so our stockpile is growing.

At the end of the left path is a save point.

We're on the other side of the silver door, but we still can't get through it. Let's try going back to the latest ladder and taking the other path.

The right path is much like the left.

Around this corner is the top of the map, but when we go around it, we're challenged by...

A fish with a mustache!

This is a Nightmare. It's a floating gasbag-type monster that fires bolts of what seem to be electricity.

Shoot it a couple of times and it explodes into giblets and splatters on the floor. The death burst is rather violent and will hurt you if you're standing too close. Every single Bungie game since this one has had a monster in it that hurt you by making itself explode

With the nightmare out of the way, there's nothing left to do but...

...claim the silver key.

The silver key is worth $9200 and 1 point, bringing us up to 12 points. That's another 4 points, so we're boosted to 12 health

Now, we just have to figure out how to use this key to open the door. We start by approaching the door, and get ready to use our lockpicking skills to defeat a complex set of-

Oh. You just walk up to it

We have a convenient route back to the central room on Wrong Way, so let's see what's behind door #1.

After we kill them, we notice something unusual in the corner.

The blue potion will heal you. Potions are fairly rare and really only worth using once we get much further into the game, as we won't be taking any damage resting can't clear up for a long time (ooo, foreshadowing).

Opening the silver door on the other side of the room will let the zombies come in and get you (and also allow you to go straight from the inner room to the outer ring).

Going around the inner room, the western door has a blue potion, the northern door has ammo, and the eastern door has nothing

There are also rooms at the 4 corners of the square. The southeast room has ammo. The northeast room has 2 ammo clips. The northwest room has ammo and is guarded by three nightmares instead of two The southwest room has even more ammo.

The silver door directly to the south of the central room has a buttload of monsters in it.

Or at least it did

Unfortunately this is a 1993 game engine so by "burn" we mean "make the monster turn orange and play the flinch animation".

It's still a nice upgrade from the blue crystal as it does somewhat more damage and recharges faster.

The fully unlocked Wrong Way.

And the fully unlocked Welcome Tasty Primate. Do you see what I see?

Next update: Bungie steals a page from Id.