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Perfect Dark

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 1: Chapter 1

Mission 1 - Datadyne: Defection [ blip | viddler ]

Background -
A Datadyne scientist calling himself Dr. Caroll has contacted the Carrington Institute requesting that we rescue him from the Datadyne headquarters tonight. He claims that he has complained to Datadyne about the moral implications of his current project, but rather than dismiss him, they will mentally restructure him until he finds the nature of the project acceptable again.

Carrington -
This is your first mission, Joanna, and it could hardly be more vital to us. We need to get Dr. Caroll out of there before anything happens to him, and we also need to know about dataDyne's future plans. Our standard rules of engagement apply: do not kill unarmed civilians. Remember, the code keys only work if their owners are alive.

Objective One: Jam the Internal Security Comms Hub -
This is located in one of the top floors of the building, away from ground traffic interference. Use an ECM Mine to jam the hub and black out the security cameras. The mine must be attached to the hub to be effective. Be quick, though, as the mine will only last for about a minute or so.

Objective Two: Obtain De Vries' Necklace/Key -
Cassandra De Vries carries her Access Key for restricted areas of the building on her necklace. It is linked to her personal health monitor and will cease to be active if her life signs fail. If you take the Necklace/Key from her, you must render her unconscious, not kill her.

Objective Three: Access Executive Computer Files -
Dr. Caroll's future is being decided in a meeting on one of the office floors. The executive in charge of Dr. Caroll's project is present at the meeting. Follow him to his office and gain access to his project files, then download them to us using your Data Uplink device.

Objective Four: Jam the External Security Comms Link -
Complete the communication blackout by placing another ECM Mine on the equipment in the security room at the base of the building. This will jam any automatic calls for outside help.

Objective Five: Secure the Secret Lift -
Locate the secure lift to the basement laboratory where Dr. Caroll is incarcerated. The exact location is unknown, but it should be found somewhere on the foyer level.