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Perfect Dark

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 3: Chapter 7

Mission 3 - Datadyne: Extraction [ blip | viddler ]

Background -
The alarm has been given, and there are Datadyne shock troops ready for you throughout the building. Exit via the foyer is impossible due to the number of ground troops present. The transport will collect you and Dr. Caroll from the helipad.

Carrington -
I don't have to remind you to protect Dr. Caroll at all costs, Joanna. Cassandra and dataDyne are going to be throwing all the obstacles they can in your path to prevent you from getting Dr. Caroll out. Good luck.

Objective One: Gain Access to Upper Floors -
Fight your way around the foyer until you can get access to one of the lifts that will take you and Dr. Caroll to the upper floors of the building.

Objective Two: Reactivate Elevator -
We traced an order to shut down the only accessible elevator to a PC on the lowest floor of offices. You have to find that PC and change the order to get the elevator going again.

Objective Three: Destroy Datadyne Gunship -
There is a dataDyne security gunship circling the building which outguns your jumpship and will shoot you out of the sky. Terminate it with extreme prejudice, since it will be trying to do the same thing to you.

Objective Four: Defeat Cassandra's Bodyguards -
We suspect that Cassandra has deployed her bodyguards to block the route to the helipad. It is almost certain that you'll be unable to avoid them, so expect serious resistance when you encounter them.

Objective Five: Return to Helipad for Evacuation -
Get to the helipad where your dropship will be waiting. And don't forget Dr. Caroll.