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Part 7: Chapter 26

Mission 7 - Area 51: Infiltration [ blip | youtube ]

Background -
A craft carrying Institute advisors has been shot down in Nevada. Debris from the crash and the bodies of the advisors have been taken to Area 51. A spy inside the base has managed to get footage to the Institute of a possible survivor. This mission is to rescue that survivor.

Carrington -
This is a disaster for us, Joanna. We need to get our ally out of there before it becomes too late. And there was some special equipment inside the craft, as well, which must not remain in Trent Easton's clutches. You'll have some support on this mission in the form of our spy inside Area 51 who is disguised as a guard.

Objective One: Shut Down Air Intercept Radar -
This device was capable of penetrating the stealth shielding of our allies' craft so that the robot interceptors could be vectored in to bring them down. If your escape is to be successful, you must destroy the radar control unit with the explosives, and it will likely be hidden underground surrounded by lots of mainframes.

Objective Two: Plant Comms Rider on Antenna Array -
The underground sections of Area 51 are protected from eavesdropping devices, which means that our link with you will be broken as soon as you enter the base. To remedy this, you should place a Communications Rider device on the satellite dish near the foot entrance.

Objective Three: Disable Grounded Robot Interceptors -
Even with the Air Intercept Radar down, the robot interceptors themselves will be a problem. Take out as many of the grounded units as possible; our last sat photo showed two on the ground, but there may be more.

Objective Four: Gain Access to Hangar Lift -
Going in through the foot entrance would be suicide, so direct your attention to the hangar lift instead. Our spy reports that you need a key card to operate the lift and that a maintenance technician will be your best bet to find one.

Objective Five: Make Contact With Agent -
Our agent will be dressed as a guard. It means he cannot stray too far from his posting inside the base without attracting attention, so it's up to you to find him. He is stationed in one of the two main hangar levels, which is, unfortunately, as specific as we can be.