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Perfect Dark

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Part 8: Chapter 30

Mission 8 - Area 51: Rescue [ blip | youtube ]

Background -
A craft carrying Institute advisors has been shot down in Nevada. Debris from the crash and the bodies of the advisors have been taken to Area 51. A spy inside the base has managed to get footage to the Institute of a possible survivor. This mission is to rescue that survivor.

Carrington -
You need to cover our tracks and rescue our friend as fast as you can. A disguide will help you do that, but it won't last forever, so make good use of it. Wipe out their records, and make sure there are no more survivors we are unaware of. Time is pressing, so hurry.

Objective One: Destroy Computer Research Records -
Any information that the Area 51 techs were able to get from the crash wreckage and objects must be wiped from their databases. The main databank terminal is kept in a locked room at the top of the main corridor. Install a virus using the Data Uplink device, and then destroy the terminal itself. If the virus is loaded into other terminals, it may produce helpful effects.

Objective Two: Locate Conspiracy Evidence -
Jonathan's report made reference to a tissue containment unit where organic samples are stored at extremely low temperatures. He believes that it could be used to cryogenically freeze bodies before surgery or dissection. Find this area and confirm the death of any of the three other passengers of the craft.

Objective Three: Obtain and Use Lab Technician Disguise -
Find a Lab Technician's outfit and use it to get past the security. Once you have, move fast, since the theft won't go unnoticed for long.

Objective Four: Gain Access to Autopsy Lab -
A premature autopsy will soon be taking place in one of the secure medical labrotories. It will be lockes to those without clearance, so get a card with the appropriate level to get in. Not all cards will work, and there may be door guards as well.

Objective Five: Rescue the Crash Survivor -
Once you are in the lab, you will have to get into the autopsy chamber before any harm comes to the subject. The scientists will try to kill him if they think he's alive or will attempt to damage what they think is a corpse as soon as they see you. Yet again, speed is vital.