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Perfect Dark

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Part 9: Chapter 33

Mission 9 - Area 51: Escape [ blip | youtube ]

Background -
A craft carrying Institute advisors has been shot down in Nevada. Debris from the crash and the bodies of the advisors have been taken to Area 51. A spy inside the base has managed to get footage to the Institute of a possible survivor. This mission is to rescue that survivor.

Carrington -
I know you have questions, Jo, and I'm afraid that this isn't the time to answer them. I can tell you that the little fellow you just rescued is a Maian, and he is a bodyguard for the Ambassador whose ship was shot down. Other details and background can wait until later.

Objective One: Locate Alien AutoSurgeon Device -
All Maian craft carry a device called an AutoSurgeon. Using this is the fastest and safest way of waking him up since they are designed to work on Maian physiology. It should be amongst the wreckage of the ship, or if not, with the items taken to the labs for analysis.

Objective Two: Rendezvous With Agent -
Jonathan reports that he is now under suspicion and expects to be arrested in a matter of minutes. Find him before the patrols do.

Objective Three: Gain Entry to Secret Hangar -
Our agent has been unable to get into the secret hangar before because that would have meant blowing his cover, but the time for such worries is past. Keep the guards off Jonathan as he hacks into the door to the hangar where we suspect an intact Maian ship is kept.

Objective Four: Revive Maian Bodyguard -
Wake the Maian up before trying to get out - a hoverbed is not the easiest thing to steer even in normal situations. Once he's up and about, he should be able to fly the Maian craft out of Area 51.

Objective Five: Escape From Area 51 -
That is, get the Maian bodyguard to the ship first. Then you and Jonathan get aboard the craft with him, and you should be able to fly out past the air defenses you took care of earlier.