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Perfect Dark

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 10: Chapter 38

Mission 10 - Air Base: Espionage [ blip | youtube ]

Background -
Trent Easton has flown to meet the President at the air base in Alaska, preparing for the President's foreign visit. From the evidence gathered in Chicago, we assume that this is the start of his move against the President, and as such, it must be prevented.

Carrington -
Care is needed here, Joanna. There are many innocent people about in the air base. Only Trent's men or those strange Blonde men are viable targets. Remember, the longer that you stay in the disguise, the greater your chance of success.

Objective One: Obtain Disguise and Enter Base -
The stewardess arriving on the cable car is carrying her uniform in her bag. Subdue her and her escort and use the uniform as a disguise to enter the air base. Remember, these people know nothing of Trent's conspiracy and must not be killed.

Objective Two: Check In Equipment -
Get rid of your equipment as soon as possible; avoid carrying suspicious items around with you that could compromise your disguise. You can collect it later after loading it aboard Air Force One using a Hover trolley. First, though, you need to find a case to put the equipment in.

Objective Three: Subvert Security Monitoring System -
You can fool humans with the disguise, but the security screening system will need a different approach. If it detects the weapon in your equipment, then the alarm will sound and the base will be locked down. Prevent the alarm from being given by whatever means you can.

Objective Four: Obtain Flight Plans From Safe -
The planned flight path for Air Force One is held in a safe in the base. If you can get hold of it, then we can use the data to vector Elvis in on Air Force One during the flight as backup for you in case anything goes wrong.

Objective Five: Board Air Force One -
Don't let the plane leave without you. If your disguise is still active, the you should be able to use the docking shuttle to get on board. If not, you will have to find another way.