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Perfect Dark

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 13: Chapter 51

Mission 13 - Pelagic II: Exploration [ blip | youtube ]

Background -
The conspiritors have thrown caution to the winds and have committed an act of piracy, taking over the Pelagic II and commencing hurried diving operations in the Pacific Ocean. Both dataDyne and its strange allies are involved in what appears to be a joint operation.

Carrington -
Although this move seems reckless, it only serves to highlight how important the operation on the seabed must be to dataDyne and it's allies. Disrupt the operation as extensively as possible, but remember our minimum force rules for noncombatants.

Objective One: Disable Primary Power Source -
Shutting down the primary power source will help cause the ship to wander from the operating location, but it will also cause blackouts in nonessential sections of the ship. Use the x-ray scanner to find the active switches on the power core.

Objective Two: Secure Laboratories and Research Data -
We want any information that dataDyne has amassed on this project. Secure the labs on the science deck and remember to stun the scientists and technicians working there; we will want to interrogate them later.

Objective Three: Deactivate GPS and Autopilot -
Getting both the GPS location system and the ship's autopilot offline will cause the ship to drift off station; if only one is shut down, it will not be enough to prevent the diving operations from continuing. Do not harm any innocent civilians you come across.

Objective Four: Activate Moon Pool Lift -
This will activate the automatic pilot on the deep submersible, recalling it for you and Elvis to use. The controls are in the sub hangar.

Objective Five: Rendezvous and Escape With Elvis -
Find Elvis and return to the Moon Pool to prep both the deep submersible and yourselves for the dive to the seafloor.