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Perfect Dark

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 14: Chapter 54

Mission 14 - Deep Sea: Nullify Threat [ blip | youtube ]

Background -
The goal of the conspiracy is revealed at last - a massive alien ship lies on the floor of the Pacific. At least partially sentient, though sleeping, the Cetan ship is even now being overrun by the Skedar and their unwitting minions, the dataDyne Corporation.

Carrington -
Our cursory examination of the research data astounds us. We've put together as many objectives as we can based on our interpretation of this data. The massive structure on the sea floor is a spacecraft of alien origin. It is apparently a sentient craft, of a race called the Cetans, though it is currently dormant. However, it houses the most dangerous weapon you could imagine.

Objective One: Reactivate Teleportals -
Returning the teleportals to active status will mean you are able to access regions of the Cetan ship that would otherwise be inaccessible; if the Skedar have managed to block off entry to the control room, then the long way round might be your only other way in.

Objective Two: Disable Cetan Megaweapon -
This is what it is all about - a weapon of fantastic magnitude. According to the deciphered research notes, it is capable of reversing the weak nuclear forces that hold molecules together. If the Skedar get their hands on this, Earth will be an expanding cloud of dust within the hour. It's up to you - destroy the power nodes throughout the ship, and the weapon will be inoperable. Some may be beyond the reach of normal weapons.

Objective Three: Secure Control Room -
Make sure that Skedar are cleared from the Control Room to enable you to restore Dr. Caroll's personality backup without interruption. We have no idea what safeguards might have been put in place to prevent anyone attempting this, so be careful.

Objective Four: Restore Dr. Caroll's Personality -
This is the last stage of the contingency plan Dr. Caroll put forward during his debriefing at the villa. Restoring his personality to the code breaker construct will reassert his control over both the sapient shell and such parts of the Cetan ship as the code breaker has been able to take over.

Objective Five: Escape From Cetan Ship -
Escape with Elvis and Dr. Caroll to the docking bay after ensuring the destruction of the vessel by any means necessary. Use the submersible to return to the surface, where you will be collected by the cruiser HMAS Newcastle.