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Perfect Dark

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 16: Chapter 59

Mission 16 - Attack Ship: Covert Assault [ blip | youtube ]

Background -
Knocked unconscious during the evacuation of the Carrington Institute, Joanna wakes to find herself a prisoner aboard a Skedar assault ship.

Carrington - Not Available

Elvis -
Joanna! I'm following the assault ship that is holding you! With me are two Maian protectors from the delegation at the White House. If you can get us aboard, we can help you take over the ship.

Objective One: Disable Shield System -
The shield system prevents any docking maneuvers from taking place. Drop the shields so Elvis and his companions can start an approach.

Objective Two: Open Hangar Doors -
The docking system is normally controlled automatically - it must have been overridden from the bridge. Open the doors using the local controls overlooking the hangar, and Elvis can finish the landing cycle.

Objective Three: Access Navigational Systems -
Get Elvis to the star map so that he can find out where the assault ship is heading. There might also be the locations of Skedar strongholds within the star map - this information can be used for decisive strikes by the Maian Fleet.

Objective Four: Sabotage Engine Systems -
The plan to take over the assault ship might go awry if the Commander alters from the set course. Tamper with the engines so that the ship comes to a halt.

Objective Five: Gain control of Bridge -
Once the bridge is taken, the ship is no longer under Skedar control. Only the Commander remains inside.