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Perfect Dark

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 17: Chapter 62

Mission 17 - Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine [ blip | youtube ]

Background -
The hidden heart of the Skedar religion is exposed at last - a desert planet burning under three suns. The leader of the Skedar terrorist faction is based at the Battle Shrine on the surface of the planet. The destruction of the Shrine and the death of their leader would break the morale of the Skedar.

Carrington - Not Available

Elvis -
There's some groundwork to do, Joanna - I need parts of the temple marked as targets for bombardment. And we need to be absolutely certain that the Skedar leader is dead. He is sure to have powerful shielding capable of withstanding gunfire, so you may need to destroy part of the shrine itself to deal the final blow.

Objective One: Identify Temple Targets -
Attach a targetting device to each of the three obelisks on the surface. They form part of a damaged but still functional shield generator that might cause part of the Shrine to escape the bombardment. Use the R-Tracker to identify the correct ones.

Objective Two: Activate Bridge -
You may have to blow a hole in the outer wall just to gain access to the shrine interior - your IR scanner should help find a weak spot in the structure. Once inside the perimeter, there's another problem. Apparently cause many years ago by one of the earthquakes which plague the planet, a deep ravine cuts the Inner Sanctum area off from the rest of the Shrine. The Skedar have made a retractable bridge to provide access, but you can guarantee it will be well guarded.

Objective Three: Gain Access to Inner Sanctum -
Search through the maze of underground corridors to find the Inner Sanctum. Expect resistance to be fierce, fanatical even. This is a shrine to war, and they are very devout in their worship.

Objective Four: Destroy Secret Skedar Army -
The Maian High Command suspects that more Skedar warriors are kept in stasis in unknown locations. This could be one of those places. If it is, destroy them. The last thing we need to face now is a stream of psychotic reinforcements.

Objective Five: Assassinate Skedar Leader -
The leader is a warrior much revered by the Skedar. His death will be a hammer blow to their morale and will mark the end of their warpath throughout the galaxy. Peace for all.