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Part 19: Chapter 72

Mission 19 - Maian SOS [ blip | youtube ]

Background -
Emergency capture protocols activated. Ship XD-310372 suffered hostile planetfall. Maian Protector One (Aelphaeis Mangarae) sole survivor. Planet designated pre-contact status; paranoia grade 'B+,' intolerance grade 'B,' xenophobia grade 'A.' Destroy equipment remaining; prevent examination of Maian technology and/or personnel.

Objective One: Sabotage Enemy Medical Experiment -
The body of my charge, the Maian Ambassador to Earth, is being experimented on. To complete my duty as a Maian Protector, I must ensure that the body is destroyed.

Objective Two: Destroy Captured Maian Craft -
My final act of duty will be to destroy what remains of the vehicle in which I arrived on Earth. If anyone discovers that the technology within is similar to the Carrington Institute 'inventions,' then our allies on Earth will be endangered, and I will have failed.

Objective Three: Send Distress Signal to Allies -
The Carrington Institute might be able to help me. If I can get a message out to them, they will know of my location and status. Any equipment I am unable to reach and destroy, they will.