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Part 3: Part Three: (INSERT SCHOOL PUN HERE)


As soon as we head out of Kismet, we're warped instantly to Seven Sisters High School - maybe magic does exist after all.

Maya and Ulala chose a bad time to walk in, however...

With an "I guess that will do for now...Thank you for your cooperation, Ms. Smith.", the Officer from Main Branch heads out.

Katsuya sticks around, so get used to him. Fortunately he's , and his battle quotes are absolutely hilarious. We'll talk about those when we get to them. "I'm sorry that he's worrying you, too. Please excuse me, but I must be going." Katsuya takes his leave, and Ulala and Maya finally get to chat up Ms. Smith.

What the Hell kind of teacher doesn't chain her students to their desks?

Ulala: You mean...something happened?
Ms. Smith: The man who ran over a student died, and it's somehow related to the bizarre murders. I hope they're wrong...

We regain control, so of course this means it's time to talk to everybody.

Ms. Smith:

There's a few people standing about as well:

This doesn't seem like an odd line of conversation to use with somebody who's trying to question you about serial killings?
Other guy near Kashihara:

Yes, yes, very good, you get a gold star.
There are students outside, so of course Maya talks to them all, being the social butterfly she is.

They say the Joker is the serial killer from 10 years back...And he brought demons with him...They couldn't catch him, so there were rumors of him being dead or escaping overseas...No...More people are gonna die...

My friend did the curse for fun, and she freaked out when someone answered...Now she believes that there's a Joker...
Maya is a great investigative reporter! As a great investigative reporter, it's her duty to search everywhere for clues, including...

Awaken Gs cure Sleep, Charm, Illusion and similar mental status effects; handy in a pinch, but you obtain an alternative means of curing those same status effects fairly early on.
Maya continues investigating, and heads over to room 2-A.

It is...It has to be! That man I saw at 3-B must be a cop! Crap, what's up with this school?!

So you're a Yellow Dragon, huh...Steady and conservative. I'm a Blue Dragon, so...ugh...

I can't live without Wang Long...No, really.
Ulala also puts in her two cents:

Next up is Room 2-C.

Their famous for making hits using fortunes. Are they alright letting such a guy manage them?

That's dirty, trying to show-off with some debut...Don't you think that's shameful? ...It, like, pisses me off.

(sigh)...I wanted to be a star. It's great to be young, with opportunities. I wanna be young again..

I'm getting their album when it comes out! Ah...I should get their autographs now...Yikes, I'm getting all nervous.
Hey, look, another garbage can:

That's about ten bucks. Not bad for a trash-digger.
Up the stairs and on to Room 3-B.

A blue necktie means he's a senior, but...Is there such a kid here? I wonder if he already went home.

I'd feel bad for Katsuya, but damn, look at those sunglasses. He's too for my pity.

After chatting up the students in 3-B, Maya heads to the Principal's Office on the third floor, but finds it locked. Back down to the first floor, then, into the Janitor's Room.

School Nurse: Geez, you just ate. You're such a good-for-nothing.
Ulala's made a fine discovery:

Back outside, Maya decides that all this chatting and stair-climbing and trash-digging and poster-Frenching isn't really worth the trouble anymore, but Ulala's cooler head prevails when she tries to walk out the front door:

Room 1-D is the last classroom.

Down-To-Earth Guy: Y', Y'know...I don't think it'll help. You know she's only interested in Anna, right? She doesn't even notice anyone else.
Ulala's been doing some chatting of her own:

Besides, what kind of person would send a notice to the person before killing 'em? This isn't a horror flick, y'know.

W, What should I do? I don't wanna die...(sniff) (sniff)
Girl at a Loss: D, Don't worry! It's just someone's cruel idea of a prank! Don't worry about it.

The culprit's standing nearby:

Maya heads out to the bike racks, but there's nothing out there:

Incidentally this is where Innocent Sin starts, so it's only there for nostalgia purposes.
Having explored all the unlocked rooms in the school, Maya finally bites the bullet and heads out to the common area in the center. There, she nearly runs right into:

(More nostalgia: Saint Hermelin High is the setting of the first Persona game.)

Is he even allowed to say things like that? Either way, he's a douchebag.

Anna: Who...are you? From a magazine..? I see...You guys probably think I killed him. Write whatever you want.

Uh oh.

I bet he's hiding in the principal's office. I hate those kind of people the most! I'm gonna complain.

My big sister's just unlucky in her time of Joka.
Time to chat with the locals before we go tear the Principal a new asshole.

Um...have we met somewhere? It's just that I felt we have.

Guardian Dragons are unlucky in this part of the cycle. As in other fortunes, there are streaks of bad luck, like being in a slump.
With everybody properly interrogated, Maya and Ulala head back up to the third floor Principal's Office in order to do that complaining. Asshole deserves it, if you ask me.

Maya and Ulala are perfectly , but, well, there's certain things that take the out of you pretty fast. This is one of them:

Well, shit.

COMING UP NEXT: Everything stays completely normal. Nope. No weird stuff at all. Weird stuff? Naah.