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Part 8: Part Seven and a Half: Shopping in Rengedai

Part Seven and a Half: Shopping in Rengedai

Last time on Persona 2:

Maya and friends explored the Aoba district of Sumaru City; nothing like taking in a little weirdness to improve the mood. With that taken care of, they move on to the Rengedai district.

Gaten Sushi is first, where we meet Rumormonger Chunky. Chunky is a holdover from the first Persona game; his Persona hasn't been seen by American audiences because his appearance in the first Persona was in the removed Ice Queen side story. We're actually pretty lucky for that - his Persona is pretty fucking gross. Here, Chunky serves as a Rumormonger - as the name implies, he trades in rumors. If Maya brings him a rumor, chances are he'll tell her a new one to spread in return. Let's give it a try.

Maya tells him her rumor about the Seven Sisters High School emblem being used as a Joker deterrent.

Hmm...wonder what Chief Todoroki would have to say about this. We'll check it out in a second. Before we leave, we chat with Chunky on a more personal basis. He's a good-looking guy, and Maya just can't control herself.

Anybody who's played the first Persona game should remember Chris - he was that game's badass secret character. Having failed in our attempt to seduce Chunky, we check out the rest of the sushi bar.

Sushi works the same way as any other sort of food - temporary stat boost, but you can only have one at a time. I wish Kankichi was a playable character; he could have a giant tuna for a Persona or something.

That's everything in the sushi bar. Next up is the Time Castle, an antique store that, rumors aside, only sells clocks.

What the fuck is with all these people trying to kill each other?

I think that's because he doesn't bathe, Kat...

So the Time Castle isn't really any use just yet. Moving on, we come to Kaori, an aromatherapy service that serves as a healing shop in the same manner as Etheria in Aoba. is his name any more weird than yours?

If they're not trying to kill each other, they're talking about other people killing each other. These people need lives.

She seems nice, but she still won't let us buy healing we don't need. Next is Rengedai's Satomi Tadashi.

He's right - there's no need to check out the stock here, because it's the exact same crap the other one sold.

Kids these days and their schadenfreude!

On the other hand, that Anna girl broke her leg just like the fortune said...She's finished as an athlete. The outcomes in Wang Long are so simple. It's either really good or really bad. You either win or lose.


Once Maya's done washing her brain out with bleach in order to remove the catchy Satomi Tadashi song, she decides to head to Kuzunoha to spread the rumor Chunky gave her.

Tammy greets us on the way in by being fucking creepy.

If you think it's so cute, give it your money. Also it's not weird at all that you like it, seeing as you channel demonic forces through your inner furry. That's okay. We love you anyway, Katsuya.

You should check out GBS sometime, Baofu, I think you could work wonders. Also check out a shower while you're at it.

So, what, fat people aren't smart? Bitch!

We use the same interface as before to spread the rumor about the Time Castle. selling Spell Cards. Afterwards, Todoroki gives us some advice.

We head back to the Time Castle to see if it worked...

...and are largely unsurprised to find that it did.

Spell Cards are fucking expensive. When summoning a new Persona, you can add a Spell Card to give that Persona the spell indicated on the card; this is handy for a variety of reasons. Sadly, the cost is pretty prohibitive early on, and you can only use a single Spell Card with any given Persona. Now that we've spread that rumor, we head back to Chunky to see if he has any more.

If it's not that damn Joker, it's Spell Card wackiness. We also head over to 2X Slash before stopping by Kuzunoha - Baofu maintained a rumor message board that might be useful.

Where do people come up with this crap? We drop by Kuzunoha and spread both of the new rumors, then head to Rosa Candida.

Armor is not only more helpful than the clothing Rosa Candida used to have, it's also significantly cheaper. It's a shame that everyone would look like refugees from Brokeback Mountain with it on, but I guess that's the price you pay for protection. Finally, we check the Time Castle to see if the Spell Card duplication rumor took hold.

He takes your rare card, but you can then buy as many of them as you want...for fucking exorbiant prices. This comes in handy later on. Maya and friends decide that they've done enough fucking with the fabric of reality for one day, so they finally get ready to head to that sanitarium where Tatsuzou Sudou's son is living.

COMING UP NEXT: Welcome to where time stands still / No one leaves and no one will...BUT FIRST WE CLIMB A FUCKING MOUNTAIN.