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Part 11: Part Ten: And By "Takes To The Skies", I Meant Goes Shopping In Aoba

Part Ten: And By "Takes To The Skies", I Meant Goes Shopping In Aoba

Last time on Persona 2...

The Persona gang visited the Sanitarium on Mt. Mifune, searching for information on the Joker and Tatsuzou Sudou's son. They found both - Sudou's son Tatsuya Sudou was the Joker! They rushed through the Sanitarium just in time to find Sudou in the director's office. He summoned a demon to battle the team, and told them that if they survived, he'd be at the Sky Musem; they did, so he was. However, they decided to make some preperations before heading off.

First off, let's see if Chunky in Rengedai has any new rumors. Lo and behold, he does.
...Hmm. That's pretty good. In fact, you're good. So now, here's my information. You know the magazine Battle Master? When you enter their sweepstakes, you could win a real weapon.

The people on Baofu's message board have something else in mind for Battle Master, however.

The new Aoba district includes a new rumormonger - this guy.
By the way, are you a magazine reporter? I'm not blind, I can tell. I have a proposal for you. A sailor is just a man on land...Standing behind this counter, leaning my ears toward rumors has become my only joy. If you share your information with me, my joy would be all the more. As thanks, I'll give you my rumors. How about it?
Maya agrees to this.

You know the Battle Master, right? They say if you win the contest, you get real accessories that help in battle.
Everyone seems to be into Battle Master these days. At least they got sick of serial killings for awhile.

Oh, the Jolly Roger serves food as well. We proceed to check out what everyone's got to say about this place.

You can't say that it's legal, but we're in a similar situation. Why don't you try talking to him? Way ahead of you, Kat.

Businessman: That's the rumor the kids were talking about. You're old enough to distinguish fantasy from reality!
Rumor? Yikes. We know what happens with those.

You and your drinks, Baofu.

What if something happens...N...No, no! We're here to ensure it does not happen! Aren't you the first one to freak out when we see a dead body or something...and now you're suggesting we do the superhero thing? Hmm.

Next up, we visit the Sumaru Genie; she tells fortunes, which do absolutely nothing. Hmm...This is thy first time here...Then disclose what is in thy heart. The crystal and the card shall reveal the light. I shall tell thy fortune...Amu amu amu...buymo reat lus...Crystal ball, reveal to us the future...Thou art a man?! Those clothes are all camouflage, and thou plannest to get even for not getting any...that's not it...There's no way that can be.
I'm sorry...since Wang Long became famous, my fortunes have stopped working all of a sudden. A fortune teller without fortunes...I must do something about this.
So as we see, the Genie is basically useless. Wonder if the party agrees.

Yeah, I was wondering about that myself. How did Sudou get out of his room every single time someone did the curse?

Somehow, I think haruspicy would work better than the Genie's shitty fortunes.

Hiiragi Psychotherapy is next, and we meet a potentially familiar face there.

Anybody who's played the first Persona should know all about Mary; anyone who hasn't should be content to know that she was a huge player in that game's plot. Her persona was Maria, which used bow-type attacks, Ice magic, and lots and healing; Mary is most compatible with the Priestess Arcanum.
Maya...Amano? Miss Amano, yep, got it! Yuki's friends are my friends too. Nice to meet you! I'm here to study counseling, so I'm helping Reiko. Now it's my turn to help everyone. So I'll always be here. If you're troubled over something, ask me. I'll help you.

Hiiragi itself is another of those healing shops we've already seen in the other districts.

I wish he could learn from her...Or even develop a small fraction of her determination...

There's a Satomi Tadashi in Aoba as well.
So please support the second sister branch! Buy lots of funky items while listening to funky music...I would say support the other stores, but every year we compete for sales. Family or not, please support ME... Gotta love this family.

Hmm...wonder what Ulala's deal has been since we went to the Sanitarium.

You and me both, Baofu.

But...the method is too different...He probably doesn't use guns. Anyway, we have to capture him and get a confession.

Come to think of it, he's on a field trip there as we speak...He's probably making a ruckus.

We head over to the Police Station, just for the Hell of it. Katsuya doesn't seem too pleased by this.

Baofu is annoyingly mysterious, as always.

A dog statue, eh? Let's check it out.

Oh, it wants money. What a surprise.

We repeat this a hundred times, for ten thousand Yen total, and...

Hihi-irokane is a type of metal. It's not useful for much just yet. Time to check out the rest of the station.

Wa...wait, not here...We-well...
Policewoman: Tell me about it later, in private.
Other Policewoman: OKAY <3
Oh, that Katsuya. He's so .

I guess that explains his Arcanum affinity, then.

Can that really be the work of a human? Before, we could tell if it was a human even if a crime was committed...

They say he's "shrewd" and "too serious", but in the end, he ends up sacrificing himself to protect something...

But Katsuya doesn't have a girlfriend...I guess his work is his love... Quick, Maya, make your move before that slut Ulala does!

We stop by Kismet really quick to check Maya's mail, and we find a letter.

Material cards allow you to summon new Personas at the Velvet Room - each card corresponds to a new Persona.

The "King In Yellow" Material Card corresponds to Hastur, a Persona that you Cthulhu Mythos fans might be acquainted with. We picked up his card back at 2X Slash; the Fortune Telling Girl, remember? Hastur reflects Magic - this is basicially ridiculous by itself, but he's also got some badass spells in the form of Omega Cluster and Aquary Tide. Shame he's level 62, so we can't summon him for another forty levels or so.

Our last stop is Kuzunoha - while I'd normally encourage the readers to select which rumor we spread, we need the accessories, so we spread that one.

What you do is buy a magazine at Satomi Tadashi and give it to me. I send it in, and you check at Kismet. Now, you can enter a particular sweepstakes only once. You must check the results before entering the next one. Why? Because! You can enter up to 99 times at once. The more you send in, the better your chances of winning! More is better! There's a wait before the results come in. You can't just stand there...go explore dungeons and such before coming back. The rest is perseverance and luck! Be hopeful and you might be able to get a rare item...
Tammy basically explained that one for me.

With our preperations largely complete, we're ready for the Sky Museum.

COMING UP NEXT: We actually take to the sky! No, really this time.