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Part 14: Part Twelve: Fuckloads of Rumors

Part Twelve: Fuckloads of Rumors

Last time on Persona 2...

Maya and friends tried to return to their lives after defeating Joker; this was not to be, however, as the famous fortune-teller Wang Long Chizuru revealed that anybody who had performed the Joker curse would end up becoming a new Joker themselves. Regardless of if this was true or not, as soon as the public got wind of it, it became a rumor - and in Sumaru City, rumors tend to have a surprising amount of substance.

In order to find out more about the Joker case, Baofu and Maya decided to meet up with Katsuya again in order to get his help - he was, in fact, their only link to the police.

At the police station, they find several officers discussing the new revelations in the Joker case; the fact that people are talking about it doesn't bode well. Katsuya shows up shortly.
Katsuya: Something really bad has happened!
Baofu: I figured...the fortune telling went on TV and became a rumor, causing everyone who used the curse to become a Joker...
Katsuya: It pains me to say this, but we can't rely on my colleagues. They're only making things worse...
Baofu: Heheh...a little bitter, aren't we...? Just leave this to us...
Katsuya: I can't do that...I would rather turn in my badge than just turn my head. I'm going with you.
Baofu: Do whatever you want...

Suddenly, Maya's cell phone rings.

Baofu: What...? Don't tell me...she was using the Joker curse as well?!
Katsuya: If that's true, Miss Serizawa is going to become a murderer...who would she curse?! Miss Amano, you must know someone who Miss Serizawa did not get along with...

Maya thinks about it, and flashes back...

She's standing in a gym with Yuki, Tatsuya, a blonde-haired girl, and a blue-haired, pale boy. A handsome young man stands in front of them; Ulala rushes in with rage in her eyes.

She summons her Persona and chases the young man off. The flashback ends.

Katsuya: Huh...? Are you saying you've never met this guy, but you recognize his face?
Baofu: What do you mean...?
Katsuya: That "deja vu" stuff again. Anyway, let's apprehend that con-artist. We can't let Miss Serizawa commit a crime.
Baofu: I don't understand, but you can tell by looking at his face, right? Wait...let's drop by Hirasaka first. Rumor says the head of an Izakaya bar has services for locating people...There may be clues.

We head over to the Shiraishi Bar in the new Hirasaka district in order to meet this barkeeper.

Huh? Man-searcher? Yeah, that's something from my past. But now I just run this pub. So you want to know where a con-artist might be...Oh, a bar called "Parabellum" in Aoba is popular with girls lately. Maybe he'll be at places like that to fish for girls to swindle?
That sounds like as good a plan as any. We head to Parabellum.

As soon as we get there, we run smack into the guy working his mojo on a naive young woman.
Handsome Man: Of course...I can keep my research going. Then I'll be vice-president of the Academy. And you'll be the wife of the vice-president. I love you...

Baofu is pretty frank about things as always. The team walks up and introduces themselves.

Katsuya: I see...we have reason to believe a woman who was swindled used the Joker curse for revenge...We were sent to protect him...but...if you aren't the man we're looking for...
Baofu: That's all we need is another dead body...Poor bastard...It's probably too late...

Young woman: Hey! What do you mean by "fraud"...?! Who is this "Ulala"?!
Makimura:, well...

He drops the act and rushes to Katsuya and Baofu.
Makimura: Wait, please...! Is that Joker curse thing true?! H, help me! I don't wanna die!
Baofu: Gotcha...Hey sister, next time learn to be a better judge of character.
Katsuya: Miss Amano, where would Miss Serizawa be?

Well, we've got our next destination, but as always we've got a variety of things to do before we actually go there. First off, we head back to Shiraishi in Hirasaka to meet a new rumormonger.

What? ...That lady is a "man-searcher"? I know that rumor, but it's probably a lie. I didn't think anyone'd believe her lies. So you came here believing that you like rumors too? I'm just listening to society's mumblings...if you know an interesting rumor, could you tell me? I'll give you one in exchange.
Sounds like a plan, so we go for it.

Hmm, neat. Got any more?

Yeah, we knew that one. Any more?

Those are both new. Thanks, buddy. Next up, we head to Peace Diner in the new Yamazaki district.

Getting around is the duty of a reporter! Chikalin always gets the scoop! If anybody has some awesome information, please let me know. Chikalin will tell you something in return. Works for me.

Battle accessories at Tony's, huh? Anything else?

Hey, I thought that was Poker. Hmm.

And I thought Miracle was giving away items. Conflicting reports much? Let's see if the other rumormongers have anything new for us.

Everybody and their Mom uses Wang Long these days. This isn't really a surprise.

Also, wasn't Toa Armory selling weapons?

And who knows what's going on with Tony. Seems like everybody has something else in mind for the poor guy.

There's another rumor on Baofu's messageboard at 2X Slash as well, so we add that one to the collection. We've accumulated a fair amount of rumors, so we head over to Kuzunoha; before we spread any, however, we check the sliding bookshelf on the wall...

...which gives us yet another rumor.

COMING UP NEXT: It's time to get interactive, folks! Here's the rumors we've got now - what I want from you guys are suggestions as to which variations to spread.

Toa Armory...
...could sell weapons
...or it could sell armor.

Mu Continent is a casino, and...
...the slots pay out the best
...Blackjack pays out the best
...or Poker pays out the best.

Tony probably has mob ties, because he sells...
...or accessories.

Miracle Magazine has sweepstakes, and you can win...
...or Spell Cards.

Feel free to leave some input; I'll spread the ones we decide on, along with the single-option rumors, in the next update so we can see what changes.