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Part 21: Part Eighteen: Introductions

Part Eighteen: Introductions

Last time on Persona 2...

...we had a vote! The Persona crew was going to meet a couple who was investigating the New World Order and Tatsuzou Sudou, based on information given to them by the mysterious Sneak. However, they could only meet one of them, and you readers wanted to see the woman, so...we cut to Parabellum.

The bar's an absolute media circus, which is to be expected when you spread rumors about a topic that's basically got the city in a chokehold.

Hey...Don't be a sore loser. You're the one who drew the short straw.

Ulala: Your style, huh...? And what exactly is your style? You know what to do, right?
Baofu: Yeah, but...

Ulala: I thought I'd figure it out when I became an adult, but reality is harsh. I just got more confused...
Baofu: ...Why are you telling me this?
Ulala: I don't's just that you seem to have a purpose. I was wondering what kind of life you've lived.

We cut to right outside of Parabellum after Baofu acts like a gigantic cock once again.
Are those people really going to come...If so, are those two gonna get it right...? I'm worried.

Maya takes this opportunity to flirt with Katsuya. Wait, what happened to trying to mack his brother?

Katsuya clearly doesn't handle this well.
Ah...well, either way we'll play it by ear...
Maya giggles.
What's so funny? I know what you're thinking...I'm the guy who worries too much...I've always been like that.

Maya does her best to keep things from getting awkward by basically nodding and smiling.
I see...Life doesn't always turn out the way you want it to...At least for Tatsuya...

We catch a glimpse of the woman in the reflection as Katsuya and Maya run up to meet her before she heads inside. We cut back into Parabellum...

You're just a charmer, aren't you, Baofu?

Where's that good-for-nothing little...? She's not going after the scoop!

There's nothing we can do now...Let's get this over with...

Well, you can just keep your damn secrets! You know, the whole world doesn't revolve around you!

Baofu's had this coming for awhile.

Baofu retreats back to the front door of the bar.

Mizuno makes the mistake of mentioning a scoop around a bunch of reporters - not really the best idea.

And of course, everybody decides to take it out on Baofu. We cut to a lavish hotel room as he recieves his beating.

Ulala: Hmph!
Baofu: Someone should've told her that she was supposed to be pretending...Crazy bitch...

This is Nate; he's a holdover character from the first Persona. He fought using a broadsword and assault rifle, and thanks to the wacky translators who threw that game together for the US, he had blond hair in the American version. He's the "man" in the rumor that we voted on, and quite frankly, his helmet looks like ass.

On the other hand, we have Ellen here. She had brownish-blonde hair in the original Persona, and fought using a rapier and a sniper rifle, if my memory doesn't fail me. She would be the "woman" from the rumor. Hope you guys like her, because she'll be sticking around awhile.

Nate: Do you know of a guy named "Guy Shinjo"?
Baofu: Just the name...he's Tatsuzou's secretary, but his work history and his details come up a blank...he's like a shadow.
Nate: The truth is that Shinjo...might actually be Guido Kandori. It's a rumor circulating around some political arenas...

Everybody who played the first Persona:
Everybody else:

He's referring to the events of the first Persona, in case you didn't catch that.
Nate: That's what we thought...Four years ago he planned to destroy the world until we stopped him...
Baofu: While chasing the shadow of a dead man, you arrived at Tatsuzou, huh...? The little girl over there, too?

Ellen: But after listening to your stories, I realized that all the incidents are connected. It's obvious that the New World Order needs the Jokers for some reason. And the Joker craze has some tie-in to Wang Long...I wonder if they're using the readings to spread information, rumors...
Nate: They are creating Jokers and sorting out people's fortune, so the curse is used more. Sounds ridiculous, but look at it now.

Everybody reading the thread:

Nate: That's something we should ask the head of the NWO...

Katsuya: We have to split up...
Guess who we're going with?

Soon after the plans are made, the burly man who let us into the hotel room comes up for a talk.

Of course, you will not speak of Master Nate's actions. If you do, you'll regret it. Do not forget that...
You got it, buddy.

Ellen's joined up, by the way! Let's take a look.

Ellen fights using a rapier; if her At. stat didn't give it away, she's not very good at it. Instead, she's more of a quick mage sort, similar in stats to Maya; this is great, since, as we've seen, magic tends to be a lot more useful than physical attacks.

Ellen's Persona is Nike, some sort of rocket-powered robotic angel thing and the same Persona she started with in the first game. Nike is a Wind Persona from the Judgment Arcanum; Ellen is most compatible with that Arcanum. You can't see her other spells since we just got her, but trust me when I say that Nike is crap, and we'll want to get rid of her as soon as is convenient; Ellen can do much better. At least she looks cool.

With our new character in tow, we cut this update off a bit short, as the next dungeon is fucking . Stay tuned!

COMING UP NEXT: No seriously, the dungeon deserves an update to itself.