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Part 30: Part Twenty-Eight: Just Friendly Crustaceans, Under The Sea

Part Twenty-Eight: Just Friendly Crustaceans, Under The Sea

Last time on Persona 2...

The crew didn't manage to catch Tatsuzou on his cruise ship, but they WERE able to scare Guido Kandori and Wang Long Chizuru into taking flight in a submarine. After defeating a bunch of Metal Gear ripoffs, they grab their own sub and take chase, hoping to stop the villains from undoing the seal of the Blue Dragon.

When the team arrives at the ruins, they discover Tatsuya's ruined mech, along with Guido and Chizuru's similarly ruined submarine.

Apparently Tatsuya was making sure that the bad guys wouldn't be getting away this time. Thank God for that.

The Ruins are another mostly boring mazey dungeon. There's pit traps and shit all over the place, which would make this place a massive pain in the ass if I didn't have frameskip. There's one neat thing to do here though. Meet Aeshma. Aeshma's a pretty common encounter on the third floor or so, which is good, because we need to talk to her.

She's pretty receptive to encouragement from Maya and Katsuya, so it doesn't take much work before she's chomping at the bit and offering us a Contract.

We take her up on it. Does anyone else find her kind of creepy?

Next time we meet Aeshma, we ask her for information, and she drops this little gem. A treasure room, eh...? Shame there's no way into it...

...or is there? Leviathan's apparently pretty strong, and we can use him as a demonic wrecking ball in order to get in to the treasure room.

Leviathan's mostly found on the first floor, so we head back up there and use Maya and Ellen to convince him into Contracting with us.

Next time we evoke Joy, we get this menu. Oh, the convenience!

With the wall out of the way, we can head down to the third floor and load the fuck up...well, once we get past the massive, massive number of damage/SP drain traps inside the treasure room. We get the Hurricane, Torrent, Flame, Earthquake, Ice, Lightning, and Torment cards, along with a Hihi-Irokane, a Meteorite S, and five Precious Eggs. Definitely worth the additional half-hour or so it'd take to pull this off without frameskip.

After looting the treasure room, we continue through the maze, eventually coming to the Room of Seal. Sounds nice and foreboding.

Tatsuya and the bad guys are already waiting inside, along with a fuckload of Metal Gears.

Guido: This is a Seal that controls a dragon. There are 11 more of them throughout the world...And they've all been released.
Chizuru: Dragons, a huge energy flowing underground...Now by releasing the Kegare with the dragon, this world will be obliterated. Right now, Gozen and Master Tatsuzou are heading towards Torifune. You've lost.
Guido: I'd like to tell you to chase them, but I'm just a peon. I can't just let you return. Please honor me by being my opponents.

Before we can take on Guido, though, Chizuru steps up to battle us instead.

Guido takes on Tatsuya alone instead.

And it's boss time.

Chizuru says the same thing she did last time. Nice job devs.

She fights a bit differently, though. Chizuru's very weak to physical attacks but magic isn't very useful, so we use Taru Kaja and Beads of Power to pump ourselves up before going on the offensive.

She attacks primarily with status attacks and an ability called Fiendish Card, which makes a fuckload of clones for us to deal with. To counter Fiendish Card, we cast a weak multi-target spell - in our case, Poison Mist from Ulala - and watch the animation. It reflects off every Chizuru but the real one; we then physically attack the real one and the clones die immediately.

Aside from harassing us with status and clones, Chizuru's primary damage attack is Anger of the Earth. It's annoying rather than deadly. Since she can't really bring any offensive power to bear - we keep killing her clones - it's not hard to take Chizuru down for good.

Guido: Ha...Hurry, leave before it's too late! This place won't last much longer...
Ellen: You must come with us!
Guido: Don't humiliate me with your sympathy...

And that's it for Guido and Chizuru.

Baofu: Where is Suou and that kid?!

Tatsuya hops on the sub with the rest, and they all escape...

...right as the cave collapses behind them.

Back on shore, Tatsuya tries to run off again.
Katsuya: What exactly are you hiding? Can't you tell us by now...?
Tatsuya: Please...don't get involved with me...

Baofu: Amano went through a lot, just to see you. She was even marked for death by a Joker, because of that idiot there.
Ulala: ...
Baofu: Haven't you done enough all by yourself?

Wait, what?

Ulala: Easy there, big guy...

Maya is far too weary with Tatsuya's antics to say a word...

...and seeing that is all it takes to finally make Tatsuya give up. He's ready to talk. We're heading to the Amaya Shrine.

Alright, folks. Right about now is where the game stops being a cliché save-the-world flick and goes into insane art house film territory. Basically I'm about to deliver on that promise of a mind trip I made way back when in the first post. Stick around, things are about to get interesting.

COMING UP NEXT: The truth comes out! Also chances are we'll see the Innocent Sin recap during the next update as well.