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Part 34: Part Thirty-One: A Feudal Fairy-Tale

Part Thirty-One: A Feudal Fairy-Tale

Last time on Persona 2...

Despite their best efforts, the team was unable to stop the Ameno Torifune, a massive spaceship built underneath Sumaru City, from taking off and bringing the city along for the ride. The ship's activation resulted in the destruction of the city's Narumi district, along with the deaths of hundreds of thousands. Now, Maya and the party must try and stop Tatsuzou Sudou from summoning the Dragons and wreaking havoc on the rest of the world as well.

First, though, the crew checks around to see if any new rumors have emerged since the city basically fell into chaos.

Looks like some denizens of Narumi were rumored to be spared - specifically, the restaurant/equipment shop Clair de Lune and the weapon synthesizer/jeweler Padparacha. We spread these immediately, since we like the Padparacha guy.

Salam survived as well, and he's still giving us cards in exchange for our painstakingly detailed maps.

He gives us two Fool cards, and those give us four when we add them to the one we got from Contact and the one from the previous map. We'll need exactly four for a certain purpose in the next dungeon, so it's a good thing that we busted our ass to get them all.

Over at Kismet Publishing in Aoba, the creepy occult-loving teacher from Seven Sisters is hanging around...

...and he wants to tell us a story.

We listen to it, of course.
Kashihara: You're aware of the legend of Kiyotada and Torifune, right? Long ago the gods arriving on the Torifune gave man civilization...Kiyotada Sumaru, who found out about it, built the castle in Sumaru City where the Torifune sleeps. This legend was created back in the civil war time by Kiyotada. He attempted to create the Torifune through Kotodama! Kiyotada built Sumaru City based upon the principles of Ying and Yang. According to the history, it speaks of mere tyranny. But in legends, it states the use of Wang Long fortunes and rumors! Kiyotada used Wang Long to conquer...He was slain by a samurai, Suou, and was mummified for his punishment! Facts stating he died of illness are false! Legend states that when Suou rebelled, the Torifune rose, and an eerie castle was erected. See, doesn't that fit in this situation? If we only knew this 10 years ago...the legend was telling the truth!

Tatsunoshin Suou, eh...? Well, if we just spread a rumor that he can come back to life, he might be able to help us out. We go ahead and give that a shot, then head by Shiraishi.

This mansearch looks a bit peculiar, so we take it.

Old Woman: Yes, my name is "Setsu Nishitani"...But have I met you somewhere? How is it that you know my name? find me...I see. My daughter and her husband probably did that...I caused them to worry. I understand. I'll call my daughter and the locator myself. Do not worry. I have this thing called a cellular phone, y'know...I'll be alright.

We go report our success and collect our reward, then head back and talk to her again. This time, she has a story for us as well.

Setsu Nishitani: Long ago, this land was ruled by an evil lord named "Kiyotada Sumaru". He tormented the people with all sorts of wicked magic. His cousin, a young samurai named Tatsunoshin, tried to punish him for that. But he was no ordinary human. The samurai went to the castle, risking life and never saying goodbye to his lover, the princess...The princess grieved when she heard that from the samurai's servant, and she chased after her dear lover. At the castle, the samurai and lord were fighting. Trying to protect her lover, she died when a spear pierced through her...The samurai defeated the lord, but stayed in the burning castle with the dead princess, asking his servant to bury her.

Maihime Amano, eh? We spread the rumor that this tale is true as well. You never know with this sort of thing...

After spreading the rumors, it's time to get another Persona upgrade; specifically, we're going to gear up with those ultimate Personae we got the materials for back in Mt. Iwato. First off is Artemis, who we add a Maha Aquadyne card to.

Next, Astria, who gets a Ziodyne card.

Hyperion's after that, and we stick a Maha Garudyne card on him.

We add a Mediarahan card to Prometheus; Mediarahan restores full health to the entire party. Very handy.

These Personae are an absolute force to be reckoned with. For instance, they have access to the Storm Nightmare fusion, which...well, it makes things fucking die. No saving throw or HP damage any of that pussy bullshit, everything onscreen just dies.

They also have access to another unique fusion called Dragon Cross, which is one of the few fusions that use all five characters. This is one of the more powerful attacks in the game, but the fact that it uses all five characters in a very particular order makes it a little awkward. Especially problematic is the fact that it has Baofu going first - he's the slowest of the group, so this basically ensures that the entire enemy party will get a free turn while we set up the fusion.

After preparing, we're ready to head into Sumaru Castle to take the fight to Tatsuzou.

As we walk in, two status situated around a map of the Big Dipper speak to us.
Ulala: This is the "Big Dipper", right? There's one more in between the statues...what's that one?
Baofu: There's no door connecting to the back, so those lights lead to somewhere...
Katsuya: Prayers? Seven Kotodama? Are they saying if we don't figure this out, we won't be able to open Utena's door?
Tatsuya: A black hole...that means trouble.

The battles in Sumaru Castle are...well, they're basically nothing to write home about. Storm Nightmare wipes everything out in one shot, we gain a ton of levels, and Maya finally hits 99 TEC.

There are seven spots on the floor, and each one takes us to a different part of the castle, where we fight our way to a lithograph which has a letter on it. It's easy to tell that we need to collect all seven letters and put them together to form a password.

There are also a couple other things to do while were here, such as examining this Chamber of Princess...

Maya tells Maihime's mummy what the group's here for.

We'll hold off on summoning her for right now, but we'll need her in a little bit.
Ulala: "Amano"...does that mean she's your ancestor? No, it couldn't be...
Katsuya: When it comes this close, it's not a question of whether or not you look similar...
Baofu: This might be perfect for Tatsuzou, who is being used by some shriveled-up thing...
Tatsuya: I can't think of this as pure coincidence - is this "his" work again?

We continue collecting lithographs - the Dubhe lithograph's letter is P...

...and the Phelpa lithograph's letter is R.

We find a Kegare Chamber through one of the portals as well. There's not much inside; just a large Kegare storage machine.
Baofu: We can't just destroy that thing without giving it some thought first...They saved up some pretty nasty things.
Ulala: How much is in there...? The back is all hazy, so I can't see.
Katsuya: The Kegare they got from the people...they're transporting it somewhere...
Tatsuya: I cannot run away from my sin so easily...I have to atone for my sin by myself.

Not really worth the time it took to explore. Oh well. We find the Mizar lithograph on the same floor - it's connected with the letter U...

...on the next floor is the Alioth lithograph, with the letter E...

...and on the next floor is the Mergez lithograph with the letter S.

We also find a Chamber of Warrior.

Inside, we meet Tatsunoshin Suou and explain the situation to him.
Tatsunoshin: How...! Damn you Kiyotada...If you are saying you will defeat Kiyotada, I will glady lend you my Junnosuke there...?

Tatsunoshin:'s off to battle!
Junnosuke: Understood...

Tatsuya: I I knew him before...
Katsuya: A legend returns as a rumor...It doesn't make me feel good being forced to call upon the dead.
Ulala: We gotta hold a memorial service later so we won't be damned.
Baofu: His name being Suou means that he's Tatsuya and Katsuya's ancestor...? Couldn't be.

We find the final lithograph on the same floor - Alkaid, with the letter S.

We've got all the letters, but before we put them to use, we've got some loose ends to tie up. Specifically, we head to the Velvet Room and summon Maihime Amano...

...Tatsunoshin Suou...

...and Junnosuke Kuroda. Note that Junnosuke is from the Fool Arcanum - he cost all four of our cards. Also note that they're each basically useless in terms of actual combat ability, as they've only got two spells each. The only one we could really do much with is Maihime Amano, thanks to her having Affectionate Prayer. Before we head back into the castle, we rank each of them up to the maximum, then switch back to our battle Personae and hang on to the ancestors for later.

This is a pretty simple puzzle.

Planisphere Lithograph: One who realizes the intention of the Seven Spirits, offer the Henbai of Perseus, and walk the path to the Stage. If thou completest this, the Hokutoku Gohou shall be opened, and the path to the Stage shall open.
Katsuya: I did some research prior to coming here. Perseus is a constellation named after the man who slew Medusa in Greek mythology. Many people of ancient times believed in the stars, and it's no surprise that Perseus was picked. He was a heroic figure. It IS a bit odd for them to use a Western name, but people today have strange ideas of magic. Another effect of rumors, I guess.
Ulala: Wow, you're such a hardworking guy. So what's a henbai?
Katsuya: Henbai is a type of "magical stepping" that originated in China. With this, you crush evil stars and invite good luck. Hokutoku is a magic where you draw Ursa Major on the earth to sanctify and protect that area...most likely, it means to walk in a certain pattern, or something like that.

The next room is a simple floor puzzle - the ground is trapped save for certain tiles, which are clearly marked. We walk in a pattern, just like Katsuya mentioned, and end up at the door to the Chamber of Utena.

As we enter, we finally come face to face with Tatsuzou Sudou, with the bodies of some slain victims around him.

The party bursts in.

Tatsuzou: Fronts, fatigue, and contradictions...people only think of themselves! And so, punishment will be yours again! This world is decayed...The law, the system, and all humans who live off of it!
Katsuya: Damn you, Tatsuzou! What right do you have to judge us?!
Baofu: That's bullshit...decieving people with stupid curses...your deception ends here, old man!
Tatsuzou: don't understand human nature. Curses and fortunes were things you wanted! Look down there! People are still curious about fortunes and jinxes, and wish for good luck...You cannot stop a heart that involuntarily pumps its blood for curses! Or the pulsing power of life it brings!

With that, Gozen's power comes to life.

An enormous magic seal appears, and Kegare spews forth out of it like a fountain.

From this Kegare, the Dragons that the party has been trying to stop are finally formed.

The entire world is engulfed by their wrath.

Finally, they begin to surround the Torifune.

Tatsuzou: Hahahaha! Behold! The Earth Dragon will destroy Earth along with Joka! The axis will shift and people will die! I have transformed history! What is life if you can't even bear this?!

Suddenly, however, something happens that Tatsuzou hadn't planned on...

...and in a flash of dark energy, he is transformed by Gozen into the Detested Hunter.

Boss time!

As you can imagine, the Detested Hunter is in no state to talk... we buff ourselves out with Maha Maka Kaja...

...and unleash Dragon Cross to lay waste to his ass. Three shots does the trick; he only manages one attack, so I'm afraid I can't give too much detail on what his moves are.

They haven't managed to stop the end of the world yet - the Dragons are still going wild and destroying the planet.

With another flash of dark energy, Gozen manifests itself as a huge, armored four-legged nightmare.

Time for another boss.

Gozen basically admits who he is, in case we haven't guessed it already, and it seals his fate.

We call upon Junnosuke Kuroda, Maihime Amano, and Tatsunoshin Suou, ordering their attacks as shown...

...and they unleash Tenchu-Satsu...

...which utterly destroys Gozen once and for all. It's also possible to fight Gozen as a "legitimate" boss, but it's so much more fun to do it this way.

The party thinks they've finally won...

...but Gozen's corpse explodes in a gigantic surge of evil energy.

The pillar of light from the surge streaks into the sky...

...causing the destruction of the Earth Dragon and Joka...

...but also sucking the Torifune and Sumaru City into a gigantic dark energy vortex.

The Torifune ends up inside a massive cube, with a mysterious tower in the center.

Every face of the cube shines with energy.

After the transfer of the Torifune, the party finds themselves in a strange dark area standing on a magic circle.

Ulala asks the question on all of our minds...

...and Tatsuya shows up to answer it.

Except...that's not Tatsuya at all.

COMING UP NEXT: Everyone's got baggage, right?