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Part 34: 6/2/09


Yukari’s serious about this whole ghost investigation thing.

Ya know what…? From this day forward, I’m gonna do my best!
Duh! The ghost story! Did you already forget what we talked about last night?
…Well, anyways.
You better find out as much as you can, too… Remember, you only have until Friday!
I’m counting on you too.

The teachers are getting in on this whole ghost story thing too.

Of the “Ugetsu Monogatari” stories, I’m particularly fond of the one about the ghostly wife.
Such an eerie, yet poignant story… Speaking of which , I know a good ghost story. Would you like to hear?
…Then his friend, who entered the tunnel with him, suddenly began to scream…
“There’s a girl right behind you!”
Frightened, they ran back home. But he started to hear scratching noises each night…
And a faint voice, saying… “Let me in… Let me in…”
But as far as he knew, the room adjacent to his was vacant.
One night, he decided to knock on the wall where the sounds were emanating from.
Right next to his ear, the voice came loud and clear… “I’m here!”
And that’s where the newest member of my family came from. He grew up to be just like an ordinary human.
I’m just dreading the day he’ll say he wants to marry some poor girl…
Oops, there’s the bell. Okay, class, that’s all for today…

I’m not sure what the deal with that story even was. Anyway I was walking down the hall and remembered that exchange student had asked me to swing by the Home Economics room a while back.

> There’s a note on the door.
> Considering your academic ability, you are easily able to translate it.
> ……
> It says: “Join Fashion Club! Meetings are Tues, Wed, Fri.”
> Would you like to enter?

Sure enough he was hard at work in there.

> The foreign exchange student you met at the bookstore is busy sewing.
Oh!? Konnichiwa, hello. Aelita-sama!
I ‘aven’t seen you since ze bookstore!
You came!
I am very ‘appy!
What are you doing?
I am learning ze art of sewing!
Zis eez tanoshii, very fun!
Would you like to try?
> It seems Bebe wants you to join.
Maybe I should try.
Honto!? Really!?
Arigatou, thank you!
I am ‘ere Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Before tests, zey won’t let me in…

I don’t think he has many friends.

But, now I am ‘appy!
> You have joined Fashion Club.
> You understand Bebe a little better.

He’s got at least one now, though.

Whoa! Look at ze time!
Well zen, Aelita-sama, goodbye!
…Oh, by ze way…
I was wondering ‘ow you bid farewell in Nihongo—Japanese…
…It ‘as a lovely ring to it.
> You decide to go back to the dorm.

Junpei wanted to go to Tartarus, but I decided we should take it easy with all this ghost crap scaring Yukari.

Yo, let’s go to Tartarus tonight.
The Lost are everywhere, and it seems like it’s only getting worse…
Plus, there’s those freakin’ rumors goin’ around school…
We need to let off some steam.

Mitsuru at least doesn’t believe in ghosts.

However, there is still no explanation for it.
So I believe it’s worth researching. Please let me know what you find out.

I don’t think we’re going to turn up much of value.

Even if we don’t learn anything from it, it still seems like fun research.
I’ll be looking forward to the results.

Junpei’s still messing around.

But, she seems to be doing research on them.
Is it the power of the Junpei Zone?
Huh!? What did you just say!?
Oh shit… I pissed her off…

He definitely did piss her off.

Yeah, it’s Junpei’s fault…! Everything’s his fault…!
The Junpei Zone!? Psh! You really are dumber than you look!

I went to work at the café for a bit, not much going on.