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Part 11: Entry Nine: May 28, 2009

Entry Nine: May 28, 2009

Mood: Relieved
Music: The sweet, sweet sound of...well, anything but flipping pages in a textbook.

Well, finals week has come and gone, thank God.

I think most Gekkoukan students spent a ton of time caffeinating at Chogall Cafe over finals week. I certainly did. I think it was a pretty good experience on the whole, if only because I spent so much time hanging around coffee shop patrons that I can recite poetry at will now. Here, check it out:

Delicious scent fills
the air and my nostrils. Yum.
Bratwurst buffet feast.

Haiku. Watch out, ladies: Minato Arisato, Poet Laureate, is on the town.

Since I could finally take a weekend off without worrying about studying, I loaded up Innocent Sin Online.

Maya: ...ugh. its like all she cares about is marrying me to some dude. >=/ i'm taking my time!!1 =/ there's no rush, yo.

Maya: it's sexist to think women can only be happy when they're tied down -_-#

Maya: i told him to stfu, dammit!! >=( OTL...sry, kinda got off topic. i guess i'm a little tired. =_= but i do feel better now! xD

This is what I spend my free time doing.

But there was no effect...

"Lmaonade?" Sounds refreshing.

Hey, I've...marginally improved the life of someone I've never met!

The voices in my head approve!

One day, I hope I will be able to report if advancing a Social Link is more fulfilling than sex. I think the answer might be surprising.


...She's probably a dude.

Given my luck, this is probably the kind of person I'll end up hanging out with. It's like fate.

The next day, it was time to check out how we did on our finals.

Y'know, I never did figure out why I always ended up running into people from my dorm at school. Why we don't just take the same train together I'll never know.

Yukari: Junpei looks like the world is about to end. Well, exam scores will be posted today, so...he said he's gonna beg for a higher that's gonna work.

That DOES sound like him. Junpei's definitely a special guy, and not in the Bebe sense.

Yukari: I hear she's kinda weak...but that's just a rumor. I wonder what she's really like. Either way, having another Persona-user can't be a bad thing!

At lunchtime that day, we got our exam results...

...and it turns out I didn't do all that bad! Something tells me that this isn't going to be enough to impress Mitsuru, though. I figure she'll have to deal with how I, y'know, fight horrible monsters from another dimension to save the goddamn world on a regular basis. I'm pretty sure studying can take a backseat to that sometimes.

At least everyone thought I was hot shit for doing so well. I wonder how Junpei did...actually, I don't wonder, I think I have a pretty good idea.

After school that day, I decided to go to Port Island station like Maya had mentioned.

The guy she had mentioned was there...he looked a little familiar, for some reason, but I couldn't quite place it.

Man: There must be some handsome young man who will drive the housewives wild...

Well, obviously that was me, right there!

...or not.

Y'know, I hadn't thought about it until now, but why don't I ever use my Charm to actually attract women? This is kind of a disturbing trend.

Speaking of using my Charm to attract members of the same sex, I headed to Paulownia Mall after that to confront the Gourmet King again.

Gourmet King?: You're making me feel self-conscious! Agh! You've spoiled the moment! I can't savor the flavor of my limited edition gourmet sandwich with you here...

Well, I've successfully become more charming than a sandwich. I'm very proud of myself.

I asked what he was eating.

Gourmet King?: Oh, you're curious? Do you consider yourself a gourmet? Is that possible? A slim guy like you? ...Prove it.


Gourmet King?: Give me some time to think...phew, I finally swallowed it. Now the quiz begins. This first question is a freebie.

Well, that was Pheromone Coffee, obviously.

Gourmet King?: Correct.

He's a green duck.

Gourmet King:'re pretty good.

Er...uh...shit. Dumplings?

Gourmet King?: Bzzt, wrong, sorry. I don't feel like giving you a quiz anymore. Come back some other time.

I just can't win.

To punish myself for not being a proper servant of the Gourmet King, I decided to attend student council that day.

After we got done with all the mundane Student Council work, such as ensuring everyone remained in their proper cliques and that dissidence was quicklly squashed, Hidetoshi and I were the only ones left. He struck up a conversation with me.

Hidetoshi: Some students feel the school uniform should be abolished and they're recruiting supporters...

Well, that's a waste of time. We're the Student Council. Any rebellion shall be crushed like the bugs they are.

Hidetoshi: They think life without rules is freedom. It's ridiculous, plain and simple. Without rules, the whole system will collapse. They're mistaking selfishness for freedom. ...Sorry, I may have overreacted. I hate people with no common sense. Sometimes I can't believe the things that come out of their mouths.

Remind me to introduce Junpei to Hidetoshi sometime.

Well, Hidetoshi's cool with me, so that's a good sign.

Yeah, that kind of good sign.

All shall bow before the might of the Emperor and the Absurdly Powerful Student Council! Lmaonade!

I, Social Link.

Junpei greeted me with some surprising news when I got home. His grades? Shitty?! No way!

Akihiko: Hm, looks like my grades went up. Well, I guess that makes sense, since I've been spending all my time studying.
Yukari: My grades were pretty good...I'm glad the exams were easy. Going to Tartarus wears me out, so I can't focus on my studies like I used to.

I ran into Junpei the next morning.

I was in the top ten, and told him so.

Junpei: Seriously?

Isn't that the truth?

Junpei: After the results were posted, I heard these two cute girls talking...they were sayin' I have a one track mind. ...Well, I won't let it get to me. We might be getting another girl on our team anyways!

That's the spirit.

After school that day, I was faced with one of the toughest decisions of my life. On one side was Bebe, the boy who gives me uncomfortable fluttery feelings in my stomach whenever we hang out. On the other was Chihiro, the girl who gives me uncomfortable fluttery feelings in my stomach whenever we hang out.

I had no idea what to do.

Bebe's fan won out in the end.

Bebe: Let's go to ze Sweet Shop, Minato-sama...zis is my first time going, so will you teach me?

I wasn't quite sure what he wanted me to teach him, but he's so damn cute with that fa--...

I said I'd teach him and nothing more.

I just don't know what it is about Bebe...

Bebe: I am so 'appy, ureshii! I love ze culture of Nihon! Japan eez sugoi, amazing! My country is nozing compared to Nihon. Japan eez number 1, ichiban! I wish I was born 'ere.

A noble goal, shared by many on the Internet.

Bebe: I 'ave an aunt who lives back 'ome...she 'as been 'elping me...I must tell 'er zat I 'ave made a great friend! Tomodachi!

I couldn't help but titter girlishl--...

I mean I shared a moment of manly bonding with Bebe. It was very macho. We talked about tits and stuff.

Akihiko was waiting for me when I got home that day.

Akihiko: Hey, let's go to Tartarus later. I need to get back into the swing of things. I can't leave all the fun to you guys.

Fair enough, I thought. Akihiko is a boxer, so of course he uses fist weapons to fight. He's also got more experience than the rest of us, and can take a hit even better than Junpei.

His Persona is Polydeuces or Pollux, one of the Gemini. Polydeuces is Lightning-based and weak to Ice attacks. Akihiko is pretty well-rounded; he can heal, zap things, and punch the shit out of them as necessary. I guess you have to be ready for anything to be a boxer.

That night, at the Dark Hour...

...we headed to Tartarus, where Akihiko was finally able to join us. For some reason, though, that slacker Junpei wasn't there; I guessed he'd locked himself up in his room and was moping about grades or something.

Mitsuru stopped us as we were about to enter.

Mitsuru: Do you remember how I said Tartarus was divided into different areas? I discovered through Penthesilea's power that the first barrier is gone now. I suspect that the others will be gone too, eventually...therefore, I'd like to make reaching the top our goal. You never know what the future may hold...we should always be prepared for the worst, and getting to the top of the tower is the most logical step. I'll let you decide on an appropriate pace, but the sooner, the better. I'm counting on you.

We made our way back to the top of the first block...

...and the barricade shattered before our eyes.

We were able to proceed to the second block.

Mitsuru: I'll try to see what's up ahead. Hold on...sorry, but I'm experiencing difficulties, possibly because of the distance...I need more time. You may proceed for now.

There were new Shadows in this block, of course. The Frivolous Maya was the newest representative of the Maya family, and was easily dispatched by Yukari's Wind attacks.

I had Angel help out as well.

It's kind of scary that one of my inner selves is a female angel in BDSM gear. I should probably talk to a psychiatrist.

During one of our breaks, I stopped by the Velvet Room, where Elizabeth told me about the Persona Compendium.

Elizabeth: You may register any of your Personas into this book, and for a fee, you can withdraw them at any time.

This would be handy, especially since I would be fusing Personas more frequently soon.

In fact, I did a little of that while I was visiting. Deceased Crab mentioned he didn't like Nekomata, so first I took Orpheus and Angel and made them into this floating red turd thing...

...then took that and Nekomata to make Lilim, which half-naked girl. There's something wrong with me, I think. Lilim comes with a variety of attack spells, boasting both Fire and Lightning attacks along with a Charm spell.

Sadly, I was unable to boost Lilim, since I've yet to find the Devil Social Link.

After we went back in, we ran into a particularly powerful set of Shadows.

Lilim's Charm attacks came in handy... did Polydeuces blasting the shit out of them with lightning.

Damned if they didn't hit hard, though. We ended up leaving after we took them out, since it was clear we'd need Junpei and better equipment to accomplish much.

The next day was uneventful, and I hung out with Bebe again after school.

I blushed a

Bebe: I 'ave to get better too! I am glad to 'ave such a great friend - tomodachi - as my rival! Minato-sama...I would like to make somezing Japanese, but what?

Oh no.

Bebe: It 'as to be a kimono! But...zat is very 'ard to make...I don't know 'ow. Plus, it eez expensive...hmm. I will zink about it. Arigatou! Zank you for ze advice!

Er, I mean...

Speaking of a psychiatrist, I wonder what they'd think of this Social Link stuff.

I guess it's not as bad as Yukari's cow skull thing.

The rest of the day was uneventful, though.

The next day, I ran into Junpei again.

Junpei: About Fuuka Yamagishi, of course. I haven't given up hope that she'll join our team. Dude, her face looks so familiar...she does look kinda weak, but it only makes me wanna protect her, ya know?

Junpei couldn't protect his way out of a paper bag...or something.

I had a new class that day, too, Integrative Learning with Mr. Edogawa, the school nurse. It's...interesting.

Yeah, you read that right. Integrative Learning is...well, it's pretty much Magic Class.

Mr. Edogawa: Were you surprised to hear me bring up magic? It's a recent proposal, so it's not well-known it is: those who believe will be saved. Study hard, and I can beat your weak minds into shape!

Mr. Edogawa: Who can use magic, and who cannot? That'll be our starting point.

I dunno, I figure putting a bullet through your head helps to determine if you can use magic or not...

Mr. Edogawa: Pulling pranks on people, hurting your enemies...if that's what you think, you'll never learn magic. It's true of both eastern and western sorcery...those with wicked hearts with either be powerless, or driven to ruin. There's one more thing that can't be forgotten when learning magic. That is...a "'master". You should aspire to become as good as your predecessors, especially if you're studying difficult magic.

This is your tax dollars hard at work, folks.

Mr. Edogawa: When you begin your training, you'll have to live in two worlds at once: the real world, and the dark realm. If you can't distinguish between the two, you're headed for certain disaster. That is why the presence of a master is of the utmost importance! With that in mind, I'll move on to meditation, a standard practice in magical training...

Listening to his lecture actually did me some good, I thought.

Later, I found that Chihiro wanted to walk home together, so I figured I'd indulge my real, true, and appropriate sexual impulses and oblige.[/i]

Uh, what would Junpei say here..."Oh yeah, baby, we're off to the nearest dollar-a-night motel! Dur dur dur I am Stupei!"

It turns out Chihiro just wanted to go to the bookstore together.

Oh man, I'm channeling Junpei again..."Durr, what, my massive stiffy?" I told her it was fine, and I didn't mind coming with her.

Chihiro: I was so busy searching through the books...I'm sorry if I ignored you, Minato-san. Uh, I'm sorry it took so long...this place has so many interesting books, I was having trouble deciding.

I actually do read some manga here and there, when I'm not, once again, saving the goddamn world.

Chihiro: I tend to get frustrated when the main character can't ask out the guy she likes, because I can relate to her...oh, I'm sorry! This probably isn't the best place to talk. We may be disturbing other patrons.

It really isn't, and I told her that. "Boring" is hanging out with Hidetoshi. Ugh.

Chihiro: T-today, I was able to be myself with you, Minato-san. That's a big step for me...thank you.

Chihiro turned away with a happy look on her face, so I took the opportunity to strike a heroic pose!

Minato Arisato: master of the female mind!

Though, given my selection of Personas, maybe the "female mind" thing has more weight to it than I thought...

Mitsuru met me at the door when I got home.

Mitsuru: Apparently, the decline was only temporary.
Yukari: Huh? Does that mean that no matter how many Shadows we defeat, more will just keep coming? If that's the case, then what's the point of fighting?
Mitsuru: If we do nothing, then everyone will eventually join The Lost. Our efforts have prevented the crisis from escalating.
Yukari: I guess you're right. Ya know, it's kinda creepy when you think about it...if we couldn't use our Personas, then the whole city would be crawling with zombies...

After chatting with the others, I headed off to bed. According to my calendar, the full moon's in...eleven days now.

I wonder...

Coming up in the next entry: Syrg takes us on another rollercoaster ride of excitement!