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Part 12: Nine-point-Five: May 30th, 2009

Entry Nine-point-Five: May 30, 2009
Posted by: Yukari Takeba

Mood: ae829ad6498d64547c20f2fe5b19efe28194092f note: Hey, like I said, these are salvaged entries. Junk data made its way in at some parts.
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Hello there again, readers! More gossip from the mills, straight for you... the most popular blog in school from the most popular student!

I've been getting pressed for information on the new student in our dorm (you all know the one), so let's get to it! He's a rising star now as he catches the attention of more people by the day, and once you get your own crowd, you're fair game, where I'm concerned!

Last night he agreed to future engagements with the scandal queer (oops! I meant queen, really...) of Gekkoukan High, a Sunday spent out and about!

Combine this with the pair spending so much time together after school, and rumors are flying... I can't claim to know one way or the other, but let's be honest, folks: wouldn't they make an adorable couple?

A brief intermission, for those of you interested in other gossip (because it's so much more fun making you read this whole thing even when I only have snippets!): it seems that a certain someone is hearing voices in the halls where nobody else does. Can't name names (who picks on a crazy, really?), but if you catch the Ganjuro crowd running around looking a little more wide-eyed than usual, well, you might wanna whisper something as they pass...

And back to our main topic, funny how it seems we only see this rising star around men and jailbait, eh? Scandal follows him, as it seems he might have been the reason the normally-quiet trickster from room 2-F (we all know who, right?) was caught asking out a faculty member!

But that's not the limit of his peculiarities, not in the least! A source of mine snapped some shots with a camera phone while out for dinner the other night... guess who the first lady he's taken on a date is, folks!

That's right... a 7-year-old! Troubled homes breed troubled youths, but only time will tell if this is some tainted love wandering around town, or just a false alarm on a gentle soul.

Ah well, I'm turning in early tonight, folks... have a good one, and I'll come at you with more gossip as long as you all keep talking! Night, all!