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Part 19: Entry Sixteen: July 7, 2009

Entry Sixteen: July 7, 2009

Mood: Pumped
Music: Slayer, because that's what I am, baby!

So the next full moon is tomorrow, and I think we're more ready than we've ever been. We've trained up in Tartarus, grabbed new equipment, and I've been socializing to exploit the magical powers of friendship. We should be good to go.

Oh, right, the past few days...

Well, during the Dark Hour on the night of the 30th...

I ran into Pharos again.

I could easily guess why he was here.

Pharos: You're used to it by now, huh? ...The next full moon will be in one week. Are you prepared...? Be careful, okay? I'll come again.

The next morning, I ran into Mitsuru before class. She was also making sure I was ready to go for the full moon.

After school that day, I went to go see Yuko since we didn't have Track Team practice.

Yuko: You know about the club at Paulownia Mall, right? I heard there's a monk who goes there. He even drinks and picks fights! I can't believe a monk would do something like that...that's what I heard, at least.

I wasn't too sure what to make of that story... I just grabbed Yuko and we went to go have a burger instead. It's a great way of dealing with confusing situations. Maybe I should take my life to go get a burger.

Back at the dorm that evening, Akihiko reminded me of something: Tanabata is on the same day as the full moon! What a pain...I was hoping to enjoy the festival.

Instead of hitting the sack early, I decided to go to the club to follow up on that story Yuko had told me.

It didn't take me long to find the monk she had mentioned.

Monk: I don't got nothin' to say to anyone who doesn't have any booze.

That posed a problem, so I went to go talk to the bartender.

Bartender: ...Oh, it's for the monk upstairs, huh? I see. In that case, how 'bout you do me a favor first...can you go around and take everyone's order? If you do that, I'll bring a drink upstairs for him.

It took a bit, but I did just that.

Fortunately I'd had a notepad on me, so it wasn't hard to keep everyone's order straight. The bartender kept his end of the bargain and sent a brandy upstairs to the monk.

Monk: What're the employees here thinkin', lettin' you in? Well, since ya got me a drink, I'll pretend I'm your parent so ya don't get thrown outta here. ...Well? C'mon kid, sit down. havin' to look up at ya is strainin' my neck.

Monk: Well, don't worry, in two or three more years you'll be old enough to hang out here unsupervised. Just take it easy, kid. You'll be legal before ya know it. No need to rush. Actin' like an adult only makes ya look more like a kid.

I'd never actually had a drink before, and I have to admit I was curious about it, so I asked the monk if it was any good.

Monk: Well, don't get your hopes up too high, kid. That way you won't be disappointed when things don't work out. Cuz then you'll hafta smoke and drink just to get through the're nothin' like those punks I see runnin' 'round town these days. Can't say the same for my son though, heh...always bein' taken in by the police for questioning...

Well, he seemed like a nice enough guy.

And once again, the voices in my head proved they didn't have very high standards.

Well, whatever works.

I was getting pretty tired, so after hanging with the monk for a little longer, I headed back to the dorm.

The next day, I hung out with Chihiro after school, though nothing came of it...

...and I went back to the nightclub the next evening.

Monk: I told you not to come back here...hmph, kids. Well, I don't care as long as you don't get on my nerves. Here, take a seat.

I told him I'd came to talk to him.

Monk: ...You jokin', kid? Heh, that's a good one. But watch your mouth, kid. You shouldn't be sayin' somethin' like that to an adult...

Monk: You don't have to revere me, but at least show me some respect.

I wasn't too sure what he meant by showing respect, and said so.

Mutatsu: And don't forget to put "san" at the end. The world's not a forgiving place, kid. You gotta show other people respect.

Well, I found out his real name at least...

...and that's something.

So basically, I spend my free time (when I'm not going to school or demonslaying) hanging out with drunken, chain-smoking monks. My life is a goddamn mess.

The next day before class, I overheard an interesting conversation.

Gossip: Last time I was out with my boyfriend, he was heading to Shirakawa Boulevard!
Listener: Whoa, Shirakawa Boulevard? Ewww...I know what was on his mind!
Gossip: We just started dating, but I'm already kind of disgusted. He's got such a dirty mind...maybe I should dump him. I don't want to be the subject of one of those rumors that goes, "A couple was found unconscious..."
Listener: Hahah! That'd be great!

I made a note to myself that Shirakawa Boulevard wasn't a good place for dates, hung out with Kenji that afternoon, and...

...went to see the monk again that evening.

The next day, I saw Yukari before school. She, like everyone else, was nervous about the full moon.

After school that day, I hung out with Yuko, but it didn't really go anywhere...

...and it was back to the nightclub that evening once again.

Mutatsu: ...Well, there's no Buddha in this world, so...alright, kid. Stop lookin' at me like that and sit down.

Mutatsu: ...How come you're always alone when I see ya? Don'tcha got any friends, kid?

Well, yeah, but friendship feels kinda forced when you're constantly being rewarded with magic powers for it.

Mutatsu: Let's define a "friend" as...someone you hold dear. True friendship is seen through the heart, kid, not the eyes...people always want somethin' in a relationship. They only really love themselves. You don't call someone who doesn't like you your friend, do ya? No, you don't...

Well, that's kind of a harsh way of putting it...

Mutatsu: Which means in this world, there's no one you can hold dear. At the end of the lonely road of love, kid, you're the only one left standin' there.

What a bitter old guy.

I hope I'm not like that when I'm his age.

That assumes, of course, that I actually manage to live to his age without getting eaten by a Shadow.

Yesterday was a Sunday, and I spent the time studying instead of playing Innocent Sin Online since finals were coming up.

I felt pretty good about my studies after spending the whole day cramming.

Junpei caught me on the way in to school this morning.

Junpei: Dude, I'm totally right before a tournament or somethin', ya know? Now I know how Akihiko-senpai feels before he gets in the ring...

Instead of being nervous, though, I'm actually feeling pretty good about the full moon this time. At least it can't take me by surprise anymore.

I went to see Maiko after school...

...and went to go take care of some unfinished business and preparations at Tartarus. For instance, I made a couple new Personas: Berith...

and Fortuna.

The exact mechanics behind that wheel in Fortuna's abdomen escape me, but she's got a pretty good mix of Wind and Ice skills along with Media, so she's worth keeping around.

I've been keeping up with Elizabeth's requests, though I don't think I've mentioned them. One of them got me this nice new weapon, the Bladefist...

...which was basically a set of knives that clamped onto my wrists and impaled enemies when I punched them. That turned out to be just what I needed to go and hunt down another Rare Form...

Rare Form - Treasure Hand (This was pretty close - I actually sold all my bows earlier, so I had to be careful and punch it in the back.)

...which got me another new weapon.

Yeah, I don't think any Shadows will want to fuck with this.

Anyway, I'm just blogging because I'm too psyched to sleep, but there's not much else to talk about. I'm gonna play ISO or something and then head back to bed. See ya!

Coming up in the next entry: The third Ordeal!