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Part 23: Entry Nineteen-point-Five: July 23rd, 2009

Entry 19.5: Vacation Fragments

(Note: Searches have turned up some more old code in the database, which, despite being incomplete, we're adding in here for a little more of the atmosphere. This next chunk seems to have been a page of Minato's friendlist around the time of the vacation, thus it ends up here rather than at the end.)



Damnit, he had to go and embarass me in front of everyone like that... bad enough I get called home and have to bring everyone else, but not even a "hello"?

Take it from me, folks: daddy issues suck ass.

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You lying sack of crap! First you get all the girls for yourself, then you say I have a thing for dicks? I'll never understand how a dude who's been on more dates with Bebe than any lady can front so much about a love of cock.

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I know Dad loved us, Mom and I... but why did he go to such lengths to stop Mitsuru's grandfather? That's... that's not like him. Something's fishy here.

God, I yelled at Minato over nothing, too. He's got it worse than any of us. I mean, at least we all have families to go back to (although the way Junpei never mentions his, you'd think he has two dads or something). He's stuck out here with nothing. I... I think I'm starting to get a crush on him, actually...

Oh god, what am I saying? I'm so glad this entry is private.

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Hey, all. Just back from vacation, and I managed a few good shots from the beach before Junpei ruined the rest of the trip.

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What the FUCK?!

How the hell does he do that? Asshole just snagged another girl out of nowhere! I swear to god, he's sold his soul or something, the way ladies flock to him now! Even Akihiko has less lovelies than he does.

You hear me, dude? I'm coming for you, and I'm gonna find whatever part of you is so lucky, and I'm CUTTING IT OFF!

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I don't know why I feel compelled to be beside him. He reminds me of something from long ago. Maybe it we2dcf43061ba4533cc77938b0f4e9e9ca7e7ef46

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