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Part 24: Entry Nineteen Continued

(Continued from the previous post)

Fuuka: So what happened to capturing the tank?
Ikutsuki: Oh, that's been taken care of. Come here, Aigis.

...well, I guess it isn't more weird than any of the other crap that keeps going on. My life is such a goddamn mess.

Yukari: No's like she's...alive.
Akihiko: This is unbelievable...

I dunno if trying to hit on a robot or trying to hit on a tranny was worse. So, so nasty.

Ikutsuki: Aigis was the last to be made...and she's the only one that still remains today.
Mitsuru: An anti-Shadow weapon..does that mean she...?

...Okay, not only is she a robot, but she's a robot with a Persona. Y'know, a supernatural manifestation of your personality, which robots aren't supposed to have. Good god.

Ikutsuki: It's still unclear as to why she suddenly reactivated herself this morning. Well, I hope you will all get along.
Fuuka: An anti-Shadow weapon with a will of her own...this is amazing!
Yukari: Um, by the way...when I saw you earlier, Aigis, it seemed like you knew him...

I guess this is the opposite of a RealDoll.

Ikutsuki: Or maybe she's still half asleep...this is quite interesting. Hmm...well, I can ponder this later. Oh, I forgot to tell you can participate in a wide range of recreational activities here. There's a tennis court, a pool table, even a karaoke machine. Would you care to hear me sing?

It turns out we didn't have much of a choice, so that evening was like a horrible nightmare of terrible music.

The next day was the last day of our trip:

Summer Vacation - The Last Day

Junpei: But I can't complain...a lot of cool things happened while we were here.

Yeah, like nearly getting turned into some pervert's sex slaves.

Akihiko: We were all up late last night...

The girls showed up then...I guess Aigis is a girl too, huh?

Junpei: Naah, it's nothing like that. We just came here to have some fun.
Fuuka: Do you understand what it means to "have fun", Aigis?
Aigis: Of course. Recreation is the refreshment of one's mind and body.
Junpei: Exactly! Wow, you sure know a lot about us humans. Alright, let's take one last dip before we leave!

Fuuka: Is it okay for Aigis to go into the ocean?
Yukari: Oh, I'm sure she's waterproof.

Damn, she's pretty lifelike.

Ikutsuki: We've been quite busy during our time here, but it looks as if we can relax a bit today. I'm glad to see everyone is having so much fun. I've already told you what time the ship will be arriving tomorrow, yes? I'll most likely head over to the port early, so don't be late.
Akihiko: Okay, I'll let everyone know.
Ikutsuki: Until then, enjoy the last day of your vacation.

Wow, vacation's been so busy that I totally forgot about these things.

I guess I DID find out a lot more about everyone, though, so it makes sense.

That night, I had a dream...I saw the hideout near Port Island station, where Shinjiro was hanging out with the other punks.

Summer Vacation - Shinji and the Trio

Punk: Shut up! Let's go!

Takaya: They're like back alley rats.
Shinjiro: Beats me.

Jin threw a package of medicine capsules to Shinjiro.

Shinjiro: I'll pay you the same as--
Jin: Hold up.

Pale Man: Your acquaintances have been busy lately. I'm referring to their activities on nights when the moon is full. They've spent a great deal of time in the tower as well. Why did they take this burden upon themselves?
Shinjiro: ...
Pale Man: You do know, don't you? But you don't wish to it because they are your friends?

Pale Man: Then tell us.
Shinjiro: Tch...I don't know the details, but supposedly if you destroy all those creatures, then the tower will disappear, and with it the Dark Hour.

The two men weren't happy about this at al.

Shinjiro: Y-yeah...why?
Pale Man: Why would they do such a thing?! With the power they have...

Shinjiro: Tower of Demise...? Who wouldn't wanna take out that damn tower?

The trio left, and Shinjiro was alone once more.

The dream ended there.

That night, we got back to the dorm.

Junpei: It seemed to take forever to get back...
Fuuka: Yeah, it was a tiring trip. Please rest up so you're ready for the next operation.
Junpei: Yeah, yeah. I don't have any plans for summer break, so I can fight Shadows all you want.
Yukari: Wow, you must really be bored.
Junpei: Sh-shut up, Yuka-tan.
Yukari: Whatever. We just have to defeat those last six, and it'll all be over. The Lost will get better, and everything will be back to normal, right?

Yukari's right - we had a break, but now we have to get back to business. We'll start with more Tartarus soon. For now, later!

Coming up in the next entry: One last week of class, then summer break! Also we fight monsters and stuff.