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Part 31: Entry Twenty-Six: September 4th, 2009

Entry Twenty-Six: September 4th, 2009

Mood: Nervous
Music: Bullet for My Valentine

You know, before every full moon I get a little nervous. Sure, we've been getting more and more powerful as time goes on, but I still worry that we might eventually run into a Shadow that's just too much for us. Once again, all I can really do is blog to chill out...

I mentioned it in my last entry, but school's started up again. I'm thrilled about it, as I'm sure you can imagine.

People were already gossiping as I headed in to school.

Listener: Yeah...I'm in no mood to be here. I just want to turn around and head back to bed...
Gossip: Heh, you might come down with that Apathy Syndrome...then you wouldn't have to worry about anything.
Listener: Nooo! Are you kidding me?! Although, come to think of it, it doesn't sound so bad. Maybe I'll try it.

Class was thrilling as always...well, integrative learning is actually enjoyable, but this physics crap isn't.

After class that day, I went to go hang out with Kenji.

Or I tried to, anyway. He stopped at the gate.

Kenji: I forgot I have to go check out that cram school today, so I don't have time to eat ramen. Sorry, man.

I slowly and carefully reached for my Evoker. Those damn Shadows had replaced Kenji with a poorly-made clone!

...oh, wait, he was just being an idiot over that teacher again.

Kenji: But the future's a long way off, dude. I mean, first I have to go to college, right? All of Emiri's students go to good colleges. She must be thinking about our future together...

I wanted to mention that if I didn't go kill demons on a biweekly basis he and everyone else would likely not have a future, but I kept my mouth shut.

Ever since all this started, I've really been more concerned matters of the present, like "not dying"...

...but maybe Kenji's got a point. I thought about it on the way back to the dorm.

Yukari greeted me when I got there.

Yukari: Hey, Fuuka, is Aigis ready?
Junpei: Ready for what?

Yukari: But the Chairman overheard and thought it was a good idea. So as of tomorrow, she'll be a junior.
Junpei: Seriously?! He's down with that?!
Fuuka: He said something about studying her behavior in a social environment...
Junpei: Well, as far as I'm concerned, it's a great idea...just look at how cute she is in that unifrom!

She's a ROBOT, dude...

Ken: It looks very natural on you; no one will suspect a thing. But why does he want you to go to school? it's not like there's anything special about it.

Aigis: If I were to remain here on standby, it could delay our deployment. Therefore, I request to accompany our squad leader.
Yukari: Delay our deployment? Won't you going to school create more problems?
Aigis: I will make any necessary adjustments as problems arise.

Yukari: Sorry, have to stay here.

Aigis: I have a question, Minato-san. Why can't Koromaru-san attend school? I do not understand why I am permitted to go to school while Koromaru-san is not. Nowhere in the school regulations does it state that canines are prohibited from attending school.

So the next day was Aigis' first day in class.

Ms. Toriumi: Aigis...what a strange name. I wonder if she was born overseas. Let's see...anything else I should know? Hm? Humanoid tactical weapon? What on Earth...? Clearly that's a mistake. It just goes to show that you can't believe everything you read...

Junpei: Uh, Ms. Toriumi, that spot's already taken. He's just playin' hookey.
Ms. Toriumi: ...which means he's not here. So it's free to be used, right?

Yukari didn't seem to like that very much...

Aigis: Is there a problem?
Classmate: Um, Yukari, why are you standing up?

Ms. Toriumi: Do me a favor and save the antics for after school.

Ms. Toriumi didn't seem to like it much either - there was something in her eye when she mentioned "drama". It couldn't be...

At lunchtime that day, I got a text message from Akihiko.

Akihiko: I have something important to take care of after school. I want you to come. I'll be waiting by the gate, so meet me there.

So that's where I went once classes were over.

Akihiko: There's something I have to do, and I want you to come with me. We're going to get someone. ...An old member.

We went to Hagakure, and who did we run into but Shinjiro?

Shinjiro: What?

Akihiko: We have a new enemy. They're Persona-users, like us.
Shinjiro: Yeah, so what?
Akihiko: There's more. Ken Amada has joined our team.

Akihiko: He has the Potential, and Ikutsuki-san has okayed it. He's now a Persona-user.
Shinijro: You've gotta be kidding me...let me ask you one thing. Was it his decision to join SEES?
Akihiko: Yeah. He volunteered.
Shinjiro: I see.

He then turned to me.

Shinjiro: So you're the one leading the operations now, huh? If you don't mind me asking, what exactly are you fighting for? be honest, I fight for everyone. My life might be a goddamn mess, but at least nobody else's will be if I keep doing my best.

Shinjiro: Well, you do your thing; I'll do mine. Is my room still vacant?

I wanted to see what Shinjiro could do, but that night we were busy getting him set up back at the dorm, so I went to Mandragora instead. The next night, though...

Shinjiro: Don't worry...I got your back.

...he was ready to go.

Shinjiro uses heavy weapons like axes and maces. They're even less accurate than Junpei's swords, but man, when he hits, he hits hard.

Shinjiro's Persona is Castor, the Gemini counterpart to Akihiko's Polydeuces. Castor is non-elemental and focuses on physical skills; Shinjiro also regenerates HP every turn and can counter physical attacks; all in all he's way better at the whole physical damage thing than Junpei, Akihiko, or even Aigis, but he can't do much else.

With Shinjiro in tow, we headed off to Tartarus...

Shinjiro is Awesome 1
Shinjiro is Awesome 2
Shinjiro and Hama are Awesome

Shinjiro's not exactly diverse, but man can he smash things.

With his help, we easily made it to the top of the current block.

There was another Old Document there, of course.

I wanted to be with him, so I joined. What a mistake...we shouldn't be experimenting with these "Shadows"...

With nothing left to do for the time being, we headed home.

I had a vision earlier today about Junpei and Chidori.

Junpei: Huh? I don't see anything...not even a scar... did it heal that quickly?

You're smooth as always, Junpei.

Junpei: How 'bout you, Chidori? Is that why you draw?
Chidori: Maybe...but most of these are just scribbles...I don't understand myself that well.
Junpei: I see. Mind if I sit here?

...wait, what?

...oh no.

Junpei, you aren't really supposed to run around telling people about that...

Oh, maybe she thought it was just a shitty joke...

Junpei: Um... you're s'posed to laugh.

...and maybe she's just coming on to him...

Junpei: H-hey, I was just kiddin' around...

...or not. Shit.

Chidori: So then, no one knows what you've been doing either. That means you'll never recieve any recognition...I'm impressed. I didn't know you were that kind of guy.
Junpei: For real? You actually believe me?

Junpei: Ya see, there's this special power called "Persona", and only those who have it can defeat the monsters. That's what I meant by "the chosen ones." My friends are fighting, too...and ever since I joined 'em, we've been kicking some serious ass!
Chidori: Sounds like fun.

Junpei: Y-yeah...I-I guess you could say that. I mean, without me, things would just fall apart. Someone's gotta be in charge, after all. it's pretty tough being a leader.
Chidori: ...

Junpei, you lying asshole.

With that, Chidori stood up to leave.

Junpei: Y-you did?
Chidori: It's time for me to go. I'll see you tomorrow, right?

...She's just a girl in a weird dress. There's nothing to worry about with her, and besides, we've got bigger problems right now. Hopefully I'll live through those so I can write about them, but for now, see ya!

Coming up in the next entry: It's Ordeal time again...