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Part 33: Entry Twenty-Eight: September 13, 2009

Entry Twenty-Eight: September 13, 2009

School's back in full swing now, and all things considered it's not that bad. I missed hanging out with everyone over summer break, for one, and for two...

...high school's not exactly hard anyway.

Anyway, current events in the life of Minato. Sunday morning, I had a vision of Mitsuru and the others trying to interrogate Chidori at the hospital.

Mitsuru: What kind of organization is Strega? Are there others besides you three?

Suddenly, Junpei burst into the room.

Yukari: Uh...sorry. He wouldn't stop bugging me about this place.
Junpei: How are you feeling? Seems like you've calmed down.
Mitsuru: She certainly has. In fact, she won't say a word. Maybe we should confiscate her sketchbook, too...

Junpei: That won't make her talk!
Mitsuru: I'm not so sure about that. She was quite upset when we took her Evoker. Speaking of which...where did you get that?
Chidori: Medea...give it back to me! I want her back!!

Mitsuru: Then what am I supposed to do?! ...I'll have someone else try next time.
Akihiko: Yukari, call a nurse. We're done for today. I'll inform Ikutsuki-san of the difficulties we're having.

Junpei: Chidori...what happened to you?

After that vision, I went to hang out with the sick kid again. I'm glad whatever he's got isn't contagious, believe me.

Akinari: Thank you for's better when I'm not alone. Why do I have to face this alone? ...Other people don't have to deal with this sickness.

I know he's dying and all, and I don't meant to be disrespectful, but most of what this guy says could easily fit in an Evanescence album.

I told him that he wasn't the only one, though I knew it wouldn't be much consolation.

Akinari: ...But so what? That has nothing to do with my plight here in this bed. Where is there meaning in any of this?!

Akinari: I wish I could run away...but if my body was capable of that, I wouldn't be here anyway. No matter what I do, my body is there to remind me...I'm going to die.

Akinari: Please don't leave...just yet...when I'm alone it feels like it could end at any second.

I told him that he doesn't need to worry...

...though I admit, I'm afraid of death too.

That's why I get so nervous before the full moon, y'know?

Either way, just talking to Akinari seemed to help him feel better.

That's really the best I can hope for...

...sad as that may be. I went back home after hanging out with Akinari...

...and went to Escapade that evening, where I ran into Mutatsu.

Mutatsu: Anyway, I'm sober just sit down and listen to what this old monk has to say. All I gotta do is look all serious and recite the sutras, and I can make easy money; at least, that's what I thought. So I begged to take over my parents' temple. But every day is the anniversary of someone's death! I'm workin' 24/7, as if my temple was a convenience store...

Well, "poor men know no leisure"...

Mutatsu: It varies, of course, but an offering can sometimes be as much as a salary man's year-end bonus. But as you can see, I'm too busy. I gotta push this old body of mine to the limit. Maybe I should think of somethin' else to do with my life. I can't keep this up for much longer...I've been drinkin' too much lately...makin' a fool of myself like I did the other day. A person should know when enough is enough.

Mutatsu: We never filed for divorce, and since I own the temple, we could all live there. I think it's a pretty good idea. I could retire and enjoy life for once. Whaddya think?

I wasn't sure what exactly he meant...

Mutatsu: First, I gotta find out where they are. I'll hire a detective. I don't care how much it costs. And when I see 'em, first think I'm gonna do is tell 'em I'm sorry...from the bottom of my heart. I'm gonna be concentratin' on this, so...I probably won't be seein' ya anytime soon...I-I've had enough of dealing with a punk like you, anyways! G-Good riddance!

The old guy sounds like he's going to miss hanging out.

I hope things work out for him, too.

The next day was pretty uneventful; I spent it trying to become just a little bit more of a badass by watching old Happy Days reruns and acting like the Fonz. I've stopped studying at night because, well, there's nothing left to study; maybe I went a bit overboard over summer break.

On Tuesday, I had a vision of Mitsuru and the others still trying to coax Chidori into talking.

Mitsuru: By refusing to speak, you're only hurting yourself. We aren't keeping you here because we hate you; we just want to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

Junpei burst in again.

Junpei: Did she say anything? Can I just talk to her?
Mitsuru: seems like you're letting your emotions get the best of you. Is everything okay?
Junpei: Well...not exactly...I know she attacked me, but...I can't stop thinking about her!

Junpei: ...You okay? I'm glad they let you keep your sketchbook. You really do like to draw, huh...?
Chidori: doesn't matter.
Fuuka: She spoke...
Chidori: No one else but me can understand my pictures...

As Chidori moved her hand, Junpei noticed that there was another deep wound in it.

Junpei: Why are you bleeding?!

Akihiko: I thought I had removed all the sharp objects in here...
Mitsuru: Apparently, we can't leave her unattended for even one moment. But fortunately, she heals at an astounding rate.

Junpei: Then, at the did that to yourself?!
Chidori: ...I never asked for your help. You were the one who misunderstood.
Junpei: Well, I want you to stop. You can't be doing's not right...and I won't let you!

Fuuka: Alright, let's go, Junpei-kun.

Mitsuru and Akihiko kept at it all afternoon...

The next day was pretty nondescript, but at least I finally started feeling like the demonslaying asskicker I am.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty well rounded these days.

The day after that, Junpei and the others were at it again with Chidori.

Junpei: C'mon, cheer up...I brought you a new sketchbook. I thought your old one might be getting full.
Chidori: ...That wasn't necessary, Junpei.
Junpei: Heheh, you said my name...i was worried I'd never hear that again.

Mitsuru: She finally started talking, but nothing useful yet.
Akihiko: Well, that's a start. So why are YOU here?

Suddenly, Chidori seemed to start choking on something.

The culprit appeared only briefly, but there was little doubt as to what it was...

Shinjiro quickly ran up and gave Chihiro some pills.

Junpei: Chidori!
Shinjiro: happens.

Mitsuru: Supressants...? You know about Strega?
Shinjiro: You'd be surprised what you can learn on the streets. I'll give the doc the right pills. The rest is up to you...

Shinjiro took off, and Akihiko went after him.

Junpei: Th-thank God...! I thought you might be...
Chidori: Why do you look so scared? Death is nothing to be afraid of...
Junpei: What are you saying...?
Chidori: Dying just means you don't wake up anymore...that's all.
Junpei: Wh-what?! You don't really mean that, do you?

Chidori: Junpei...
Junpei: Just because you're not afraid doesn't mean no one else is...did you ever think about how I might feel?!
Chidori: Haha...

Junpei: Ha...look who's talkin'...

Akihiko caught up to Shinjiro at Port Island Station.

Akihiko: Why did you have those pills?! I've heard about those...they're taken to suppress a Persona when the user can't control it. But the're not taking them, are you?

Akihiko: Answer me!
Shinjiro: I don't owe you anything.
Akihiko: Tch...the same as always.
Shinjiro: Save it. I've heard it all before. You think I'm wasting my power...but you're just too thickheaded. I'm tired of your damn preaching.

All of a sudden, Akihiko slugged Shinjiro in the face.

Akihiko: You know the reason...

Shinjiro: ...
Akihiko: That's why I try so hard...we promised, remember? To become strong enough to do what we think is why the drugs? Why didn't you come talk to me?
Shinjiro: I'm back in the fight let it go.
Akihiko: ...and the side effects?

Shinjiro: It's something only I can do.
Akihiko: Like what?
Shinjiro: ...Listen, don't worry about me. Just do what you think is right.

I went to see Chihiro that afternoon, since we hadn't talked in awhile...

...and that evening, I got the standard call from Elizabeth.

Mitsuru told me that she was going to let Junpei handle Chidori for now, so she, Akihiko, and Fuuka would be around after school again to go to Tartarus.

The next day, I hung out with Bebe after school.

Bebe: I am worried about my uncle...'ow can I convince 'im to let me stay 'ere?

I doubted the validity of that plan.

Bebe: ...Oh! Maybe if we go to ze Sweet Shop and 'ave a snack, I can come up wiz a plan! Shall we?!

So that's just what we did.

Bebe: I will be disappointed if I 'ave to return to my country! I want to stay 'ere in Nihon even if I 'ave to eat dirt!

I told him I was behind him all the way...

...and boy, am I glad he didn't misunderstand.

Bebe: Jitsu wa, actually...I 'ave a plan! I will return 'ome...mochiron, of course, I will not give up just like zat! I will come back 'ere after persuading my uncle! I will convince 'im 'ow great Japan eez! Now, I just 'ave to figure out 'ow to explain it to 'im. Zat will be easy with your 'elp, Minato-sama!

Now how could I resist that face?

I mean, er, us guys gotta stick together!

Macho male bonding and all that!

That evening, I went to go see Mutatsu again, probably because he didn't give me butterflies when we talked like Bebe does.

Mutatsu: He said they're runnin' a small restaurant. I guess it's pretty popular. My son's married, and his wife's pregnant...that makes me feel so old.

Mutatsu: I won't be back until they've forgiven me. I'll get down on my knees if I hafta. And if my son wants to sock me in the face, well, that's fine too. I-I've been thinkin' about what I'm gonna say to my wife...even though I'm not so good with words...

Well, that's terrible, and since it was Mutatsu I knew I could tell him so.

Mutatsu: But I finally faced the fact that I was drinkin' to hide my true feelings. I feel so free now.

Mutatsu: You reminded me of my son. Maybe Buddha sent you to help me...I gotta admit, I believe in fate. If I hadn't met you, I'd never have seen my family again. I owe ya, kid...

My life is still a goddamn mess...

...but at least someone else's is on the right track now.

(Chi You is a Chinese god of war.)

Mutatsu: When you mix Cointreasu with white rum, lemon juice, and get a cocktail called "XYZ."

Mutatsu: Plus, it tastes sooo good goin' down. I'll be prayin' that your future is XYZ...

With warm fuzzies in my heart, I headed back to the dorm for the evening.

The next day, I promptly slept through class due to being at the bar all night talking with a former drunkard monk. Whoops.

Junpei went to go see Chidori again after school.

Chidori: I wasn't expecting them to. That's why they started watching me in the first place.
Junpei: Oh, how's that cut doin'? Prolly already healed, how come you're not drawing today?

Junpei: Well, uh, not really...

Junpei noticed that the flowers sitting by Chidori's bed weren't doing so well.

Before he could move them, though, Chidori reached out and touched them, causing a surge of light to flow into them from her hand.

Chidori: ...I made them healthy again.
Junpei: You can do that?! That's incredible, Chidori!
Chidori: It's nothing special. You have powers too, don't you?
Junpei: Well, yeah, I guess...but...

Junpei: WIthout that...I'd be a nobody. I just talk a big game, pretendin' like I'm some kinda hero. But in reality...I don't know what the hell I'm fighting for...or why I'm here at all.
Chidori: Why...why we are here?

Chidori: What kind of dream?
Junpei: That one ady, I'd grow up to be a pro baseball player. Pretty stupid, huh? I guess that's part of bein' a kid.
Chidori: Is that so...? I don't remember much from my childhood. All I remember is being surrounded by white...
Junpei: Huh?
Chidori: I hate hospitals...
Junpei: Yeah, me too...I'm sorry...

Junpei: Chidori...I...I understand. I won't let you down.

That day after school, I went to go accept Fuuka's invitation to try her cooking.

Fuuka: I want you to taste the lunch I packed. To be honest, I don't have very much confidence in my cooking...but today, I think it turned out okay.

I was pretty sure my life was finally going to end, and not by being eaten by a Shadow...

...but by self-induced food poisoning.

Oh god...

Here it comes...

...To my credit, I didn't puke-a all over Fuuka. But she did want me to be honest, so I told her it tasted like shit. Not even shit...fried shit that had been eaten by a skunk and then shat out again, then the skunk sprayed on it, then it was fried AGAIN and served to me.

She took it surprisingly well.

Fuuka: I'm sorry I made you taste test my cooking...but I know that you'll always be honest with me. I depend on you...

Wait a second...

Is this ANOTHER romantic interest?


We went back to the dorm together, and that night, at the Dark Hour...

...Pharos showed up again.

Pharos: Time goes by so quickly, and many things change. Yet some things will always remain the same...don't you agree?

Pharos: ...That tower, for instance. I've been thinking about it lately...I wonder...will our relationship stay the same...? Or will it evolve? No matter what the future holds, you and I will be friends...that is for certain.

It's safe to say that he really creeps me out.

Oh well, he comes and goes as he pleases so it's not like there's much I can do about him.

Today, I went to go see Akinari again. It's turning into a weekly routine.

Akinari: I know it probably looked pretty bad last time, right? ...I had been reading a book before you came that day. I got so absorbed in the reading that I forgot to close the window, and I didn't realize how chilly it was.

Akinari: I read a lot of books these days. I find that they're the easiest ways to spend my time, since I can get lost in a book's private world. Do you read books all the way to the end? I really get into the story and usually reach the end quickly, but...I never want to finish it.

Akinari: Stories about hope or heroism...those're the kinds of books I read. So hopefully, if I do decide to finish reading them, I'll feel happy at the end when I come back here.

Y'know... might be hypocritical to say this, but if I were in his position, I'd try harder to enjoy my last days. I wonder if I can explain that to him how...well, I guess I'll think about it later, but I'm going to bed for now. See ya everyone!

Coming up in the next entry: More school, more links, more everything! Maybe some Tartarus too.