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Part 34: Entry Twenty-Nine: September 26, 2009

Entry Twenty-Nine: September 26, 2009

Mood: Still a bit sick
Music: Radio Wazee for the most part

Y'know, I've got nothing against Igor. The guy's helpful with the whole Persona fusion thing and all, but I really wish he'd find a better way to contact me than putting me in a damn coma for several days.

Anyway, the past couple weeks have had their fair share of stuff happening. For one thing, I've been bringing Junpei along into Tartarus to bring him back up to speed with the rest of us; wouldn't want him to get rusty or anything.

I also gave him my old Spiked Bat. He was pretty much thrilled.

I also updated my stable of Personas. King Frost here isn't so much a mythological entity as he is a personification of pure awesome...

...Orthrus is a Shadow-eatin' dog, not unlike Koromaru...

...and Oumitsunu is a big statue that smashes things. One of Elizabeth's requests involved getting him to level 33, and that's what we spent the majority of this excursion doing; it wasn't easy, since Oumitsunu was only capable of using Kill Rush and Media, so I was stuck healing while everyone else did the fighting.

We saw some new Shadows, of course; this Jotun of Power didn't have weaknesses but DID have a tendency to explode when it was near death, so it wasn't much fun to fight.

We also had a lucky break in Tartarus - we found a Mage's Mark, which I immediately hoarded for myself, threatening to bite anyone who so much as looked at it. This accessory allows me to regenerate SP every turn in combat, so it's invaluable.

Junpei got better pretty quickly, too, even though he'd been out of action for awhile. (Party members who are a lower level than Minato get bonus experience in combat, meaning they level up very quickly and it's easy to make them useful again.)

We also opened the path to the next part of Tartarus, but we didn't proceed yet - I was saddled with a shitty Persona and Junpei was still rusty, so we saved it for next time. While we trained, a couple interesting things happened.

For instance, I learned a new Fusion:

Fusion - Frolic

Also, after some hard work, I managed to get Oumitsunu to the necessary level; when I brought him to Elizabeth, she rewarded me with a Machine Core.

After making Taraka as fusion fodder...

...I used the Machine Core to create Nata Taishi.

Nata Taishi's focused on physical attacks and is definitely no slacker with them, but his best trait is that he knows Masukukaja, which raises everyone's evade and hit rate. Group support skills like this are uncommon finds, so Nata's great to have around.

With Nata in tow, we did a little more exploring, and managed to take down another Rare Form:

Rare Form - Supreme Hand

To round out my new Persona set, I created Clotho, a magic-based Persona with lots of Wind skills. Before long, though, we wrapped it up and headed home.

The next day, everyone at school was abuzz about the upcoming Culture Festival...

...and a typhoon that was heading our way too.

After school that day, I headed to Port Island Station to talk to President Tanaka.

Tanaka: You should be glad you're such a handsome boy. Alright, let's add a new word to our vocabulary. Repeat after me!

Tanaka: A placebo is a "pretend" pill. Basically it's a medicine to ease your mind. Eliminate those unsightly lovehandles without lifting a finger! It's a miracle breakthrough that will make you feel fabulous! Enjoy a relaxing drive while taking in the beautiful scenery! Our incredible supplement will help you get the most out of life!

Tanaka: We may not be providing tangible benefits, but we do provide peace of mind. People will pay handsomely for that, you know. Take emergency supplies, for example...people feel safe just because they have them, but it's merely a false sense of security.

To be honest, Tanaka kinda creeps me out...

...but eh.

I guess it's not surprising given that his Arcana represents temptation, really.

Still, though. Creepy.

The next day, I hung out with Bebe at Fashion Club.

Bebe: I 'ave come up wiz a great idea to show Japan's charm to my uncle! I will show 'im a kimono, and make 'im understand the beauty of Nihon!

Well, that's as good an idea as any...

Bebe: Ze kimono eez a Japanese treasure! If I show it to my uncle, he will surely let me stay in Nihon. Ze design will be ze mascot of ze Sweet Shop!

Aww, that's sweet.

I haven't thought about it much...

...but if he really does go back, I'm gonna miss Bebe for sure.

There was more gossip on the way into school the next day.

Hoo boy, was it interesting!

As you can imagine, I was psyched for the festival at that point.

After school that day, I went to go sell the Supreme Coin I'd gotten from the Rare Form...

...then hung out with Yuko.

I held her hand for the first time that day, too!

She seemed to enjoy it, so things seem like they're going well.

While we walked together, though, a little kid ran into us.

Yuko: That kid lives across the street from me.

Some more kids showed up after that.

Yuko: This is no place to be playing tag. It was okay this time, since it was me, but what if you had bumped into a stranger? Go play at the playground.
Boy: We can't play there...there are sixth graders playing soccer...they said they'll move if we beat them in a race, but we're only fourth graders! We can't we had to play tag here instead, Ms. Nishiwaki.

Yuko: Alright, come with me.

Yuko and I took the kids to the Gekkoukan practice field.

Girl: This field is soooo big!
Yuko: If you see any strangers, run away. And boys, make sure you protect the girls. Promise?
Boy: We promise!
Yuko: Practice until the big hand is on the 12, and don't touch anything around here. I'm gonna have a look around.

Yuko: Pump your arms more and don't lift your legs so high, or you might pull a muscle. Give it a try! Believe in yourself!

Yuko: It's worth it just to see the smiles on their faces...but I've never been a coach I doing the right thing, Minato-kun?

Yuko: I'll do it! I'll be your coach! But I'm not gonna go easy on you guys! And no one's allowed to quit, either! Got it?
Kids: Got it, Coach!

Yuko: Think positive! If you think you're gonna lose, you will! Don't be afraid of them just because they're sixth graders!
Kids: Whatever you say!

Yuko: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to keep you so long, but is there any chance you'd be willing to help me train them? I only know a little bit about racing, and besides, you're pretty athletic. I'd be really grateful. Well? Will you help me? Pleeeease! I'll be lonely coaching them all by myself...

Wow, she really depends on me.

We really do seem to be getting somewhere!

And that's a pretty good sign, too.

The next day, everyone was still abuzz about the typhoon. It seemed like the Festival was gonna be cancelled, which sucked. No Yukari in a maid outfit.

I went to see the old folks that afternoon...

...and was promptly drenched on the way back. Ugh.

I wasn't feeling too great after that, believe me.

Fuuka: According to the news, a typhoon just hit. Supposedly, it's the biggest one on record. It's moving slowly, too, so it'll be around for awhile.
Junpei: Yeah, thanks to that, the school festival got canned. Well, setting all that stuff up is a pain, so I don't mind, but it sucks that we'll be stuck indoors.

I have to admit, I forgot we even had a break from school.

Junpei: What about you, Fuuka?
Fuuka: Me? The only thing I plan to do is go to the movies...
Junpei: Oh, a movie? Is it a date...?
Fuuka: It-it's not like that! I'm going with Natsuki-chan. She absolutely loves movies...but with this typhoon, I don't know if we'll be able to go.
Junpei: How 'bout you, Yuka-tan? Will ya still have practice?
Yukari: ...I doubt it. The archery range is outside, so it's most likely canceled until the storm blows over.
Akihiko: Same here. This stupid typhoon is gonna mess up my training.
Junpei: What about you, Senpai?
Mitsuru: I haven't decided. Besides, what business is it of yours, Iori?

Aigis: I suspect that you will be visiting Chidori-san. Although she has stabilized, we cannot release her.
Junpei: Man, Ai-chan, you must be psychic. And ya know what? She WANTS me to come! Not to brag or anything...I, um...just thought I should check up on her. Ya know, with the storm and all.

Fuuka: Umm...well...oh, yeah! Ken-kun, what are you going to do during the break?

Junpei: Come on, you have to be doing something.
Ken: Well, I'll probably go visit the shrine.
Junpei: Dude, you're a kid, not an old man.
Ken: But that's where I always go...

Ken: Anyway, I'm going back to my room. I have a lot of homework to do...
Junpei: Oh, okay. call me if you get stuck.

I decided to head off to bed too...

...because as Fuuka pointed out, I had started to feel like shit.

I slept like a log...

...and that night, during the Dark Hour...

...I found myself in the Velvet Room.

Igor: Several seasons have come and gone since I first offered my assistance. Now then, your special power, Persona...I trust you've been using it wisely?

Igor: But it would be a pity to lose one such as yourself unnecessarily...therefore, please allow me to provide you with a new form of assistance.

(Normal fusion involves using two Personas to make a new one; the Persona that results depends on the Arcana and level of the two used. Sacrifice, or triangle, fusion is similar, but uses three Personas. Up until now we've only had those available; now we can use Cross and Pentagram Fusion. Unlike the original two methods, these use specific Personas in fusion to create a specific Persona, so there's no trial and error involved - you have a list of Personas you need to make a certain Persona, and that's it. Some of the most powerful Personas, and most of the max Social Link ones for that matter, are made this way.)

Little did I know that while I'd only spent a couple minutes in the Velvet Room, three days had passed in the real world. I really hate it when that happens.

On the bright side, the typhoon had passed during my rest, and I didn't seem to be sick anymore.

Not to mention it was a holiday.

Since it was Respect for the Aged Day, I went to go see Bunkichi and Mitsuko.

Mitsuko was in tears when I got there, though.

Bunkichi: She always cries at happy events, like the day we first met! All the graduates from my son's class have gathered at the school. They're collecting signiatures to save the persimmon tree!
Mitsuko: They say the tree is a memorial to their former teacher...they don't want it to be cut down.

Bunkichi: It's been so many years, but they still remember him...
Mitsuko: They've given their precious time...for our son...I-I don't know what to say...
Bunkichi: Minato-chan, were you the one who called them all?

Well, no, but I figured there's no reason to make them wonder.

Bunkichi: From the first time I saw you, Minato-chan, I knew you were different from the kids around here. You "da man", Minato-chan! Incredible...

Wait, first Junpei, now these guys?

I dunno, I really don't think I'm "da man"...

Bunkichi: Someday, I'd like to go have a drink together...but let's wait until you're legal.

He gave me a tasty soda (Cielo Mist - it's da best, mon!), and I headed home.

The next day, I hung out with Mamoru at the Beef Bowl Shop.

Mamoru: Think I should buy some for them, too? My siblings, I mean. I've got four of 'em! Our apartment's pretty small, though, so we have to pack 'em deep, haha. You won't believe how hot it gets over the summer.

Mamoru: I guess his car fell off a cliff...I'm not fishing for sympathy or anything, I just thought you should know.

He doesn't seem to be too bothered by his family situation...

...he's stronger than I am, that's for sure. I still can't stand talking about you-know-what.

The next day was another holiday...

So I went to see the old folks again.

Bunkichi: Who do you think it was? Here's a hint: "signature."

Well, obviously it was the leader of the Bunkichi Fan Club! I heard he goes by the handle "GruntyThirst" on the 'net...

Bunkichi: Yeah, I wish! Actually, it was one of the organizers of the campaign to save the persimmon tree. He said "Let's protect the tree together!" AND he's gotten a lot of signatures from students who were in our son's class.

Mitsuko: He was loved by everyone...
Bunkichi: Of course! He was our proud son!
Mitsuko: I'm sure he's just as happy as we are...
Bunkichi: Alright! Minato-chan, let's go to Gekkoukan right now! I have to tell my son the good news! I've never been so excited about a walk before!

Well, the school was kinda closed... we didn't actually go, but it's the thought that counts.

I came back again the next day.

Bunkichi: I know, I know! I just forgot to write down the second one.
Mitsuko: I feel bad for Minato-chan and all the people who've been campaigning to save the tree...
Bunkichi: Oh, speak of the devil! I'm writing a letter...something I haven't done in ages. But I can't remember how to spell half these words! Am I finally losing it? I used to have an amazing vocabulary.

I asked what the letter was about...

...but he wouldn't show me.

Mitusko: I'll tell you when the time comes, Minato-chan.
Bunkichi: Well, aren't you curious?

Bunkichi: Lately, I even feel smarter! Maybe I should go back to school...just kidding!

I had no idea what was up with the letter...

...but I figured I'd find out soon enough.

After a couple uneventful days, it turns out that's exactly what happened today.

The sound of my footsteps as I walked in woke him up.

Bunkichi: Or were you just eager to see my pretty face?

Bunkichi: Even though it's the middle of the day, I feel so sleepy...well, since Mitsuko is here too, I think it's time we told you.

I freaked out, of course.

Bunkichi: Sorry that we did it without asking you. Recently, I went to visit the persimmon tree, and I met a student on the way back. He told me that the school is planning to build a new addition. It would be selfish of an old man like me to deprive those young people of new learning opportunities...I think it'd make our son happy, too, since he was a teacher. Helping those kids is more important than hanging in to his memory.

Bunkichi: We're hoping, as we believe our son in Heaven is too, that more kind students like you will graduate from Gekkoukan. ...Please take this.

Wow, the very first fruit from the tree they worked so hard to save...

...but I think I understand why they did what they did.

And I think it was the right thing to do for everyone involved. I'm glad I was a part of it.

(Kohryu is a powerful guardian dragon from Chinese mythology that fans of Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga might recognize.)

Bunkichi: Our son would want us to be happy...I'm sure he's smiling down on us from Heaven.
Mitsuko: It's difficult having such a well-respected son. Oh, does it sound like I'm boasting?

And that's that for the persimmon tree saga. I think the old folks will be fine for now, and I'm glad I could help them, but for now I'm gonna help myself to bed. Later, guys!

Coming up in the next entry: Action and/or adventure! And Social Links!

(Alright guys, time to vote again since we've maxed the old folks. This time, though, there's a catch. Choose from Chihiro, Fuuka, Yukari, and Yuko, since we may only seriously work on one of those at a time if we don't want shitty things to happen and waste our precious time. Here's the list.)

Magician: Kenji, the classmate
Priestess: Fuuka, the SEES member
Empress: ???
Emperor: Hidetoshi, head of the Disciplinary Committee
Hierophant: Bunkichi and Mitsuko, bookstore proprietors
Lovers: Yukari, the SEES member
Chariot: Kazushi, the Track Team member
Justice: Chihiro, the treasurer
Hermit: Maya, the online gamer
Fortune: Keisuke, the art club leader
Strength: Yuko, the team manager
Hanged Man: Maiko, the grade schooler
Temperance: Bebe, the foreigner
Devil: Tanaka, the "celebrity"
Tower: Mutatsu, the unusual monk
Star: Mamoru, the star athlete
Moon: Nozumi, the Gourmet King
Sun: Akinari, the dying boy