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Part 36: Entry Thirty-One: October 4th, 2009

Entry Thirty-One: October 4th, 2009

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...during the Dark Hour...

...we went searching for Shadows like we usually do.

Fuuka: It's in the plaza in front of Iwatodai Station!
Ikutsuki: This will be the 10th...only a few left, but let's worry about them one at a time.
Yukari: Assuming they come out one at a time...just kidding!

Yukari: Are you serious?! Me and my big mouth...
Akihiko: Where's Shinji?
Fuuka: He just notified me that he'll meet up with you later. I didn't ask any questions.
Akihiko: Figures. he's always played by his own rules.
Junpei: It's okay. At least he's coming, right?

Junpei: Hello? I was tied up, remember?! Sheesh, give a guy a break.
Yukari: Wait, Ken-kun isn't here, either. Hey Junpei, go get him. That'll be your punishment for last time.
Junpei: Punishment...? What is this, kindergarten?

Junpei went off to look for Ken...

...and we headed to Iwatodai Station.

They weren't too hard to find.

Yukari: This is the way we go to school! We've gotta protect this place...
Fuuka: It seems like they've been waiting for us.

Junpei returned, but Ken was nowhere to be found.

Akihiko: Dammit, Shinji...where are you?
Fuuka: Um, I think we should hurry...they look like they're about to make their move.
Mitsuru: Alright, let's decide on a team and engage the enemy!

I took Junpei, Akihiko, and Yukari, and we went into battle...

Boss - Fortune and Strength (Note that this video is around half an hour long - this fight takes THAT long. This is the Desert Bus of bosses. You can only target Strength at first, and it has a ton of HP that you need to whittle down while Fortune uses an irritating gimmick attack called Wheel of Fortune which peppers you with damage, debuffs, and status effects. Sometimes Wheel of Fortune will affect the enemies instead, but tihs isn't really something you can count on. Once Strength is dead, you have to deal with Fortune as it continues to spam Wheel of Fortune. All in all, while this might not be the most difficult battle in the game, it's easily the most painful.)

It took awhile, but eventually we won out.

Aigis: This time, those two who call themselves Strega did not interfere.
Yukari: It must be because we have Chidori. Anyway, I'm glad everything went well, but what happened to Shinjiro and Ken?
Akihiko: ...
Fuuka: The Chairman doesn't seem to be too concerned, so he went home.

Fuuka: I'm sorry, I haven't been able to locate them yet.
Mitsuru: Let's return to the dorm and then go from there...

Mitsuru: Akihiko, are you listening?

Yukari: Senpai...? What's wrong?
Mitsuru: Akihiko...?

I blanked out. That happens to me when things I might not want to remember happen, but this time I saw it all, and I wish I hadn't. Shinjiro and Ken had met at the Port Island hangout.

Ken: ...Do you know why I asked you to meet me here? Two years ago today...October 4th.

Ken: They called it an accident, but it wasn't. I saw the whole thing...

Shinjiro: ...
Ken: ...Since then, it's been one bad thing after another. And all I get from people is sympathy, no matter where I go. ...What's the point in living?

Ken: You said once that you wanted to forget what happened on that day, so when I knew it was a full moon today, I knew I had to confront you. Today, Mom is watching over me.

Shinjiro: ...

I found myself at the dorm...

Junpei: Anyway, why was Akihiko-san acting so weird? What's so special about October 4th?

Mitsuru: I was so caught up in the operation that I didn't realize it...this is the day Amada's mother was killed!
Junpei: You serious?!
Mitsuru: Yamagishi, I need you to find the two of them immediately. There's a good chance that they're together. Akihiko must have already realized that...
Fuuka: I-I understand.
Yukari: Umm...what's going on?

Mitsuru: It was two years ago, when we were pursuing an unusual Shadow that had escaped into the city...we were in a residential area, but the Shadow was all we were thinking about.

Junpei: No way...are you shittin' me?!
Yukari: Then, to Ken-kun, Senpai is...
Mitsuru: Amada volunteered to join us. But now that I think about it...

Fuuka: They're together, and another Persona-user is nearby...
Mitsuru: Akihiko?
Fuuka: No, it's...

Junpei: That's not good.
Mitsuru: Ugh, it's an absolute nightmare!

We all rushed for the station as quickly as we could, but I blanked out again...

Shinjiro: You're right...I wanted to forget. That's why I left the group and tried to suppress my power...but nothing I did could erase the memory. And now I find myself here - the last place I want to be.
Ken: ...
Shinjiro: It's my fault...this is what I deserve.

Shinjiro: Just remember that...
Ken: Is that supposed to change my mind...?
Shinjir: Even if all you have now is hatred, one day you'll regret it.

Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out.

Takaya: That is the nature of revenge. Is it not permissible to kill those who are themselves killers?

Takaya: The loss of Chidori has posed a bit of a challenge for us...but we cannot simply ignore your meddling.

Takaya drew and cocked his revolver.

Takaya: You cannot defy shall die, whether or not it is at the hand of this boy.
Shinjiro: ...

Takaya: You don't have much longer.
Ken: What's he talking about?!
Shinjiro: That's bullshit!

Ken: What does he mean...? You're going to die...? No matter what I do?

Takaya: The cause of death is not of importance. Besides, the breath of life is faint in you as well, child.

Ken: ...

Takaya: A slight change in timing shouldn't matter too much.

Shinjiro rushed Takaya...

...but he wasn't quick enough.

Takaya: Now then...with what life you have left, answer me this...there is one like Chidori among you, is there not? This has enabled you to locate and defeat those we wish to protect. Now tell me...which one of you is it?

Shinjiro: Th-there's no one...
Ken: Wait!

Takaya: Is that true?
Ken: ...Yes. That's the only reason they let me join.

Takaya kicked Shinjiro in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Ken: It doesn't matter anymore...I'll never have my revenge. I have no reason to live...

Takaya aimed his revoler at Ken, preparing to send him to his death...

...but before he could do so...

A Farewell

I don't even know what to think anymore. Everything is such a goddamn fucking mess.

Coming up in the next entry: The aftermath...