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Part 42: Entry Thirty-Seven: November 8th, 2009

Entry Thirty-Seven: November 8th, 2009

Mood: Freaked out
Music: The Exorcist soundtrack

Things just get weirder and weirder...weirder than usual, even. The Dark Hour's still here, there are still Shadows on the loose, and whatever the "Fall" is, it's getting closer every day.

And we haven't even gotten to my goddamn mess of a life yet.

Before we talk about that, though, let's talk about other people...specifically Yukari, who I had a vision about Thursday night.

And before your mind leaps into the gutter, no, it wasn't that kind of vision. I saw her watching the video Fuuka had given her earlier that evening. Turns out it was the unedited version of the video we'd seen during summer vacation.

Eiichiro: This experiment should never have been conceived...that's why I had to interrupt it. However, in doing so, I set free a number of Shadows that are certain to torment future generations. If I hadn't, the entire world may have paid the price...please, listen carefully...

Well shit.

Eiichiro: I wasn't able to stop this madness. He won't listen, no matter what I say...he's under the devil's spell. Now the Shadows are trying to eat one another...but if they're reunited, then we are all doomed!

Shit, shit, shit.

Yukari: Dad tried to stop the experiment.
Eiichiro: There's not much hope for me now. I have just one favor to ask. Whoever finds this...please...give my daughter Yukari this message...

Yukari: ...Dad...

The video ended with an enormous explosion...

Yukari: I was right to believe in him. ...Are you listening, Dad? I'm doing okay. It took awhile, but I finally got your message.

Her renewed faith in her father sparked her spirit once more...

...and her Persona evolved to reflect that.

That vision faded...

...but at the Dark Hour that night...

...I had another. I found myself in the Velvet Room.

Igor: Now, then. There has been a change in you recently. Have you noticed? I am not referring to your change in circumstances; I am referring to the change in your mentality. That is why I have summoned you here tonight. Going forward, there is one thing you mustn't forget...

Igor: There is no need to worry. Whichever path you choose, I shall respect your decision. However, only you will bear the responsibility for your matter what end they may bring about. Please remember that.

That vision ended as well, and I awoke.

After school the next day, Junpei went to visit Chidori.

Junpei: A lot's been goin' on.
Chidori: ...
Junpei: Hey, what's wrong? ...So you heard about Jin and Takaya, huh? I was planning on telling you...they were your friends, after all. What, that's not it?

Chidori: Junpei...what will you be doing in two years?
Junpei: Two years? I dunno. I really haven't thought about it. Why do you ask?

Chidori: Oh, I guess.

Junpei: Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to...
Chidori: This is too used to be fun when you came to visit...but it's different now.
Junpei: Huh?!
Chidori: It hurts inside...I can't breathe...I...I can't take this anymore!
Junpei: Wh-whaddya mean?! I don't understand! Did I do something wrong?

Junpei: But...Chidori...

He left her alone, his head hung.

As for me, I hung out with Kenji that day.

Kenji: Dude, listen to this. I've got a serious problem.

I tried to take a jab at Kenji to lighten him up a little, and told him it was a bridal magazine.

I discovered I was right. Ugh.

Kenji: I made up my mind, man. As soon as I graduate, I'm gonna marry Emiri. I'm seriously in love with Emiri, and I'm gonna marry her!

See what I mean? Weird.

And that's not even counting the mysterious inner voices that reward me with magical powers for hanging out with this psychopath.

My life is a goddamn mess.

At the dorm that night, I got the usual call from Elizabeth about more of Tartarus having opened up. This seemed odd - hadn't we gotten to the top last time?

I was curious to see what had happened, so that night at the Dark Hour we were off.

As usual, I added a few new Personas to my repertoire before heading inside. First off, I made Throne, who was apparently an angel but didn't really look the part. Throne had Hama skills, which had their uses, I guess, but mostly I made him to fill the Compedium a bit more.

Loki, on the other hand, was much more useful; he's got a variety of elemental skills and resistances, something that's actually becoming less common as I obtain more powerful Personas.

Okuninushi was actually too weak for me, I made him as part of a fusion instead... particular, the fusion to create Arahabaki, the most powerful Hermit Persona.

Arahabaki's only weakness is Strike attacks, and he's strong against Fire, Electricity, Light, and Darkness. He also learned Tetrakarn, which reflects physical attacks back to their source, to make up for that weakness; not to mention he can also become immune to Ice with his final skill. Definitely a nice Persona to have around; I'd thank Maya if I could do so without her freaking out.

Another complex fusion yielded Daisoujou...

...whose claim to fame was the skill Samsara.

Samsara is similar to Hama and its ilk, but is extremely accurate, making it great against regular Shadows as it can wipe out entire groups instantly.

Speaking of new Personas, Isis, Yukari's evolved Persona, was basically more of the same. It was less horrifying than the woman chained to a cow skull, I guess...well, now it's just a cow skull with a woman's face and wings, so not much has changed if you think about it. Ugh.

When we reached the floor that we'd thought was the top, we were surprised to find a staircase there waiting for us out of nowhere.

We ascended and found ourselves in the fifth block, Harabah, which was dark save for the walls and floor giving off scintilating colors. It was difficult to find our way around and avoid Shadows, so we relied mostly on Fuuka's map to guide our way.

There's plenty of treasure up here...

...and more new Shadows. The Imprudent Maya is just begging for Akihiko to fry it into oblivion...

...while Samsra annihilates the Kaiden Musha without my having to lift a finger. It's great.

The next Guardian we came across wasn't nearly as easy, though.

Tartarus Boss 16 - Judgment Swords (I probably could've handled this fight with a bit more class, but eh. These guys use Lightning skills almost exclusively, mixing in a sword attack here and there. Yukari will inevitably get toasted, and it's not worth the effort to bring her back; even without her, though, support skills can keep this battle under control without too much muss and fuss.)

The others were exhausted after that, so we headed home for the night.

The next day, I hung out with Fuuka after school.

Fuuka: That's why I want to know what your favorite food is, so I could make it for you. But everything I make still tastes terrible...

Oh come on, Fuuka, let's think positive!

Or not.

Fuuka: I'm really thankful to be a member of SEES. Everyone's been so encouraging...especially you, Minato-kun. That's why I want to show you my gratitude.

Show me her gratitude, eh...?

I've really gotta keep my hormones under control until the world is saved, I guess.

Fuuka: Maybe I should watch one of those cooking shows on TV...then again, they're probably too advanced for me. Maybe I should just get a cookbook...but there probably aren't any in the library.

We went to look around Bookworms for awhile, and I introduced Fuuka to Bunkichi and Mitsuko while I was there. They were doing fine as always.

Today, though...

...I went to go see Akinari.

Akinari: I've been waiting. I finished my story and wanted to show it to you. As you know, I was having a lot of trouble with the ending, but I finally figured it out. Since the alligator ate his friend the bird, he cried and cried for a very long time. In fact, he was so sad that he drowned in his own tears.

Akinari: The other animals in the forest came there often to relax, but none of them knew the alligator had created it or that he was gone. The end.

Akinari: Even though the alligator did not find meaning in his life, the residents of the forest did. They just didn't realize it.

Akinari: It's really what others think of my life or what I was able to do for them.

Akinari: People can't survive without help from others. We all depend on one another.

I took the notebook; it was filled with writing in Akinari's signature red ink.

Akinari: Coming to see me, talking...even discussing the meaning of life...I...I can be glad that I was born...

The wind picked up a slight chill...

...and the sun seemed to glow a bit brighter.

Akinari discovered the meaning of his life, however brief; it's my job to make sure others survive to do the same. (Asuras are power-seeking dieties from Hindu mythology.)

As we spoke, Akinari began to grow faint.

Not his voice or anything...

...he actually started to seem less consistent.

All of a sudden, he vanished right then and there.

I was left with nothing but his old notebook.

I don't know who, or what, he was, or where he went...but I'm glad I could help him, and I hope that I can do the same for the rest of the world. First, though, we have to find out what exactly we CAN do for the world.

See what I mean about weird? Anyway, I'm out for now, guys, I'll write again later on.

Coming up in the next entry: A new face?

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Magician: Kenji, the classmate
Priestess: Fuuka, the SEES member
Empress: ???
Emperor: Hidetoshi, head of the Disciplinary Committee
Hierophant: Bunkichi and Mitsuko, bookstore proprietors
Lovers: Yukari, the SEES member
Chariot: Kazushi, the Track Team member
Justice: Chihiro, the treasurer
Hermit: Maya, the online gamer
Fortune: Keisuke, the art club leader
Strength: Yuko, the team manager
Hanged Man: Maiko, the grade schooler
Temperance: Bebe, the foreigner
Devil: Tanaka, the "celebrity"
Tower: Mutatsu, the unusual monk
Star: Mamoru, the star athlete
Moon: Nozumi, the Gourmet King
Sun: Akinari, the dying boy