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Part 43: Entry Thirty-Eight: November 16th, 2009

Entry Thirty-Eight: November 16th, 2009

Mood: Psyched!
Music: The Juliana Theory. My taste in music is as great as always.

Whew, the class trip is tomorrow and you wouldn't believe how glad I am about that. I need a break like Junpei needs a shower. We're not leaving the country or anything, but still; a break's a break.

As for what's been going on lately, it turns out I'm not the new kid at school anymore.

Well, technically Aigis "transferred" in after me, but she's not really a kid, she's more of an instrument of destruction.

The new guy's in my class, too.

I guess that scarf has magical powers or something...

...since all the girls in the class immediately went gaga over Ryoji.

Ms. Toriumi: Be sure to explain them to him. Now then, you need a seat. Let's see...

After Ryoji found a seat, he stopped to greet Aigis as he passed...

...and to hit on her. I can already tell this guy's going to get along great here.

Aigis didn't take it too well; I guess that'd have to do with her not having any hormones because she's a robot. Wasn't it the Chairman's idea for her to come to school? It turned out he was evil, we should totally void any of his previous schemes like this.

Ryoji, and pretty much everyone else, was oblivious to the fact that she is in fact a robot...

...even when she kept dropping hints like she drops nuclear weapons on Shadows.

Ryoji: Haha, rejected from the start. You're an interesting girl...
Yukari: Ugh...
Ms. Toriumi: Your teacher understands, haven't had very long to be the "new student", and already you have to share the spotlight. I wish your classmates would pay attention to me for a change...hey, are any of you even listening?

I'd almost forgotten about the class trip to Kyoto until Ms. Toriumi brought it up. I've been psyched for it since.

After school that day, I played with Maiko...

...and the next morning, Yukari told me that Mitsuru was coming back that evening. I was glad to hear it; it had been hard to not worry about her after what had happened.

After school that day, I spent some time with Chihiro.

Chihiro seemed to be feeling strange, so I asked her what was wrong.

Chihiro: Oh my, is there red bean jam on my face...? ...Remember when you saved me from that creep, Minato-san? From that day on, my health hasn't been so great...the doctor said I'm fine, but...I guess I'll tell you, Minato-san, since you've been so nice to me! B-but don't think I'm weird, okay?!

I was honestly not sure if I should be flattered or horrified.

Chihiro: I dream about you every night...this has never happened to me before. I appreciate how nice you've been to me, Minato-san...

Well damn, I never would've guessed.

She dreams about me every night, huh?

That's...actually kind of adorable.

It also means that I should probably watch my ass around Yuko and Fuuka from now on.

Chihiro: I get so nervous when I'm around you, Minato-san...especially when you look at me that way...sorry...

Chihiro: So far, I can only talk to boys I know, but...I can almost look them in the eye! With your help, Minato-san, I feel like I can do even better! As long as it's nothing scary...I'll be fine!

I figured it was time for a nice gesture, so I took her hand.

I think she took it as a little more than just a "nice gesture", though...

That evening, Mitsuru had in fact returned, but she had went up to her room right as she got home. I'm not sure I could blame her.

After school the next day, I went to see Maiko again.

She was distraught over something...

...and I was shocked to find out what it was when she calmed down a little.

Maiko: Why would Dad do that? Why? All I did was say I wanted to know the real reason they were getting a divorce. They told me I was too young to even understand it. So I kept asking, and Dad got angry, and then he...he...then Mom said since I was so annoying, that it was my fault.

Maiko: I bet they wouldn't care if I was even there at all! What if I ran away from home...? I want to find out how they really feel about me...

I thought about going to the cops, but I figured that'd only make the situation worse.

At least she's got someone she can trust, I guess...

...and that's really all I can do for her right now.

The next day I went to see Chihiro again...

...and Kenji the day after that.

After school the next day, I "saw" Yukari go to see Mitsuru, who had been hiding out on the roof.

Yukari: Well, yeah, even though I'm not a member.
Mitsuru: ...Sorry about that.
Yukari: They seem pretty busy, what with the class trip and all. I bet you have your hands full, since it's for both juniors and seniors.
Mitsuru: Hmph...the class trip, huh...even if I went, I'd only spoil the fun.
Yukari: You're not thinking of skipping the trip, are you?
Mitsuru: ...
Yukari: You can't do that!

Mitsuru: Is that so?
Yukari: To tell you the truth, you're not the easiest person to relate to. But I know what it's like to lose a father...
Mitsuru: Takeba...

They were about to have a moment...

...before Ryoji showed up.

Ryoji: I've been looking everywhere for you!

Ryoji: Huh? Same as you, I was trying to find Mitsuru-senpai. Some girl I've never met before asked me to look for her...
Yukari: What?
Ryoji: I wasn't the only one she asked, either. She said if we didn't find her, the class trip might get cancelled...

Ryoji, I quickly learned, has absolutely no concept of "timing".

Fortunately, Yukari acted fast and saved Ryoji from a kick to the balls.

Mitsuru: Takeba...thank you for your concern. For now, I will attend to my duties.
Ryoji: Hey, she didn't answer my question...
Yukari: "For now", huh? I don't like the sound of that.

Ryoji: I know this place on Shirakawa Boulevard...

Bad move.

I could almost feel the bones in my foot breaking in sympathy as Yukari stomped him.

As for me, I saw Chihiro that day...

...and considered going to Tartarus that night since Mitsuru was back, but decided against it. Wasn't in the mood.

The next day was a Sunday, and since I didn't have anything else to do, I went to see Chihiro again.

Chihiro: Sorry about coffee is going to get cold.

I offered her sugar as a change of subject, and she accepted gratefully.

It's nice that things are going well with her.

I also gave her a gift: a watch I'd gotten from Tanaka's show a few months back.

She was thrilled. Tanaka might not be a cold-hearted bastard after all.

Today, the teachers reminded us again about the trip, as if I wasn't excited enough already...

...and after school, I saw Maiko again.

Maiko: I yelled at them to please stop fighting so much...but they told me to just leave them alone.

Maiko: I'd better start packing soon...what do you think I need to pack if I'm running away from home? I'll need lots of snacks, right? What about my health insurance card? Maybe my PJs and my toothbrush...what else?

Maiko: Don't worry. I'm going to be just fine, okay? I'm gonna miss you, won't be easy to be alone.

Again, I'd go to the police about this...

...but they've been so swamped with Apathy Syndrome reports that I doubt they'd be able to help.

At least her parents will still have the common decency to work together and find their daughter...


Ugh, thinking about that depresses the hell out of me. She'll be fine, and so will the rest of us, since we're going to Kyoto tomorrow. We'll be there for a few days, but I'll be sure to write as soon as I get back. See ya, guys!

Coming up in the next entry: Kyoto, here we come!