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Part 47: Entry Forty-Two: December 1st, 2009

Entry Forty-Two: December 1st, 2009

Mood: Anxious
Music: A My Chemical Romance Christmas

Tomorrow's the full moon, and I'm just as nervous as always...for no reason whatsoever, since we've already killed all the big Shadows. There's nothing to worry about. The world's saved!

...well, except for the psychopathic killers that are still on the loose. And the horrible monsters from another dimension. And the fucked-up space-time continuum. Aside from all that, everything's fine!

Instead of trying to lie to myself, though, I guess I'll talk about what's been going on lately. For one thing, I've been updating my Persona repertoire...Mot is a thing in a coffin. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but it's in there. It's a little too weak to use now, but it's nice to fill out my compendium either way.

Alice, on the other hand, is definitely not too weak to use...

...especially with spells like this. (Die For Me! is basically the Dark version of Samsara. Enemies that are weak against Dark die without fail, most other enemies die as well. It's great.)

I also remembered to fuse Alice so she'd inherit Megido...

...and in doing so fulfilled one of Elizabeth's requests.

After messing around with my Personas, I got back to the business of hanging out with businessmen.

Tanaka: I had to pay for transportation, membership renewal, and of course my hotel room. I doubt you'd understand how I feel, since you're still young, but a high school reunion is a very important's the perfect opportunity to show everyone else how pathetic their lives turned out.

Tanaka: Now they both look at me with envy. Their annual salary doesn't even compare to my monthly income! My business is on a roll, and my private life is also very satisfying. Let me take you under my wing as our exclusive model. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don't think I would extend this offer to just anyone.

I wonder if Calvin Klein is this creepy.


Oh, and of course he's not giving my money back. I'd be upset if I wasn't richer than God.

Tuesday was Career Experience, and it sucked.

Moving on, the day after Career Experience was over I went to talk to Mitsuru after school.

She seemed to be pretty impressed with my academic prowess. I had only, y'know, scored at the top of the class on the previous two tests.

Mitsuru: By the way, Arisato, I'd like to talk to you about something. If you don't mind, can you spare some time?

I told her I didn't mind...

...and we ended up hanging out after school.

I took her to Hagakure, once again living up to my Livejournal username. Maybe it wasn't so badly chosen after all.

She was oddly concerned with manners at the ramen shop...

Mitsuru: ...I thought it tasted strange at first, but as I continued to eat, I realized it had a subtle charm to it. It's quite delicious.

Ramen Shop Owner: Chef? You talkin' to me?
Mitsuru: This ramen tastes absolutely wonderful. ...It's been awhile since I last complimented the chef. What do you use for bouillon?
Ramen Shop Owner: Bouillon? ...What the hell is that? Anyways, if ya want to know the recipe, sorry. i can't tell ya, lady. Without our secret recipe, we'd be outta business.

Mitsuru: Now, this would be considered a meal if one were to eat it with rice, yes? That is very interesting.
Ramen Shop Owner: Uh, no, that's not, uh...

He walked away with an odd look on his face. I couldn't blame him.

Mitsuru: Oh, sorry. My imagination got the best of me. I've been wanting to try ramen for a long time...does that make me strange?

Mitsuru: I felt extremely awkward coming here alone. I'm so glad you're here with me. You've taught me so much about ramen etiquette. Let's eat here again sometime.

Good lord.

I've really gotta learn to pick my romantic interests better.

Anyway, that evening we all met up in the dining area to try and help Junpei feel like himself again.

Junpei: So whaddya want?
Mitsuru: This came for you. it's from the hospital.

Junpei: I know I have to snap outta this, but it's just so hard...

Yukari took Chidori's sketchbook and flipped it open, and we were all surprised at its contents...

Fuuka: Wow, it's really good...
Yukari: This is amazing...who wouldn't be able to understand it?

I guess in a way, we really wouldn't be able to understand it.

Junpei: ...It's like she's telling me to stop moping around...
Fuuka: She must be looking out for you.

When Junpei turned to look at me, there was a new resolve in his eyes.

We shook hands.

I think he'll be okay now...

...and if we keep at it, maybe we really will find a way to get rid of the Dark Hour.

The next day was a Sunday, so I went to see Chihiro at the mall.

Chihiro: In the manga that the artist of that book draws, the main character is always a shy girl...her admiration of the boy she likes drives her to become more confident and charming. I want to be like that too...

Oddly enough, Chihiro actually seems a little less creepy than Mitsuru.

That night during the Dark Hour, we headed to Tartarus.

I checked out Junpei's new Persona when we arrived. Trismegistus is basically more of the same from him, though he inherited Chidori's Spring of Life skill. This heals him for a decent amount every turn and doesn't cost anything; it's very useful given his tendency to use physical Skills.

I also kept expanding my repertoire. Hariti has fifty-one flavors of support Skill, making her one of my best Personas yet...

While Uriel doesn't bother with that support crap and just burns things to death.

Byakko, the ultimate Temperance Persona, takes the opposite approach and freezes things to death.

Samael is another Persona that I fused to fill the Compendium; he's too weak to use now.

Likewise with Incubus, which also looks really fucking gross. Ugh.

Succubus doesn't look quite as horrible, thankfully.

Lilith, whom I fused using Incubus, Succubus, and a couple others, is very handy. She knows Makarakarn, which reflects any magic attack back to its source; sure, it's expensive, but definitely worth the cost.

Of course, with Alice and Die For Me!, the new guys didn't see much action. That Skill's name basically says it all.

There's no shortage of Guardians left in Tartarus, that's for sure...

Tartarus Boss 17 - Stasis Giants (These guys are pretty straightforward. We use support Skills, they try to kill us, they fail. Watch for the very close call at the end, though.) shortage at all.

Tartarus Boss 18 - Phantom King (Give me a break.)

I'm pretty sure the things breed when we're not around.

Tartarus Boss 19 - Royal Dancers (Strategy? Who needs it? We've got fire.)

How else could there be so damn many?

Tartarus Boss 20 - Reckoning Dice (This one's immune to all magic. Unfortunately, we use Akihiko and Junpei, the most powerful physical characters. Sucks to be it.)

Finally, we reached the end...

...and found what appeared to be the last of the Old Documents there.

(I'm leaving the team. I can't break the law. But he won't come with me...maybe I'll open an antique store.

Elizabeth was happy to see it, of course.

Elizabeth: However, you are already moving towards another truth. Although memories may remind you of the past, always walk toward the future...I must admit, I'm a bit envious, since I have neither.

We wrapped things up in Tartarus for the evening, and the next day I went to see Tanaka again.

Tanaka: I had an appointment at the spa for a facial peel...isn't my skin positively radiant now? I'm afraid it's all part of the job; I have my fans to think of. At home, I'm completely the opposite. I dress like a slob and only shower once every three days. Let me give you an analogy...

Tanaka: Imagine an organically grown cucumber that looks deformed. Compare that to a cucumber that looks perfect, but was grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Awkward-shaped cucumbers are difficult to stack, so stores prefer nice straight ones. Taste and safety are not really considered; instead, they carry cucumbers that even mold won't eat. So why do consumers still buy those cucumbers when they know the truth?

Tanaka: That's why, as much as I hate spending money, I buy expensive ties to win people's trust. ...Wait! You remember what I just said about me dressing up like a slob and not showering everyday...don't tell ANYONE! I can't afford to have people start believing I'm ordinary! I only said it because it was you; you're the only one who knows.


Weird, weird, weird. What else can I even say?

At least he's not threatening to do horrible things to me, like defacing my Facebook profile, if I reveal his secrets now.

Ryoji was at the dorm when I got home that evening.

Yukari: But then again, you never do...

Ryoji: You know, I'm here a lot, but I hardly ever run into you. Strange, huh? Oh well, I'm outta here. See ya.

Yukari: Yeah, he said he was going home.
Aigis: What was he doing here?
Yukari: He's been coming here a lot, ever since he started hanging around with Junpei.
Aigis: But visitors aren't allowed here...
Junpei: Yeah, but Mitsuru-senpai said that it's okay during the day.

Fuuka: Who? Ryoji-kun?
Yukari: Come to think of it, he WAS hitting on Mitsuru-senpai the first time he met her...
Akihiko: He was...?
Fuuka: ...but having him around has really cheered up Junpei-kun.

Aigis: That's true...I envy you, Junpei.

Junpei: But you don't seem that different.
Aigis: However, it is more accurate to say that I am "functioning" as opposed to living. There are times when I malfunction, but I can always be repaired.
Junpei: So if we were all like you...we wouldn't have to worry about dying...

We all left for our rooms, but on the way I heard Aigis mumbling...

Aigis: A "living" weapon is difficult to operate...however, I believe I understand the concept of loss. Should you ever be harmed, Minato, are very special to me. I do not know why, but I always want to be by your side. I want to protect you...

I dunno what's up with her today.

I heard her mumbling to herself as I went upstairs, too.

Aigis: I am a machine...I cannot die, so they won't have to grieve for me. I must do something...

Great, the battle droid's having an existential crisis. My life is a goddamn mess.

The next day, I hung out with Chihiro after school.

As we got ready to head to the bookstore...

...a couple of students stopped us, and they looked pretty pissed with Chihiro.

Chihiro: Oh, that money...I gave it to the teacher in the office...
Girl: You were the one who was responsible for that money, right? That means you were the last one who saw it...
Chihiro: Huh? I just told you...
Boy: You're the Treasurer, right? Why are you in that position if you don't know how to handle money properly? The teachers are in the office right now, so why don't you go fess up and apologize...

Chihiro: You agree with me, right, Minato-san? It's NOT my fault! I-I gave the money to the teacher! It's not my fault, so why should I have to apologize?
Boy: ...Whatever. Just make sure you take care of it.

Boy: Don't worry. I'll keep your little secret...for now.
Chihiro: Wait! You think I...? N-nevermind.

Chihiro: I-I couldn't stand up to them, but I didn't take anything! I have to prove to everyone that it wasn't me, so what should I do? I never expected this to happen...Minato-san, what should I do...?

She looked like she was about to hyperventilate...

...but at least my being around seemed to help a little.

I ended up heading home instead of going to the bookstore.

Junpei: ...but we don't have any Shadows to kill. Man, this sucks.

Eh, what am I worried about? Tomorrow's just gonna be another day.

Coming up in the next entry: Right?