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Part 49: Entry Forty-Four: December 3rd, 2009

Entry Forty-Four: December 3rd, 2009


(Continuing from closest non-corrupt piece of the previous entry:)

The next day, Mitsuru came to class at lunch and told us that Ryoji had woke up... after school, we all met in the lounge.

Fuuka: Are you okay, Ryoji-kun?
Ryoji: Yeah, I'm okay, thanks.

Mitsuru: Yes, there are many questions we need answered. To begin with, you said Shadows were here to facilitate the rebirth of the maternal being...please elaborate on this.

Akihiko: You mean, everyone will die?!
Mitsuru: All life will vanish...? Th-then that must mean...

Mitsuru: The Fall...
Yukari: But it's still possible to keep it from happening, right?
Ryoji: ...
Yukari: Wh-what...? There's no way to prevent it...?

Ryoji: You heard the bell...I'm the Appriser...the Appriser of existence is the affirmation of the Fall.

Nobody said a word.

There's...nothing you can say to that.

Junpei was as shocked as the rest of us...

...but he seemed to compose himself for a moment.

Ryoji, however, confirmed our worst fear. There is no way to stop the Fall.

Junpei: What...? That's BULLSHIT!
Ken: This is all so sudden...

No way to stop it. No way to save ourselves. No way to save anyone.

But as it turns out...

...there is one thing.

We've got a choice, y'see.

And what a wonderful choice it is.

We can't stop the Fall or anything...

...but we can slow it down, and forget what happened.

It'll be just like falling asleep...or maybe like waking up. Like life itself was just a dream.

I'm not sure if that's such a bad idea or not...

...given the alternative.

So that's where we are. We've got a whole month to decide if we should kill our completely innocent friend so we can die in peace. That's one option. We could also not kill him and die knowing what's coming.

Either way, we're dead, and so is everyone else.

The worst thing is that you can tell he wants us to do it. He doesn't want us to live the rest of our lives in fear. His eyes are filled with...not pity. Regret. Regret for the part that he played in this, even though he had no choice.

He took off after that...

...vanishing into the night like...well, like a shadow.

Twenty-eight days.

We've got twenty-eight days to decide.

Twenty-eight days to determine the fate of every human being on the planet.

You all are reading this, aren't you? It's not just our choice, then. All of your lives rest on this, just like ours. Nyx is coming, whether you believe it or not, and when she arrives...anyway, listen. You're probably afraid. I know I am, need to choose as well. I can't take the entire world's well-being into my hands, so tell me what you think we should do.


Coming up in the next entry: Twenty-eight days...