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Part 58: Entry Fifty-One: January 3rd, 2010

Entry Fifty-One: January 3rd, 2010

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So it might seem like a complete turnaround from my attitude the last time I wrote, but I think at this point that I'm kind of excited to see Nyx. I've got some surprises for her, y'see. It's gonna be fun.

See, we actually headed back to Tartarus when Junpei brought up that strange door that showed up. He figured that we might as well take a look inside... that's exactly what we did. Turns out it leads to Tartarus' basement, the Monad Depths.

It's full of incredibly powerful Shadows; really, the only ones we could handle at first were these Divine Mothers, who were weak against Dark so I could manage to kill them with Die For Me!

It was definitely worth it, though. Long story short, we were at this all night last night...

...and we came back again tonight for more.

This has had a variety of exciting benefits. For instance, Kohryu finally produced its Heart Item, a Scale that nullifies Strike attacks when equipped. Would've been a lot more useful a couple months ago, but it's okay to have now, I guess.

There's also the whole rapidly soaring skill level thing. This allowed me to update my Persona repertoire, which had been getting a little rusty lately.

Saturnus, for instance, is good at setting things on fire. This isn't what I used him for, though; I had bigger plans in store for him.

I also fused together a Rangda and a Barong to produce Shiva, who also ended up with a Heart Item. Shiva is interesting in that no other fusions would produce him; only Ranga and Barong worked.

With Saturnus, Shiva, and Garuda, I created Satan. Yeah, that Satan. I figured there wasn't any point bothering with lesser dieties and such anymore when I could just get straight to the point. Satan's great and all - he has a unique skill called Black Viper that kills stuff very effectively - but I could still do better.

So I made Kali...

...and Vishnu (who isn't all that bad himself)...

...and combined them with something else I don't remember to create Lucifer, the ultimate Star Persona.

Lucifer absolutely does not fuck around. His unique skill, Morning Star, does a crapload of damage to everything even vaguely Shadowy in a hundred-mile radius.

I almost feel bad for the things now.

That's not the reason I made him and Satan, though. Oh no. When Nyx shows up on the 31st, she's going to have to go through this:

Fusion - Armageddon (Archive damaged!)

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, Lucifer also has the Victory Cry skill. This means that at the end of every battle, I get all of my HP and SP back for free. There's no reason for me to ever use anything but Armageddon now, especially since evaporating Shadows with it also gets me a free Shuffle.

I still wasn't done yet, though.

I figured I had the bad guys of Christianity, so I might as well pick up the good guy as well. Here's Messiah, in the reincarnated flesh. To fuse him, I combined Orpheus and Thanatos - birth and death.

With a fusion recipe like that, it's no surprise that Messiah has a sense of irony. He's also got ridiculous stats and skills, but really, when I've got Armageddon and Victory Cry there's no need to ever use anything else.

Having a backup is nice though.

Anyway, we've got twenty-eight days until Nyx arrives, so I think we can still get a little stronger to prepare. I'll report on that later. Either way, hopefully you guys can rest a little easier knowing that we've been hard at work.

Coming up in the next entry: You think this is broken? Oh no. I'll show you broken. I'll also probably show you some more social links, and we can pretend we still need them.