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Part 59: Entry Fifty-Three: January 30th, 2010

Entry Fifty-Three: January 30th, 2010

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...and then I woke up. None of that actually happened, of course.

Wishful thinking coming out in my entries, I guess, but either way it turns out that something's gone wrong and I can't actually gain any more power from defeating normal Shadows. My skill level's stuck at sixty-eight, and it's not going anywhere. Fuuka said something about our Personas not functioning properly thanks to Nyx's influence.

We did go to Monad, though. It was empty. Not a thing in there. Lovely. Here I am, the night before the Fall, and I'm unable to train because my Persona isn't working right, so I'm being delusional.

So basically I've been hanging around, waiting for the Fall. Everyone's been worried about the cult that's been making the rounds in the city.

I can't say I blame them. Brainwashed citizens are the last thing we need to deal with at this point.

Yeah, everything's been great lately.

My life is a goddamn mess.

Winter break flew by, which is understandable seeing as we're all kinda mortified about our upcoming deaths. Tends to kill the vacation atmosphere.

So we headed back to school...

...and the atmosphere there's even worse.

That fucking cult's even got to them.

After school that day, Junpei asked me to go to the rooftop with him.

Junpei: It's almost Coming of Age Day, ya know...I used to just think of it as a day off, but now I wonder if I'm even gonna live long enough to celebrate it. It's been pretty weird around here lately...people have been passing out, others have gone missing. Dude, it's crazy.

Junpei: ...It's all gotta be because of this Nyx. Oh, and have you heard about that doomsday cult? They've been running around town telling everyone they see that the end of the world is, we need to do something, and quick.

Junpei: They haven't done anything yet, but I know they've gotta be planning something, and we need to take care of them too.

Junpei: But then again, I never thought it would come to this. Ya know, I don't think it's completely hit me's just all so hard to believe, but that doesn't mean we should just sit around and wait for it to happen.

Junpei: That thing was inside you for ten years, and you harnessed its power and made it your own...I'm glad I met you. It's embarassing to say it, but...that's really how I feel.

I told him we would, and I meant it.

This assumes we survive this. Even without "Luci", I intend to do my best, and I know everyone else feels the same.

I went to see Kenji after that, figuring I didn't have much time left...

...and did the same thing with Mitsuru the next day.

Coming of Age Day came...

...and went. School was still as fun as ever - apparently this end of the world thing has been spreading all over the nation, and maybe all over the world.

Fuuka said Nyx's approach was beginning to mess with normal people's minds, so it was only going to get worse as the Fall got closer.

I hung out with Chihiro after school that day.

She was still fretting about the missing money. Lucky.

Chihiro: I can't take this anymore...I...don't want to be here...s-sorry! I shouldn't be saying things like this as a member of Student Council! I'm going to go check out some books...

While she was looking at the books, some students came in...

...and they were all abuzz about her apparent thievery. At least it wasn't the cult again.

Girl: I hear she has no father...there's no way they could have any money, since her mom only works part-time. How could it NOT be her? She has such an innocent face, though...

I figured I should go say something...

...but they took off before I could.

Chihiro was still pretty upset, of course.

We went out to the lobby to talk about it.

Chihiro: The only time I feel safe is when I'm with you, Minato-san...I have no one else to turn to in school. Do you think I should just wait it out, Minato-san? I know you're probably right, but...when will the rumors stop?! Will everyone just assume I'm guilty?!

Chihiro: I don't think it's right for me to always be counting on you, Minato-san...

Oh, the hilarious irony.

If only she knew how much was depending on me other than her.

When I got back to the dorm, Junpei mentioned that everyone was going to Hagakure for ramen, and I decided to come along too.

Akihiko was paying, so that didn't hurt, even though we had more money laying around than the gross national product of a small country at this point.

Junpei: Akihiko-san's NEVER treated us all to ramen before.
Akihiko: Hey, why do I have to treat everyone?
Junpei: Tch, not this again...come on Akihiko-san, a bet's a bet. Pay up!
Akihiko: Alright, alright! I never said I wouldn't.

Akihiko had a magazine, and Aigis took a look at it. Apparently it was an article about the cult.

And you won't believe who we saw in there.


Fucking Strega.

Mankind is currently imprisoned by the sins of hate and anger. But soon, a savior will descend upon this world to break the chains that bind us, and lift us to new heights. This great being is Nyx. I have beheld her glory, and she has blessed me with power beyond belief. In Nyx there is no suffering...

I had no idea how Takaya knew what was up with Nyx.

Yukari: Wait, he's saying that Nyx will save the world?! That's not true!
Akihiko: I don't think he really means what he's saying. This is all just a game to him.
Junpei: That son of a bitch...

Oh, it gets better.

They're trying to pin all of this crap on us.

Junpei: Oh, sorry. Hey, what's up with them calling him the "charismatic one"? How'd he get so popular all of a sudden?
Akihiko: Well, Jin's pretty well-known on the Internet...he's probably pretty good at stirring up trouble.
Yukari: Yeah, I bet he orchestrated Takaya's rise to fame. Ugh, those two make me sick...

But do not fear those evildoers who desecrate their gifts. Nyx shall right their wrongs. May your hearts be filled with peace as you await your salvation. Blessed are those who take joy in the coming of Nyx. The revolution is here!

Aigis: Throughout history, those who have changed the future have often been highly charismatic...that's the end of the article. It appears that after the interview, Takaya and Jin disappeared again.
Akihiko: Well, there's only one place they could've gone - Tartarus. They must've been planning this all along.
Aigis: Takaya's words have changed the mood of the entire city. Even though they won't admit it, they are all afraid...
Yukari: Yeah...I mean, why else would people believe this nonsense Takaya's preaching?
Akihiko: I guess people just need something to believe in.

Junpei aptly summarized what was up.

Aigis: The fact that all life ends one day has nothing to do with Nyx. Death is a natural occurence in the cycle of life. Don't all humans realize this?
Yukari: I guess...
Junpei: TO tell you the truth, I never even would've thought about my own death if none of this had happened...but since we've made up our minds, why don't we just leave it at that? Our objective is Nyx. If Strega gets in our way, we'll just have to deal with them too.
Akihiko: I agree. We'll probably run into them at Tartarus anyway...however you look at it, we're the obstacle standing in their way.
Yukari: The promised day will soon be here...
Junpei: Yeah.

Junpei ordered some more food on Akihiko's tab, and we headed home soon after that.

I hung out with Yuko the next day after school...

...Chihiro the day after that...

...and Kenji the day after that. Figured I might as well see my friends while I could.

I even told Chihiro I'd see her that Sunday...

...and saw her the next day as well.

Akihiko and Mitsuru had somehow been composed enough to take their college entrance exams. I'm not sure how.

I guess it's part of how they keep up hope.

Anyway, I went to see Chihiro again the next day like I'd promised.

She was still fretting, but at least I was doing my part to take her mind off it.

I had Integrative Learning the next day, but I admit I didn't really pay attention...

After school that day, I went out with Yukari... I could apologize to her and clear the air between us, since, y'know, we were gonna make a last stand for humanity soon.

You'd figure she'd let bygones be bygones once we found out we'd be dying by the end of the month...

...but I guess I don't understand women.

That night, Mitsuru called me to ask if I wanted to go out on Sunday, even though she lives in the same damn building as me. I could seriously hear her talking to me on the phone upstairs. I agreed to go out with her regardless, but geez.

Oh, speaking of Mitsuru and awkwardness, I hung out with Chihiro the next day, but before we could go anywhere there was an announcement.

I basically freaked the fuck out - she had probably found out what was up and was going to execute me in a very real sense.

Ironically, Chihiro reassured me that it was just about the money situation, so up we went.

Mitsuru: I apologize for the sudden announcement. The reason I called you here is...
Chihiro: You think I stole the money...
Mitsuru: Chihiro...I'd like to hear the whole story directly from you.

I knew she could handle this herself, so I didn't say anything.

She was struggling...

...but Mitsuru helped her out by basically admitting she wanted her to be a servant. Yeah.

Mitsuru: From what I've seen in Student Council, Chihiro, it's obvious that you didn't take the money.
Chihiro: Th-thank you, Ms. President...
Mitsuru: I was just testing you. In a situation like this, I'm afraid you have to prove your innocence. Do you think you can do that?

Chihiro still didn't seem to have the confidence she needed to stand up for herself, though.

Mitsuru decided that she and I would need to work together to help clear Chihiro's name.

She suggested we meet up in her room that night, and you better believe I was all over that. I mean, I'm a total gentleman, don't get me wrong, but this is Mitsuru-senpai we're talking about here!

That...didn't go over too well.

Mitsuru didn't have any ulterior motives (sadly)...

...but Chihiro was most definitely not cool with that plan.

She took off for the Faculty Office...

...and we followed her there.

Chihiro: You had a bandage on your chin because you cut yourself while shaving! I handed the fee money to you directly! Do you expect me to just pretend that never happened?!
Mitsuru: Calm down, Fushimi!
Chihiro: Please explain! Or else...or else someone important to me will...

Teacher: I didn't have any money on me, so I used what you collected to pay for a taxi.
Chihiro: What?!
Teacher: I fully intended to return the money, but then I forgot. I must be getting old, huh?
Chihiro: It's not funny!

Mitsuru and Chihiro were both pretty pissed off at the guy. I gotta admit that I felt a little bad for him.

He was in pretty deep shit, after all.

Chihiro took me by the hand (in front of the girl I've been dating behind her back, I might add) and dragged me up to the rooftop.

Chihiro: Hahaha...remember what I said to Mitsuru-san? "Get away from him!" I-I was worried what might happen if you and Mitsuru-san were alone together...I was so flustered I almost passed out. I'm pretty weird, huh? I've been like that ever since I was a kid, or so my mother says. Normally, I'm quiet and timid, but when it comes to something I care about then I become aggressive.

Y'know, I might have missed out on Mitsuru, but this worked out just fine.

Yeah, I was cool with it.

So I agreed. Chihiro was thrilled, and I headed back to the dorm.

That didn't stop me from hanging out with Yuko the next day, but I didn't mack on her or anything.

I saw Chihiro again the day after...

...and the next day, I heard some kids gossiping about Career Counseling. Basically we'd sit down with our homeroom teacher and discuss our plans for the future. It wasn't really a big deal.

After school that day, I went to Hagakure with Kenji.

Kenji was intensely focused on thoughts of Ms. Kanou... of course I stole his egg. Yum.

Kenji: Man, hanging out with you is never boring! But that being said, I want a girlfriend, dude.

Kenji: When Emiri left, I was really sad, but I'm not sure what I was sad about...did I really love Emiri, or did I just love the idea of being in a relationship with a teacher? I've been thinking and thinking about it...and I just don't know.

If this was a special moment shared with a girl, it'd be tender and touching. But with another guy? That shit is GAY.

...and don't say a word about Bebe.

Kenji: You don't have much fashion sense, so I wanted to help you out. I mean, that's what best friends do, right? J-just take it, man!

Best friends, huh?

That's another person I can't lose to the Fall, then.

(Surt is a fire giant from Norse mythology. He's also practically useless to us at this point. Shame, because he looks very cool.)

After we hung out for a few more hours, I headed back to the dorm.

I saw Chihiro again the next day...

...and back at the dorm, Akihiko reminded me of an important point. The 31st was it - once we went in, we weren't leaving unless it was in a bodybag. Metaphorically speaking, of course, because if we didn't win there'd be nobody left to put us in the bags, but you get the point.

I would've went to train over the past week, but like I said, it wouldn't do anything for me.

I went out with Mitsuru on Sunday, and we went to the karaoke bar. She's pretty good at it, though I wouldn't have guessed before we started dating.

Monday, people at school were talking about the Cult again.

Every time I hear it, it only renews my resolve, as dopey as that might sound. I can't just let the world go to shit, y'know?

Counseling was that day, too.

I was planning on going to college before we found out we'd be dying. I wanted to study art, maybe take my drawing to the next level. It might sound kinda silly, but that's really what I like to do.

Ms. Toriumi said I've changed a lot over this past year, and I think she's right. I told her that I thought it was thanks to all the people I've met, and I really believe that. Without everyone's support, I don't think I could've made it this far.

Tomorrow, it'll be my turn to give back to everyone else, or at least try.

Ms. Toriumi wanted to see Aigis next, so I went to find her.

She was up on the roof, thinking.

Aigis: I'm sorry I went off on my's nothing, really. I just needed some time to think.

Aigis: When I fought Ryoji, I got really scared when my consciousness began to fade. But that wasn't all...I was also confused and embarrassed when I realized I couldn't defeat him...but I couldn't defeat him ten years ago, either, and I didn't have those feelings then. I...I really have changed.

Aigis: You know, in the past if I didn't understand something, I would just ask someone to explain it to me. but since I've decided to "live", no one's been able to answer the questions I've been facing. However, there is one thing I've come to understand...

Aigis: I still don't know what it means to "live" yet...

Aigis: And I think I can if I'm with you, so please...please take me with you! I may not be strong enough, but I'll fight with you to the end! Please!

I told her I would, of course. I'd never intended on leaving anyone behind, believe me.

Aigis went to see Ms. Toriumi after that. I hung out with Yukari that day, but to be honest nothing's going to come of it before the Fall, so I guess I'll write more about the situation with her if we all survive.

Instead, I'll focus on how things have been with Chihiro. I saw her the next day, for instance...

...Yuko the day after that...

...and on Thursday, Chihiro mentioned that she wanted to see me after school.

More accurately, she wanted me to come over, presumably to meet her Mom. I agreed to that, so we headed off.

Turns out she'd managed to buy that illustration book she wanted, and she was thrilled.

She also lent me one of her manga to read as a memento of the time we'd spent together.

I'm normally not a fan of girly manga, but the symbolism wasn't lost on me, so I took it gratefully.

Get this, though. I was getting ready to leave...

...and Chihiro stopped me.

She was really insistent that I not go...

...and I began to realize why.


This might be the last friend I spent time with... I decided to give in and make it special.

(Melchizedek is a holy figure that appears in several Christian and Judaic religions. He's also fairly useless to us at this point.)

...I won't go into what happened after that in too much detail.

Anyway, the past few days passed without incident, and now I'm here writing.

Tomorrow is it.

One way or the other, the world's going to change.

I'm going to have my friends beside me, and we're going to do our best to protect life itself... listen. If you're reading this, and I know a lot of you are...

...then keep us in your hearts for as long as you can, no matter what happens. I might not be an all-powerful avatar of destruction or anything, but...well, I'm going to do my best.

No, we're going to do our best.

Pray that it'll be enough.

Coming up in the next entry: The Fall approaches...