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Part 8: Entry Seven: May 8th, 2009

Entry Seven: May 8th, 2009

Mood: Scared
Music: I'm too nervous to listen to music right now, ugh.

So just when I thought things might be achieving some sort of normal state, everything starts to go nuts again. Tomorrow's a pretty big day, apparently, but we'll get to that. I'll talk about the past few days first.

On the night of the 2nd, at the Dark Hour...

...I was visited by that kid again. How the hell does he keep getting in my room?

I guess. Strange little kids keep showing up while I'm trying to sleep. I guess I should get that looked at or something.

Boy: You will enocunter one of THEM. You must prepare for the ordeal, but time is of the essence...I'm sure you're aware of that, of course. I'll come see you again when it's over. Goodbye for now.

That doesn't bode too well.

The next day was Consitution Day, the first day of the Golden Week holiday. I remembered hearing about that home shopping show, so I decided to take a look:

Tanaka's Show (Warning: that fucking song.)

I don't think I'll have my thoughts to myself ever again. I will forever more hear Tanaka's Song.

I know everyone wanted to see more of Kenji and Bebe, but it was a holiday so they were off doing their own thing. Instead, I decided to hang out with Maya on Innocent Sin Online.

Maya: U remember me rite? =/

I don't think I could forget if I tried.

Oh yeah, that part was awesome.

Maya: hmm...what kinda people r we, playing inside on such a beautiful day? yeah, games r cool, but like...(gawd this sounds pathetic--) there isn't much else that intersts me, ya know? ._.

Maya: but hey, grinding gets old rite? its more fun talking to u, tatsuya.

Wait, that means someone likes me more, which means...


...exactly what I've learned to think it means.

The next day was Greenery Day.

I decided to go back to bed, because I had picked up whatever Junpei had gotten sick with earlier. It wasn't pretty, so I'll avoid going in detail.

Finally, Children's Day was the last of my days off. Lame.

I figured that once school started again, I wouldn't be able to see Maya as often, so I logged back on Innocent Sin Online...

...right after I got my package from the home shopping show.

Oh joy.

My only response to this stunning revelation: O RLY?

Maya: save me tatsu! i'm sick of my job! no tiem to party T_T 3 beers an countign!11 will u hold my hair bakc? heheh

People, do you understand what you're seeing? This is my life. When I'm not killing monsters from another dimension by shooting myself to summon BDSM Cat or whatever, I'm chatting with drunk women on the Internet.

I think I can safely say that my life is a goddamn mess.

Maya: dun worry, i'm on a break u know =P it didn't use to be liek this T_T i never had to work weekends but lately i cant get motviated to get ne work done @ work. =/

I asked her if it was because she didn't like her job.

Maya: it has been 8 yrs tho...maybe i'm jus bored? =/ ugh...sometimes i wish everything would slow down a bit...^_^; why do i play this game even tho i hav better things to do? lol i dun talk like this irl i swaer! its jus an online habit =P

Maya: i rly like how you have good spelling and punctuation online. that's so 1337.

She thinks I'"leet"? I wonder if that's up there with being "da man". Speaking of leet...

...this totally roxx0rz.

I just pwned this Social Link in...uh...blood gulch. Or something.

Damn, I wonder what kinda job she has.

Sadly, that was the last day of break, so it was back to school again. I overheard a couple of kids talking about how sad they were that break was over. seemed like it was worth looking into, so after school...

...I headed to the shrine instead of my usual exciting extracirricular activities of talking to drunks, weirdoes, or old people.

There was a little girl there, just like I'd heard at school.

Maiko: Who are you? Mom and Dad said not to talk to bad people...are you bad?

I told her I wasn't. I don't think I am. Am I?

Wait, she wants something? I could tell this wasn't going to end well.

Maiko: There's something I really want...I'm soooo hungry...I want to eat something that's round and hot! And soft too...

Well, I had a pretty good idea of what she might want.

...Okay, I lied, I just wanted to feed a little starving girl octopus balls because it's funny as hell.

Oh, even better, it's faketopus!

Wait, what? She actually LIKED it.

Maiko: That was so yummy I ate them all! But, now I'm thirsty...I'm sooooo thirsty! I want something fizzy!

You know what, Maiko? I'm gonna go hang out with that foreign kid instead of you. And do you know why? Because he's less fucking needy.

The home ec room, where I assume Bebe would be since he said so, had a note in some strange language on it. I've been staying on top of my studies thanks to that guy with the robot avatar, and I was able to translate it...

...Against my better judgment, I went inside.

Oh my jesus.

Bebe: I 'aven't seen you since ze bookstore! You came! I am very 'appy!


Bebe: Zis eez tanoshii, very fun! Would you like to try?

I said I would, again against my better judgment. If he touches me in inappropriate ways, I'm blaming you guys.

Bebe: Arigatou, thank you! I was sad because I did not 'ave any tomodachi -- friends -- when I came to Nihon -- Japan...but now I am 'appy!

This is all you guys' fault.

I guess this is, too.

...Do I even want to know why he's Temperance?

You know, it's funny, though. That fan actually looks pretty on Bebe. Not sure why I think so.

Anyway, I headed back to the dorm after Fashion Club was over.

While I was there, I had an idea.

I picked up a soda for Maiko, and you better believe I shook the Hell out of it. My life might be a goddamn mess, but that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun.

Speaking of fun, I felt like climbing Tartarus that evening...

...but got cockblocked majorly. That barricade there wouldn't open no matter what we tried. I wonder if that's as far as we'll be able to reach in Tartarus without dynamite or something.

We did get that old document that Elizabeth wanted, though. I took a look at it before bringing it to her...

The electricity's hooked up. But why do they need so much? There's only a school on this island...

Well, I have no idea what that means, so we wrapped things up in Tartarus. I really hope we can get rid of that barricade soon, without Shadow-hunting I'll probably die of boredom.

The next day at school, I tried to strike up a conversation with Chihiro once again.

Chihiro: I was able to say hi to you! I've been telling myself not to be afraid, but the more I think about it, the more scared I get...I hope I can somehow get better at this...

Hey, she's getting more confident! I made my move right then and there. Minato Arisato: Man of Action!

Fuck. She's probably a lesbian or something.

Instead, I went to hang out with a girl who I knew wouldn't reject my give her free soda, I mean. You sickos. Also, the damn soda didn't explode because it'd been sitting on my desk all day.

Maiko: Come play with me again, okay?

I told her I would. I figured I'd lie to her and finally manage to break her little girl heart instead of inadvertently bringing her joy and glee.

I still had some free time, so I went to talk to Kenji.

Kenji: Well, I heard he knows more about food than anyone...people are always asking him for reccomendations on where to eat. Well, I major in noodles, so there's nothing he can tell me about ramen that I don't already know. I mean, he goes to Hagakure and orders rice-based dishes...what a loser! I guess he's into sandwiches now, so he's always hanging around Paulownia Mall. I wonder who he is...

Well, that's all I needed to hear, so it was off to the Minato-mobile (the monorail) to the mall. life. a mess.

Student: ...What difference does it make what I'm eating? You wouldn't understand the artful construction of this limited edition gourmet sandwich. Besides, after I'm done with this, there's a restaurant I must visit. Ahhh, I'm sooo busy...

I cannot believe this.

It looks like I have to become more charming to, uh, impress the fat kid. I'll be sure to get right on that. Maybe I should dress up like a piece of fried chicken or something. Since lardass wouldn't have anything to do with me, I decided to go chill with Kenji instead.

(As mentioned earlier, having a Persona of the appropriate Arcana makes it much easier to raise Social Link levels.)

We went to the burger joint...

...but it didn't really go anywhere. I headed back to the dorm afterwards.

(This sort of thing happens when you haven't hung out with them enough to "level up" a Social Link. Hanging out again afterward will usually result in an actual scene.)

Kenji called that night and asked to hang out on Sunday, which I agreed to. Junpei wanted to go to Tartarus, which I turned down because there's nothing to fucking do there. Nothing special otherwise, so I spent the night enjoying the dulcet tones of HIM.

The next day, Kenji wanted to hang out after school.

Hidetoshi wanted to hang out after school.

And Bebe wanted to hang out after school.

I agreed to do all of these things simultaneously. I'm sure one of my Personas can do something like that. I definitely wasn't lying to get their hopes up.

Oh, Bebe waits for me outside of class now when he wants to hang out. It's...uh...kinda cute, actuall--wait, what am I saying?

...Let's move on.

Instead of hanging out with any of them, I went to go play with Maiko exactly like I said I would. Fulfilling my promises! That'll ruin her adorable little girl day for sure!

...Why doesn't she seem sad at all?

I told her I wanted to play on the horizontal bar, but she wasn't so cool with that, so...

Maiko: I guess it is getting dark...but I don't wanna go home yet!

Maiko: Can't we stay together a little longer?

...Why does everyone else's life have to be a goddamn mess, too?

Maiko: I tell them I want us to be happy, but they don't listen. They probably hate me, too..hey, we can play again later, right? I think we're friends now. I have cram school on Sunday, but I'm free the rest of the days.

I don't even know what to think about this one. Oh well.

Mitsuru met me as I got back to the dorm.

Mitsuru: ...It's odd, really, how quiet it's been.
Akihiko: You're referring to the shadows, I take it?
Mitsuru: It's been a month since the attack, yet I'm certain that won't be the last time they appear outside of Tartarus.
Akihiko: True...lately, it seems like the Lost are everywhere. So something must be going on...

And it was right about then that I remembered what the boy had said.

Tomorrow is the full moon. You can probably guess why I'm blogging instead of sleeping now.

I guess to take my mind off it, I'll have you guys discuss Social Links some more. Assuming nothing horrible happens tomorrow, I'll have an idea of what to work on next. Here's the list once more:

Magician: Kenji, the classmate
Chariot: Kazushi, the track star
Hierophant: Bunkichi and Mitsuko, the bookstore properietors
Emperor: Hidetoshi, the head of the disciplinary committee
Hermit: Maya, the MMORPG player
Temperance: Bebe, the foreigner
Hanged Man: Miako, the grade schooler
???: The Gourmet King? (We need more charm for this guy, apparently, so don't forget about that.)

Vote as always!

Coming up in the next entry: "A new ordeal"...?