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Part 14: April 25 - April 29: No, Sanzo Doesn't Know Any Normal Girls

-New Days-

> You overhear two students.

Energetic girl: You're welcome to join, even if you're already in a sports club. Hmm...Which cultural club should I join?
Brisk girl: You're going to join a sports AND cultural club? Aren't you going to end up half-assing both of them?
Energetic girl: Ouch! You don't have to be so harsh. I mean, I put some thought into this. Studying and grades are important, but I thought I should join a club and improve my personal skills.
Brisk girl: Oh. Then do you want to join our club? If you're serious about it, we'd welcome you.
Running girl: Gotta get ready...!


Mr. Kondo: Hahaha! Don't look so sad! Everything requires muscles, after all! Why am I going to make you run until you're sore? Because that's how your muscles grow efficiently! Hey, Genjo! Answer this one: what's it called when you gain more muscle after getting sore through exercise?
Mr. Kondo: You must be working out, Genjo! That's right! It's called overcompensation! If you rest for a couple of days after getting muscle soreness, you'll have more muscle than you started with! If you use this to your advantage, you can gain muscle efficiently! Now! Enough jibber jabber! I'll have you run until you're sore! Forget about your other classes! Just run! Work hard! You can do it! Hahaha!

-Heartbeat, Heartbreak-

Before that, Sanzo's super-senses detect a citizen in need.

Male student: My first thought was, "This is horrible! I'm stuck with King Moron as my homeroom teacher!" But, now...My spring...It isn't over just yet...*sigh* Can I ask you to do something for me? All right! Well, what I want you to do is: Do you know that girl from our class who always goes up to the roof? I want you to go see what she's up to. No! Th-That's not what I meant! I, uh, I just wonder what she does up there, that's all. I'm just asking you about it. Thank you! I owe you one!

Target in sight. I suspect a simple "What are you doing?" won't really serve that boy's needs, though.

> Wasn't there one of your classmates who was interested in this girl?
Long-haired girl: Huh? What's the matter?
(Ask about her hobbies)
Long-haired girl: I don't know...Playing with animals, I guess.

> It doesn't seem like you can ask her any more today. You should come back some other time.

After that exhaustive interrogation, Sanzo can barely muster the energy to head downstairs into the faculty office.

-Like A Dream Come True-

You can join either the drama club or the band. Both clubs meet on the ground floor of the Practice Building. Go find them yourself! Before you go...The cultural clubs meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday! So are we done here!?

Today's obvious winner was the music club.

Which has been infiltrated by extraterrestrials.

Oh. Sorry about that...? Ummm...
Don't believe me? Look at her eyes! No pupils! Even people with really dark eyes like Yukiko and Adachi have them.

> You told her you're here to join the band.

Captain! Caaaaptain!
Note also the secondary ventral eyespots, for seeing into the infrared.

Band members: Welcome!
Band captain: So, Sanzo, have any experience with musical instruments?
I play all the time.
Band captain: Really? That's great. So you'll be helping me coach everyone, right?
"I dunno--doesn't look like you guys have any bassists."
Band captain: Why don't you stick around and watch for now? We meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. And hey, Ayane!
Band captain: Why don't you introduce yourself to Sanzo?
Umm, er, my name is Ayane Matsunaga. I'm a first-year.
I-I play the trombone. And, uh...
Band captain: Alright, she'll get you brought up to speed. If you'll excuse me...Bring it in, guys. Break's over. Let's take it from the top again.

> You watched the symphonic band rehearse. The band members went home...

Oh, I'm sorry! I was supposed to give you the details on our club, wasn't I? Umm, we meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, and, they already told you that. We don't take attendance, so you don't have to come if you don't want to. But practice makes perfect, so...If you keep at it, this is a great way to learn to express yourself!
Though I'm not the best example of that...
Do you have any questions, Senpai?
Where does the club play?
Well, sometimes we do performances at hospitals, or for senior homes.
We aren't a big enough band to enter any competitions, but people enjoy our performances. We really pour our hearts into our music...well, I say "we," but I don't usually play. I take care of all the paperwork around here.
A-Anyway, I have to tidy up. Why don't you go on ahead, Senpai?

> Cleanup looks like a big task for just one person...

(Help out)

> You offered to help Ayane.

Huh? Uh, ummm...
N-No, i-it's okay! It's my responsibility! So, um, please, don't go out of your way! Still, it was nice of you to offer.

> Ayane is smiling cheerfully...You joined the symphonic band and became acquaintances with Ayane Matsunaga. It seems Ayane handles even menial tasks with a smile...

-Strength Of Heart-

Sun: the arcana of joy, vitality, assurance, and enlightenment.

> You decided to go home.

This will single-handedly double the thread's ellipsis and Senpai count, by the way. Hope you're looking forward to it!

-Sky Full Of Stars-

> The hostess puts the Tatsuhime Ladybug into the fish tank...The fish in the tank completely ignores it.

...It seems he's gotten tired of eating it. I wonder who he took after that from. He's such a troublesome boy. Hey, don't you have any better bugs?...What is it? Do you want Bread Crumbs? Oh well...I'll make an exception for today.

> Obtained Bread Crumbs!

-Signs of Love-

> You scored the meat and rubbed it with the marinating sauce. It came out perfectly. It looks delicious! Obtained Aromatic Ginger Pork.

-New Days-

> You overhear students talking.

Intrigued student: Huh? Really? Uh, does that mean she wasn't part of the case?
Talkative student: How should I know? I just heard people talking about it.
Intrigued student: Huh. But Yukiko-senpai might have been the next target after Saki-senpai, right? The culprit's definitely going after people based on looks.
Talkative student: What? But those two are totally different. Plus, I heard that Saki-senpai got around...

Talkative student: B-By the way, guess what? It's gonna start raining tonight.
Intrigued student: Uhh, really? Seriously? I didn't know that...


Mrs. Nakayama: Supposedly, it knows how to search the change dispenser of the vending machines. How amazing is that? Even animals can learn the value of money...I guess I'll have to keep my wallet more secure from now on. Students, at your age you might not understand, but money is very important! You can't do anything without it! And you know, smarts don't guarantee wealth...Anyway, I guess I should do what they pay me for and lecture you. Let's see, we left off talking about the properties of whole numbers...Well, Miss Satonaka. Tell me which of these don't exist.

Do you know, Sanzo-kun? I don't think I've heard of any of these!
Marriage numbers.
Mrs. Nakayama: That's actually correct. Next time, Miss Satonaka, please just say honestly if you don't know the answer. Amicable numbers, betrothed numbers, and sociable numbers all exist as types of numbers. However, "marriage numbers" don't exist. Though amicable, betrothed, and sociable exist...Deep, huh? Anyway, let's move on. This is the Mersenne Prime. It's really quite...
Guess she knew I was asking you...
But thanks, Sanzo-kun!

-Youthful Lunch-

Chie doesn't eat right. A healthy diet needs more than just steak--other kinds of meat are important too.

> Yasogami High rooftop...You ate lunch with Chie. You ate Aromatic Ginger Pork together.

I want more, but I don't wanna finish it all! What a dilemma!
Umm...Did you make this for me? Th-Thank you...

Another Social Link boost. Cooking isn't as good as hanging out but it lets you use your evening on any school link, not just the ones that are out that night.

-Heartbeat, Heartbreak-

Interrogation continues. Subject still noncompliant, but Project X should be in our hands before the week is out.

Long-haired girl: When you read a book, it's like a whole world opens up just for you. I get so excited the first time I open a book!

Chie is also finally available today, now that Yukiko's on the mend.

Then come with me!

-Like A Dream Come True-

> Samegawa riverbank...

I need to hone my kicking skills, or I won't be able to use them in battle. I tried practicing at home...But my mom and dad yelled at me for putting a hole in the shoji. Still, now's the time to train, right!?
You think so, too!?

> Chie looks really happy.

Soooo...Let's train together!
I'm cool with it.
Yesss! Thanks, Sanzo-kun!

> Chie looks really happy.

That thing...Y'know, from before? I mean the Shadow that came out of me. I feel pathetic knowing that's another "me." Makes me feel like I gotta work harder!
Allllright, let's do it! Between you and me, we'll be unstoppable!

> This marks the beginning of your training with Chie.

Pretty useful. Physical attacks have a chance to crit on anything that isn't immune. Crits cause Down and 1 More just like hitting weaknesses.

C'mon, you try some!

> You trained with Chie for a while and walked partway home with her.

That night, the rains set in again. Inaba is quite different when it's raining:

--Almost all of the Social Links and other NPCs won't be available.
--During the day, Shiroku Store offers a shop-wide discount.
--Special Shadows will spawn in the TV world. More on them later.
--On rainy nights, Daidara will stay open:

Whoa, will you look at the time. I was so passionate about my art, I lost track of the world around me...You came at the right time, dammit. I'll make an exception and give you a discount tonight.

Big fish are also easier to catch in the rain. Let's give it a shot.

Yay, fishing! Here's what all those Bread Crumbs and Tatsuhime Ladybugs are for. Different kinds of bait attract different fish.

You can tell what fish will bite next by the amount of ripples your bobber makes. More ripples means bigger fish. You can reel in and recast as many times as you want, until you get the right ripples. That is a serious pro fishing secret, though--don't go spreading it around.

FISH ON! Use the analog stick to hold the indicator in the blue zone, and the circle button to reel it in. Trying to reel outside of the blue zone will stress your line and eventually break it.

That there's a lunker, Jimbob.

Fish can be used to recover HP. You also need lots of them for various fetch quests.

The amount of fishing attempts you can make is limited by your Diligence. That Beginner Fishing book adds a few extra tries as well.

Another uneventful school day, and none of the other kids want to stay out in the rain. Say, didn't Marie want something before?

-Aria of the Soul-

Look, I'm sure you already know, but I want you to take me somewhere.
It's small, it's dark, The Nose never says anything. It's stuffy in here.
I'm really not supposed to leave the room, but Margaret said it'd be okay if I went with you. I, uh...Well, never mind. So, will you take me somewhere?

> It seems Marie wants to go out. If you become closer to her, maybe she could tell you something...

...Don't you think you're giving in too easily? I'll have you twisted around my finger if this keeps up. "Twisted around my finger..." That's the saying, right? I've been studying. Well, let's go.

> You decided to take Marie outside the Velvet Room.

-Like A Dream Come True-

Shopping District, in front of Souzai Daigaku. You took Marie out for a stroll in the Shopping District...

Y'know, I feel weird. It's like...nostalgic, for the smell and all.
I've always thought that pavement smells really nice after it's been rained on. Is that weird?
What smell?
Yeah. I can't really say why, I just get that feeling. There's a lot of stuff that I've never noticed before. A "Steak Skewer?"

Lady: Oh, hello. That'll be 320 yen, please.
Thwee hunnert twin...Bleh. That's hard to say. You can't eat without money?
"Three" gives her trouble, but not "nostalgic?"
Want me to pay for it?
You have money!?...That's awesome. You're awesome.

> Marie looks surprised...

...She's cute. What? What's going on here? Who's this!?
She's a friend.
Friend...? I guess. I don't know.
Ahh, I see. A "friend," you say, huh?
Oh yeah, I'm Yosuke Hanamura! I'm his friend. His partner, y'know.
...Partner? You mean like a close friend?
Heheh, that about sums it up. Er, what's your name?
Huh? Uh...Marie.
Hmmm, Marie-chan, is it? You want a steak skewer? All right, this one's on me!
You mean you'll buy it for me?...Is that okay?
That's great.
It's kind of a terrible dick move for Sanzo to let anyone else pay for anything ever, but oh well.
Hey, don't worry! I got a little extra in my last paycheck. Three steak skewers! One for each of us.
Lady: Oh my, business is booming! Just a moment, please.

> You ate Steak Skewers with Yosuke and Marie.

So, Marie-chan, what d'you think of the local specialty?
It's really weird. It's tough, hard to bite into, and it got cold while I was still eating it. It was delicious.
Oh, uh...That's good...Didn't sound like you liked it at the beginning there.
But, all's well that ends well!

"Beefsteak?" Huh.

That's, uh, not much better...
Marie-chan's a strange kid, huh?
Well, that makes her cute...I guess?
You eat this every day? No fair. I should've come earlier...

> It seems Marie has taken a liking to Steak Skewers. You made small talk with Yosuke and Marie...

I've gotta go back to Junes! See you later, Sanzo! You too, Marie-chan!

That he is.
But he bought me meat. That makes him a good person. That is fact.
Hey, let's go somewhere else. Somewhere with a nice view.

> The hill overlooking town...After several times in which you lost Marie the moment you took your eyes off her, you managed to bring her here.

Green And some brown and...Darker green? Leaves of green fly away, Farewell to you, clouds of the sky...I fly as well, lost as the day. Farewell to you, moon of the night.

> Marie is murmuring something to herself...Whatever it is, it rhymes.

N-No! I-I-I wasn't making up a poem! It's just some words that I was thinking! That's all! Yeah!
ShutupIhateyouyoustupidjerk! D-Don't snoop on me!

> Marie is blushing...

I don't know why...but I feel good about this place. It reminds me of something. Are there any other places we can go? I want to see more.
I'll show you around.
Please do.
I notice a lot of things when I'm with you. It's pretty fun.

> You sense that Marie expects something of you. You feel that you understand Marie a bit more now...

-Strength of Heart-

The Aeon arcana is out of Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris's Thoth tarot deck, where it replaces Judgement. The name comes from the Thelema philosophy that Crowley invented. Aeon's meaning is similar to Judgement, but broader--times of change, new perspectives, destruction and liberation, and moving on.

All right, next! Where to now?

> You show Marie around, then escort her back to the Velvet Room.

> A great joke has suddenly popped into your mind. Your pace is increasing! Your pen just keeps going!
...The Aristocrats!

-New Days-

Hey hey! Yukiko told me that she'll be able to come to school again in two days! Oh man, I'm glad. I'm so happy!
It's thanks to you, Chie.
C'mon, you know it's because all three of us did our best. Actually, more like the three of us, and one animal-thingy...?

-Youthful Lunch-

The cultural clubs meet in any weather. Rainy days make good Sun days.

-Like A Dream Come True-

Band captain: Cut, cut, cut! The trombone is flat! Is that you again, Ayane?
I-I'm sorry!
Band captain: Alright. Let's see what we can do about the tempo in that second movement...

> You attended band rehearsal. You played your trumpet with passion...

You have such great tone! I guess you weren't kidding when you said you'd played before.
Oh, sorry, I know that doesn't mean much coming from someone like me. I was sticking out again today...
I wish I had as much talent as you.
You do have talent.
Huh? Y-You really think so? I guess I'll just have to keep at it, then...

> Ayane smiles happily.

Oh, but we have another trombone player here.
Takeru-senpai. He's really good, so he always gets picked for performances. That's why I've never gone to one. But it doesn't matter...I can't play in front of an audience anyway.
I'm sorry...I shouldn't bother you with all this. I better get this place picked up so I can go home.

> Cleanup looks like a big task for just one person.
(Help out)

> You offered to help Ayane.

Huh? Uh, ummm...Thank you so much. I'm sorry, you really shouldn't have to do this...

> Ayane looks apologetic. You can feel Ayane's kindness toward you...

All right, let's do it!

> You helped Ayane clean and walked home with her.

There really is jack squat to do on these early rainy days. Should I have bought some of the stat-boosting books?

> You quietly continued the dull task...

> You begin to make a game of how well you can paste the glue onto the envelopes. It became entertaining, and you did better than the goal you were set!
Unfortunately Sanzo has to throw them all out, because they have "ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY" scrawled on them.

> Today is Showa Day, so you have the day off from school. All you can do is wait for Yukiko's recovery. What should you do today?

Let's see what Marie's up to.

-Aria of the Soul-

Apparently, I can't leave when my "existence is wavering." Pfft. Whatever that means. I'll be waiting outside when I'm able to go out, so talk to me then, okay?

All this rain is making me hungry.

Lady: Welcome! Our food is freshly made and tastes incredibly great! The Super Croquette is 100 yen. You're lucky that we have some left! It's probably because it's raining. The ingredients are a secret, but I'm sure you'll love it! Thank you! Have a nice day.

Souzai Daigaku's fsteak dishes restore HP. The Super Croquette is both cheapest and most effective.

> Aiya seems to be having some kind of promotion today. A sign reads, "Rainy day challenge, 3,000 yen Mega Beef Bowl! If you finish this quintuple-sized bowl, it's free!"

You can spend time eating at Aiya to boost a social stat--there are different meals for different stats every day. The Rainy Day Special Mega Beef Bowl Challenge costs extra, but raises three random stats.

> You still can't see the rice...You begin to suspect that your bowl is a portal to the Meat Dimension. The amount of meat contained within this bowl is truly staggering. In order to finish this bowl, you must have Understanding of your limits, Knowledge to Control your pace, Courage to face this unrelenting tide of beef, and the Diligence to persevere against this colossal challenge. All these traits are necessary to master the Rainy Day Special Mega Beef Bowl Challenge!...However, you are confident you can finish it! You finished your meal!

Interesting fare, but where's the challenge?
Aiya owner: Aiyaaaa! I'm amazed you finished that entire thing! Since you ate it all, your meal is free! Aiyaaaa! You must be a student at Yasogami High! My daughter goes there too. She's out delivering food right now. She's my pride and joy! Not to mention a big draw for customers!

> After finishing your meal, you went home...

-New Days-

Weather announcer: A thick fog is expected to set in tonight and remain until tomorrow morning, with heaviest concentration in the Inaba area. Anyone planning to go out tonight should take care. Now for our hourly weather breakdown...
More fog, huh? There's been a lot of that lately. Hopefully it's not a sign of more trouble...
Ah-ah-ah. What did I say about changing the channel without asking?
Commercial: Have a great day even during Golden Week at your local Junes! Come see for yourself, and get in touch with our products! Every day's great at your Junes!

Dad! They're going to be open during Golden Week!
Haha, I heard. Do you want to go somewhere during the long holiday?
We can go somewhere!?
How about it? Got any plans yet?
Nope, no plans.
Then let's all go somewhere together! Junes! Junes Junes Junes!
You're sure you want to go to Junes? We can go there anytime...
Come on, girl, time for bed. It's late.
Every day's great at your Junes!

> Nanako seems very excited about the family outing.

Well, I'm not going to force you, but if you don't have any plans, try to keep it in mind.

Hopefully the killer won't interfere. Speaking of which...

> Since Yukiko has been rescued, it seems the killer was thwarted this time. Meanwhile, at the fog-shrouded shopping district...

-Who's There?-