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Part 145: March 21: Sanzo Genjo, Good Enough for Government Work

You can still blow it in the eleventh hour.

This caught me off guard the first time I played, because I was dumb and ignored all the unanswered questions that you get beaten over the head with by every last person you talk to that morning. I guess it might help to remember that going home always advances time.


Yo...Well, this is it.
You really are leaving, huh? It hasn't really hit me yet...
N-No more Senpai from t-tomorrow on...
Hey, quit crying...! It's way too soon for that!
Sheesh...Th-That stuff's kinda contagious, y'know...You gotta put on a good face for Senpai...
It will be all right. We can see him again at any time, should we choose.
The long holidays are coming up soon in May, so you better come back to visit.
I've already reserved rooms at our inn. Let's have another sleepover!
This time, our surprise sneak attack won't fail!
Is it me, or is that guy getting more and more aggressive lately...?
Big bro...
I don't want you to go away...

Nanako...Didn't you promise that you wouldn't cry? Building a case against Adachi is going pretty smoothly. After all, he's made a full confession to his crimes. There haven't been any more incidents since then. Inaba's finally back to its normal, peaceful self.
And Nanako's better now too. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks for everything. To me, you're just as much a part of this family as Nanako. I'm really glad you came to stay with us...
We'll always be here. Come back anytime you want.
I'll be at Junes too! I'm gonna keep working there and living at Yosuke's place!
At this rate, you'll be a full-time employee.
Reigning over the store as Junes' idol...Pretty cool, ehhh baby?
Hell no! Junes doesn't need an idol!
But you know...I am a little worried about the other world.
That world still exists, even now. There is no longer anyone deliberately using it for evil, but we have no assurance that it won't happen again.
If it does, Senpai, we'll expect your full cooperation.
N-Naoto-kun!? Don't even joke about that!
It's almost time. You'd better get on the train.

From there, it goes to the club kids whose Social Links you completed...

...and the same cutscene as the true ending.

You don't get the last part with Teddie's monologue, or the protagonist looking at the group photo. Instead, it goes right into the credits after the train pulls away.

-Never More(English Cover)-

This version of the credits shows the kids in uniform, with their original Personas.

Now get back in there. You're not done yet!