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Part 84: November 4 - November 5 Part 1: Cataclysm

Been a while since it rained last, hasn't it? The weather report says this rain's gonna last all night. We're gonna have to watch the Midnight Channel.
You're right.
Only we know that the real killer is still out there, right? Now that I think about it, we have to be even tougher now that the cops aren't on the case...


Mr. Hosoi: Whoah!? You saw me!? I was buying the latest Bullied Teacher. The shopping district is getting empty with Junes taking all their business...You could hear a kanko-dori chirp over there. Hey, kids. Quit going to Junes so often. Visit your local shopping district, too! Hmm...Who can tell me what kind of bird a kanko-dori is? You, Hana-chan! You look like you have no problem with silence!

Sorry, Sanzo. I have no idea.
A cuckoo.
Mr. Hosoi: Yep, that's right! I knew you'd get it, Hana-chan! A kanko-dori is a variety of cuckoo. The names are even a bit similar. Its chirping sounds sad, which is what led to that particular figure of speech. There's even a famous Basho haiku about it: "Kanko-dori, let me feel the loneliness in my grieving heart"...Guess I should put that on the test.
Phew...that was close. Thanks!

Out-of-towner: By the way...Some politician came here and gave an award to an elementary school student. I think it's just to get votes, but the locals are all talking about it. The people here never run out of things to gossip about, do they? Just what you'd expect here in the sticks.

> As you're swept up in a black torrent of flavors, you desperately reach towards something and grasp it...! Obtained the Elec Boost skill card from Oberon!

Mumon: Sounds stupid, right? But that's all right. Questions like those are what you call Zen dialogue. Now you be careful on your way home, boy. You can come back here whenever you like.

Doorbell: *BING BONG*
Did he forget his keys?

Phone: *RING RING*

Oh, hi Dad!
Uh-huh...All right. It's okay, I know it's your job. Uh-huh...Uh-huh. Big bro's with me, so...Okay, byebye...Dad says he's coming home tomorrow.
But I'm not lonely...You're here with me.

> Nanako is smiling cheerfully...

It's cold today too...
Wanna bring out the kotatsu? Dad said we could pull it out if it gets too cold. That'll make it nice and warm!

-New Days-

> You pulled the kotatsu out from the closet.

What...? It's not coming on. Looks like it's broken.

> Nanako is disappointed...

Let's get the best one.
Huh? We can buy one? At Junes?
Yaaay! When you have some time, let's go to Junes!

> You promised to go shopping with Nanako.

-Who's There?-

> ...It's a silhouette! But it looks even blurrier than usual...You can't even tell what gender the person is...

It was really blurry, but you saw someone on the screen, right?
Dammit...Is there gonna be another kidnapping...?
Let's get together as soon as we can tomorrow.
The one just now was too blurry to jump to any conclusions. But maybe someone has an idea of who it might be...We definitely need to talk.
Just remember to keep your schedule open tomorrow after school.

> Yosuke hung up...You decide to go to bed.

To think a master of deduction and evidence would strain her eyes over an urban legend such as this...And yet...I definitely saw someone.
Could any of you tell who it was?


From a fuzzy picture like that? No way.
How about the regular TV? Has anyone become famous around here lately?
I can't think of any offhand...I suppose there was that politician who visited to quell the rumors about the fog. His statement was read on TV...But the chances of him being the one are slim. He returned immediately to the city after his inquiry.
Hm? What's the matter? Oh yeah, they stuck you with the midnight shift for falling asleep on the beds in housewares. I told you to use the TV in the electronics department, right? Did you remember to check it out?
How rude! I made a promise with Nanako-chan and I'm serious about living!
From what I saw...wasn't the person on TV last night pretty small?
I dunno...It was too blurry to make out any details, including how tall or short they were. It was probably just a dream or your imagination. Either way, though, did you sense anyone in that world?
Nope. No one's come so far.
Then we might have to wait one more night and see...
Yeah, I guess so...Good thing it looks like the rain'll keep up all night. Don't forget to check again later on.

Welcome back!
Dad, the kotatsu's broken. Can me and big bro go buy a new one?
The kotatsu...? Ahh, it's already that season, huh? Yeah, the weather has been odd lately...
All right, I'll leave it up to you. Get whichever kind you want.
Is that a letter?
It's for you, but...

-Who's There?-

> The letter is addressed to "Mr. Sanzo Genjo"...But the name and address of the sender are nowhere to be found. There are no stamps or postmarks on it...There is only one sentence:

> Could he have sent another warning because another person appeared on the Midnight Channel...?

Not often we get letters with no return address on them.
So I was right. Be straight with me...You're involved in the case, aren't you? What are you up to?
(Tell the truth)
So you're not going to be honest with me. I've been treating you like family...That's why I never questioned you on this.
But I see that was a mistake...I should've intervened much earlier because I care for you. I will have the truth from you today.
We'll continue this somewhere else. But I'm not letting you leave until I'm convinced. This is for your own good...Got that?
It's alright. We're not fighting. We'll be right back, so don't wait up for us to get to bed...Okay?

> Nanako is scared...

We'll be back soon.
Okay...I'll be waiting.

> Later that night, at a room inside the police station...

Cell phone: *RING RING*

> He took away your cell...

What was that warning letter about? Why would you be sent something like that?
(Tell him the whole truth)

> ...You decide to explain everything to him.

Persona...? People going inside a TV!?
...I thought you'd finally tell me what's really going on here...
Enough! That's enough.
...I guess half a year wasn't long enough for you to trust me like your old man...But I hoped you'd open up to me a little...*sigh* It's a shame.
...Stay here for the night.

Dang...Go inside TVs...and Personas, huh...? Well, you can't blame him...
I mean, sure, I want to believe you. And I know Dojima-san brought you here and asked you those questions because he wants to believe you, too. Plus, you know, you'll be safe here. He probably freaked out once he saw that letter and thought he had to protect you. Like what a father would do for his son. I think he cares for you a lot...So yeah, don't take it so hard! Y'know, Dojima-san's started looking into the people involved with the first case again. Guess he wasn't satisfied with the way the case wrapped up after all. That's why he's even more sensitive about this and that--
Distant door: *SLAM*
A-Ahaha! I better shut up now before I get chewed out again.
Alright, I'll be just outside. If you need anything, let me know.

> Meanwhile, at the Junes grocery department...

-New Days-

It's because I'm not working hard enough! There's no getting around it.
And you're proud of that because...?
Why am I taking care of you anyways...? *sigh* I shouldn't have bought you this...
Hang onto it, okay? It's your own cell.
I-I've entered the information age!
We'd get worried if we couldn't reach you. It's just a cheap kid's model, though.
Th...Th-Thank you, Yosuke...
So, to use it, press this button...Uhh, scrap that. Watch, I'll show you how I use mine.

It's raining right now, so I was gonna remind him about the Midnight Channel...Does he not hear it because he's out?
I wanna go to Nana-chan's place! I promised to play with her lots!
We're not going. And go put those snacks back. It's already dinnertime, so save 'em for your next visit.
Oh, I get you...If he's out, that means Nanako-chan might be home alone...
I feel bad to think of her staying home all alone!
We could go take her some dinner! Please please please please please please!
Okay okay, I hear you! Geez...
So we can go!? Sweet! You're so mature, Yosuke! My heart just skipped a beat because of your thoughtfulness.
Hang on a sec, I'll try calling again.
He's still not picking up...
Oh, duh. I forgot to try his home line...
Hey, Nanako-chan. Um, is your brother home?

-Who's There?-

No. He got a weird letter, and Dad saw it and got angry...He took big bro to the police station...
W-Wait, what!? He got taken to the police station!?
Stop blabbering and let me talk too!

Let's get together and eat snacks again!
Weird letter...?
We'll go check up on your brother and dad. So don't worry, okay?
Wait, was it a second warning letter!? Did he get a second one!?
And Dojima-san saw that, so...he took him to the station?
Teddie, gimme the phone back! I need to call the others!

> Meanwhile, at a room in the police station...The time passes slowly...

> Something may appear on the Midnight Channel...

-Who's There?-

> ...Someone appeared! It's blurry, but you can see a small silhouette. It's a girl...Most likely someone in grade school...

> You can't see her clearly. But there's no way you would mistake Nanako, whom you see every day...Nanako is on the Midnight Channel...Your uncle Dojima took away your cell phone...There's no way to contact your friends right now...!